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Background information: On Thursday, August 30th, I received notification from the Guild Wars 2 client that my account was temporarily banned for a period of 72 hours.

At no point before this ban was I given any warning by ArenaNet, Valve, or anyone else regarding the reasoning behind this ban, nor was I given recourse to dispute it.

My only option was to rename my character and wait out the ban sentence. This is my formal response.


Dear ArenaNet,

When you sell someone a game, when you take their $60, you are promising that person a good or service, in this case Guild Wars 2, or as I now call it, Politically Correct Wars. You may have designed, developed, distributed, and hosted the content of the game, but that doesn’t give you the right to take away what the Constitution of the U.S. of A. promises me (and all your other customers from around the world).

Last Thursday when I logged into your so-called MMORPG (how can it count as “online” if you get banned?), I was unceremoniously notified that I had been suspended for 72 hours from the service I paid for. Even though you were willing to take my money, enough money to buy at least fifteen Red Bull energy drinks, you seem to think you can take away my ability to play for no reason at all.

And before anyone claims my ban had a legitimate reason, let me just cut you off and say: you don’t know me. I never did anything wrong, nor did I use your stupid karma exploit for profit. Yet without any proof whatsoever, you made it impossible for me to play my Norn guardian, Reverse Cowgirl, as well as my other toons, Wetback Wunder and Xx Adolf Xx. None of these characters or any of the other guys in the Krytan Krafting Klan was ever involved in hacking, botting, or using curse words. Maybe we called two or three kids faggots, but to be fair they were acting like homos (they rolled Sylvari just FYI).

Fine, so you wanted to piss on George Washington’s grave and make me rename my characters. While I did not agree with this Marxist, fascist decision, I complied because the Klan needed me to help shut down a team of Mexicans who wouldn’t talk English in global chat. I renamed all my characters, and even renamed our guild (changed Krytan to Killerz to avoid your stupid copyright claim) and got back into the game.

Yet the very next day when I went to log in, I discovered all my new characters had been wiped. Not only that, you asshats permabanned me for the horrible crime called Freedom of Speech. I was speechless (no pun intended though you’re probably too dumb to get it) to see that Bbw Cowgirl, Wetback Warrior, and Xx Sniperzzzzzzzz had all been cleared out. I would never get to play as them or any stupid characters in Guild Wars 2 again because your communist policy says I can’t have names that “needlessly disrupt or threaten other players.” You might as well ban the word “tits” while you are at it!

Obviously this letter isn’t going to get my account reinstated, and that’s fine… as far as I am concerned, I’m not coming back to Guild Wars 2. Honestly, the game isn’t even that good… you just took practically everything from good games like WoW and Runescape and renamed it. NEWS FLASH ARENANET: You didn’t invent pointy-eared elves, Blizzard did. And just because games like Tera let you play as a girl doesn’t mean you have to copy it. Who plays as girls anyway?

All I can say is, consider me and everyone else you have banned for no reason to be gone for good. Hopefully this letter and all the people who read it will convince you that when you crack down on people like me, you lose us as players for life. All my friends in KKK won’t be coming back to Guild Wars 2 or any other ArenaNet game. Is that really what you want?

Extremely seriously,

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    • I got Perma Banned because of name Violation,

      My ranger name was Lusypips and all my other characters are variations of the said name I thought it was cute as i am asura,

      When forced to change my name I instead changed servers and remade the characters there all of the same name, a few days later I guess the same asshole gm found me and this time perma banned me with no warning now when i try to login it gives me this big warning screen on how I am banned for innapropriate conduct.

      Seriously Lusypips? You would have to re-arrange the letters and add letters to that to make it offensive… what is your problem arena net?

    • They could be having an internal contest where the GM that comes up with a rude anagram of someone’s name is rewarded, also they can add or remove letters to your name as well as rearrange it in any way and if any outcome is close to offensive u get a ban.

  1. Every day I find new reasons to avoid buying this, first they ban people because they screw up, ban people for being AFK and now bans for freedom of speech, I’m not going to throw $60 on a game that I’ll play for a week under strict rules about what I should or shouldn’t do.

  2. “Reverse Cowgirl, as well as my other toons, Wetback Wunder and Xx Adolf Xx. None of these characters or any of the other guys in the Krytan Krafting Klan ” Just read that.. then read it again I am so glad people like you won’t be coming back.

    • This ^. I understand that freedom of speech is important but if Anet warns you in the guidelines and you offend people, then you should be banned. I do feel like there should be a warning system because 72 hours for a first offense is ridiculous but many things that you did were offensive especially your clan name. If you couldn’t see that then its good that you can’t come back to gw2.

    • Oh, I just thought this article was satire. A good one at that! I had no idea the guy was serious. ha ha. I guess it says something when your message is more effective when read as a satirical piece rather than a sincere one.

      Aw, claiming first amendment rights without understanding them is cute. POLS101.. Basics.

    • Yeah, when I first started reading the 3rd paragraph I was getting very angry, but then it got so ludicrous I thought it must be a joke, and scrolled to the bottom where to my relief I saw “Extremely seriously,” confirming that thought.

  3. My character, NigsHavNoRites, just got wiped as well. I’m so mad right now… Me and my friends of the WhitePr1d will NEVER buy any ArenaNet game again.


  4. Satire at its finest, yet there were plenty guilty of this left wondering why Hot MILF or slutbackmountain got them banned.

  5. Ha! So many people can’t recognise humor when it smacks them right in the dick! Great piece, I laughed, then I cried. Then I said “tits” in map chat and got banned for 72 hours…. Wtf!?

  6. Another angry kid. The less PPL like you the better for GW2. Go play WoW you can play retard there all day no consequences.

  7. oh wow, OP is an idiot, there’s no doubt about that reading the article, but the idiots that comment here, o….m…g…
    I’m happy Anet is banning ppl like you OP. There is freedom of speech and there are idiots abusing it. You’re in the second batch OP.
    I hope you NEVER come back to GW2.

  8. You get what you deserve for no following the rules.

    Anet is doing an outstanding job, and whatever game i saw ppl with nicknames like that, is for me a “role-breaking” thing, the less of u are in the game, the very best.

    Keep the good work getting rid of this kind of player Anet. Most ppl, smart ppl by the way are enyoing a game as we havent in years =D

    Go back WoW to look at those cute cooldown timers.

    • Alex I guess you think it’s okay for ANet to follow its rules, even though theyre the ones who WROTE the rules? Rules that say I don’t have freedoms online?

  9. Grow up and get a life! Stop blaming others for your own mistakes! AND finally be respectful with your stuff or something like that will happen more frequently, if the supervisors are willing to pull out the big-ban-gun against people like you!

  10. To The OP;

    You know, I thought that maybe you were being to obvious, that you could have afforded to be more subtle in your attempt to mock actual people banned for actual reasons. I thought to myself. “Come on Wing…give your audience some credit…we will be able to tell that you are merely highlighting a real issue with a healthy dose of humor/sarcasm.”

    After reading some of the comments however…my faith in humanity and the educational system has been devestated. I’m surprised some of the neanderthals that have commented here can even READ your original post…nevermind understand it’s intent.

    -Keep up the good work Wing. [Even though only a few of us get it! :P]

    • See, I agree. I ALWAYS start pieces like this WAY more subtle. However, I’ve learned in the past that the intelligence level needed for most people to get it is way lower than what I would guess. Basing the response of the comments I’d say I was jusssst at the right level, haha. So I agree 100%.

  11. Guys.. the word satire is even in the header on the site. Can you really not read this and realize it’s making fun of everyone who did something like this and got upset?

  12. Good riddance. If MMORPGs could systematically exclude these players, they would have a much broader appeal, leave room for more role playing, and be deeper, better, more durable gaming experiences.

  13. I get that this is a joke, but I still think it’s retarded to ban people for awesome, funny names. Oh wells.

  14. The problem is, we all already purchased this game. They got our money, and now they can abuse us in any way they want.

    I feel powerless compared to this tyrant company. I wish I did not purchase this game, but its too late.

  15. The author of this article is a complete moron, it’s obvious why he was banned, and I’m glad Arenanet takes steps to keep people like this out of the community. Buying the game does not give you the right to play it, learn about software licensing, small son.

    Maybe if you mature a bit and maybe you’ll realize why you were banned.

  16. WUAHAHAHAHA ENJOY UR BAN BREH! Clearly, you are too immature for internets and video games. You’re lucky that you are only getting a ban rather than the plague of locusts you deserve as outlined in the EULA/ TOS.

  17. This is the most stupid thing I ever read about a guild wars 2 rant so far. your obviously a faggot, Anet hates faggots and so do I. good riddance. I’m glad they are ban happy it keeps the game healthy from cod playing middle school faggots such as yourself. regardless of if this is a troll post or not. I’m glad anet is in fact banning people for language, names, exploits, bots, etc. I wish america would ban all the cancers of this country as well.

  18. “Yet without any proof whatsoever, you made it impossible for me to play my Norn guardian, Reverse Cowgirl, as well as my other toons, Wetback Wunder and Xx Adolf Xx. None of these characters or any of the other guys in the Krytan Krafting Klan was ever involved in hacking, botting, or using curse words. Maybe we called two or three kids faggots, but to be fair they were acting like homos (they rolled Sylvari just FYI).”

    That statement right there tells me you are a snot nosed little punk who gets his trills from being a ass to everyone he meets online. Those character names & guild name completely violates the games TOS that you should have read before buying the game. Go back and play WOW where they let little babies like you get their way.

    • Jeff that’s selfish. What you’re saying means that eventually, if ANet continues this practice, there would be no more players like me in Guild Wars 2! Can you imagine that kind of future? No MMO has ever set such a radical precedent before.

  19. So I’m guessing that most of these comments are from ppl who play GoW2 but aren’t regulars of TTT. Well if this is the average level of moron in GoW2 then in a perverse way you’ve achieved your objective of ensuring that I’m never playing this game. So I guess, congrats? :D

  20. First I read the headline, then saw the word satire in the site header/logo, then read the article.

    Maybe that second step gave me an advantage over the people who can’t quite see the funny side….eh, whatever.

    I think I’ll take a look around, seems like this might be a cool site.

  21. All we see here is someone who did something bad and is whining on the internet because someone slapped his hand.

    The moron of the OP of this states “but that doesn’t give you the right to take away what the Constitution of the U.S. of A. promises me” Umm, hate to tell ya dumbass, the 1st Amendment only covers that the GOVERNMENT cannot censor your speech.

    ANY private entity can do so at will and by agreement. You lose your argument right then and there.

    You come to my website, you can write whatever you want. And I can censor whatever I want. I can come here, post this, and you can delete it if you want.

    Either one would NOT be against the 1st Amendment.

    You need to take a civics course before you ever post again.

  22. The amount of morons commenting on this article who lack a basic grasp of sarcasm and satire makes me terribly, terribly sad for humanity. Awesome article, Wingspan.

  23. Reading the comments are the best part of this article.

    Power to the Klan! We will fight the tyranny of ArenaNot!

  24. As the owner of a battlegrounds (you come to play gaming PCs we have pre-loaded with games) it makes me very sad that I will not be installing this game on our machines. While I’m sure it would bring in a great deal of people and possibly expand our player-base, I simply don’t agree with AreaNet’s politics. They’re handling a situation that other MMOs come across all the time, very poorly. I realize some people think that the matter is being taken “too seriously” – but when you consider that people who have serious sway and large clientele bases are being personally dealt with in a such a poor manner, it should be expected that they are going to react to it seriously. Quite frankly, I’m pissed, on a personal level, and I will be doing my part by A) Not involving this company in my business matters and B) Not involving this company in my own home for personal use. I’m very disappointed with the service they have provided, and this is the only way I know how to deal with it.

  25. So am I. I am glad that a company finally has the balls to get rid of the immature adults and whining kids that play every other MMO. Keep up the good work Arena Net.

  26. Good work ArenaNet! Immature and stupid people like this more often than not ruin my online experience in MMOs. Good riddance, Reverse Cowgirl (that’s your name? seriously? didn’t you read the TOS?)

    To all the NICE people out there: See you in Tyria!

  27. Dont listen to him, the game is amazing :). i havent had problems at all, cause i didnt exploit or anything.. also what have guildwars 2 taken from runescape? :P … and why even care about these 3 guys, dont say anything just walk away like a man! no i dont know you, so i cant know if you’r lying.

    (srry if bad english, im norwegian :P)

  28. I think the ban was because of the KKK which can also mean Ku Klux Klan
    So may i ask you: Are you a Troll?

  29. I just want to say thank you WiNGSPANTT, you’ve made me laugh since I only play GW too much time and effort to just leave them to move to a new “family” so anything downing GW2 makes me smile since i’m in the other boat watching them have fun and splash water in our boat.

  30. The reason people take this seriously is because we know first hand that there are some people out there who have absolutely no fucking common sense what so ever, and will actually name their characters in such ways like ‘Likes Anal’ or ‘Whore2WhoreSalesman’. On the other hand, if people think the TOS is denying them freedom of speech needs to fucking grow up.

    I personally don’t care if someone has a stupid name or not, and it makes me chuckle when I see something genuinely witty like ‘I’m Spazticus’ (stolen off a recent comedy program over the pond) or a Charr only guild called ‘Fifty Shades of Grey [FUR] or Two Madames One Chalice.

    If you want to be rude, don’t go about it like a five year old using their first swear word, be creative and chances are you’ll get away with it AND make people laugh.

  31. This is one of the most well-written arguments i have ever read. You sir are a freedom fighter in the sea of communist drones that have become the internet gaming community.

  32. Or maybe they are pretending to be stupid? How far the satireception goes? How can we really be sure? Will there ever be a method where we can distinguish between parody and genuine proposition or argument?

  33. One word… TROLL!

    With names like that, you’re just pushing your limits. You knew there was the potential that you would get banned. Don’t try to play the “poor me” card.

    And for the record, you sound like a 12 yr old.


      • Maybe you should release a follow up Blog to explain it to all the stupid people.

        I’m askind myself right now if it’s just people who completely skipped the letter and went straight to the comments, people who’s english isn’t sufficient enough to detect sarcasm or just, plain, stupid people…

        Anyway, /handing out imaginary gold trophy
        You earned it!


    I don’t know why people is so fucking stupid when someone say something rude to them, there are so MANY FUCKING TOOLS TO IGNORE, BLOCK OR TURN ON FILTER CHAT and keep playing, all these idiots that get offended by names or bad words over a chat are fucking retarded. JUST FUCKING IGNORE IT, IT IS OUR RIGHT TO SAY FUCK AND IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO FUCKING IGNORE IT FUCKING ASSHOLES.

  35. Hehe, I got it was a joke in the background info, when you said that Valve didn’t give you a warning. lolz. xD

  36. This the funniest thing I’ve read today, thanks for a good laugh sir :) “Maybe we called two or three kids faggots, but to be fair they were acting like homos” – that part cracked me up, no idea how anyone could not see the humour

  37. *Reads article* Dafaq did I just read?
    *Reads comments* /golfclap


    Would read the article AND the comments again

  38. I was reading this on my mobile phone, and with every thing so tiny i didnt notice it wasnt serious untill kkk.

    Before that it was like when you realise the singer of your favorite local rock band is not a cool guy but an arrogant asshole you adored for too long.
    I thought, damn wingspantt, now i can never see your great dotp duels anymore! :D

    And could someone please be so kind and explain the cowgirl reversed to me?

  39. Haha! Wow I’m surprised alot of you don’t realize this was a joke when the author mentioned calling people faggots and the name of his toons. This article was pretty entertaining, and more so because of the comments!

  40. It’s funny and all, but you accidentally touch on some good points that undermine the position you think you’re taking. I’m sure glad I didn’t buy this pile at launch.

  41. Oh god. My sides. Amazing work Wing. These comments… Oh god my friggin sides.

    You’re my new hero Wing, scooch over batman.

  42. Oh WiNG, I feel for these poor souls.

    On the bright side: your area of effect (pun intended) has definitely broadened beyond some core fan group. Sure, us regulars knew it was a joke from the beginning, but a lot of these people are total strangers to the site.

    For every total stranger that’s too dumb to notice sarcasm tearing them a new rage-hole, there’s gotta be another that’s ecstatic they stumbled onto such a gem. Hell, most people don’t even comment.

    There be a silver linin’ in this boot, ya hear?

  43. Was thinking about getting the game. Judging by the average intelligence of the GW2 fans who are commenting, I won’t be.

  44. I am unsure which I found funnier, the letter or the comments of people taking it serious.

    I tip my hat to you sir.

  45. ARENA NET BIGGEST PACK OF FUCKWITS. Dead set 72hour ban and they cant tell me why or what for more then “inappropriate” language… yeah because the whole map was talking about where zerg came from and i type http://www.blizzard.com i get banned. Go fuck yourself arenanet

  46. i thought it was quite clever. You had me till your guild name :D oh gawd though, now I want to buy another copy of the game JUST to make a similar guild name with equally inappropriate character names XD

  47. Hahaha… The text wasnt so funny, but the comments are hilarious.

    Seriously, Wing, tell me you created all these fake accounts and posted here. ;p

  48. arenanet really is awful regardless of this person’s issue. they won’t allow us to trade gold to friends recently. some sad limit make that amateur john smith put in place.

  49. This whole article and rant is only further proof that the ban was worth it while… You are right, you DO have your right to speak your mind BUT they also reserve the right to tailor the game content as they see fit, since they made the game after all. If you look through that end license agreement that everyone always skips through I’m positive somewhere in there they reserve the right to ban someone for “inappropriate” language use. You clicked accept, you digitally signed that contract… stop bitching. NOW hold on before you blow a gasket. I myself support freedom of speech/expression. I love profane language and in my industry we use it all the time. It’s no different than I tell my 7 year old son who amazingly understands this concept already. Choose what you say based on the people you are around… Don’t go to granny’s house for dinner and start talking about horse cocks and penis pumps… wait for it… unless granny is down with that. As intelligent people (some of us) we need to understand when saying something is appropriate. With that being said… all of you can continue to sit behind the protection of your keyboard and computer screen and flame on.

  50. Are you a dumb fuck? Apparently you are. Of course you got your account banned for calling people homo and queers, and faggots. You are a disrespectful fat fuck who has little intelligence, and obviously some rage issues. Maybe if you learned to control your pathetically poor vocabulary you would be able to enjoy the game like the rest of us. You are a disgrace, and are obviously a fucking moron. Learn some respect, and if the game is that bad why in the hell would you waste your fucking time to write this article. Intelligence, you have none, respect, you have none. Grow the fuck up child. People like you need to be shot in the fucking head. Do you like how I keep it real? Because obviously, I will say this again, you want to be a hard ass, and ridicule people and call them fags homos and queers. Words like that are fucking stupid, and hurtful. Soooo mind telling us when YOU”RE coming out of the closet? At least your so called faggots and queers have no shame, tough guy. I’ll say it once more, you are pathetic, unintelligent, and disgusting as a human being. For those who want to play a good MMO and have a good attitude towards people, play GW2. Don’t let this wanna be wangster tell you otherwise. He is quite stupid.

    • Okay, let me get this straight……you are calling out a guy for swearing and hurling verbal abuses at people by swearing and hurling abuses at him. Go get your head checked out please before you make such stupid comments :P

  51. OP, you’re kinda stupid. You didn’t expect a ban for calling kids homosexuals, for one.. and your characters’s names are blatantly racist. xD

    Explain to me what is wrong with Homosexuality, by the way?

  52. Right…no guys play as girls. Excuse me? Practically every one of my guildies play female toons. You have to ASK if they’re male or female unless you get on TS3 or Vent with them. I mean really. How stupid. I hope this is satire because with everything you said *I’d* kick yer arse out.

  53. Came for the Great Duels 2013 decks/videos, stayed for the GuildWars. I’m just testing to see how easy it is to make a comment because I can’t imagine anybody joining just to bash you for this article. I thought it was fantastically funny and am appalled at the number of people who missed that it was a joke. Like a previous commenter said, I’m not sure if at least some of them have to be jokes as well meant to just stoke the flames. Oh well, whatever; keep up the good work and release more reviews for the new Duels DLC :)

  54. “this game sucks do not buy it?”

    then why would you play the game for more then one day. let alone make a clan, have a group of buddies play, and make more then one character.

    if the game sucks sell it do not play longer and get angered after a ban. if you posted articles pre-ban about how much the game sucks and your earlier complaints i’ll give you some credibility.

    are those links to GW2 guides for a game that sucks that i see?

    before pointing your finger you should take a look at yourself too.

  55. I came here expecting satire and after one paragraph I don’t even see ONE “lol..jk”. God damn it, Wing, how the fuck you expect me to understand sarcasm when you don’t tell me straight up!? Chemical castration is too good for you! Next time you want to make a point you god damn better not use any of that literary technique bs!

  56. I really sat here reading the comments with my mouth hanging open.
    It’s like even if they didn’t get it while reading the article, they didn’t bother to read any of the comments or think about them.
    If you read the first -what?- ten? – it TELLS you this was sarcasm aimed directly at the type of goofs who do this kind of hater crap and get banned.
    LOOK DUMMIES – the author was making fun of idiots who break the TOS and complain about getting banned. That was his point by making it so over the top in it’s vulgarity.
    Think before you type, please.

  57. A sniper is a highly trained marksman who operates in one- to two-man teams which maintain close visual contact with the enemy and engages targets from concealed positions or physical distances exceeding the detection capabilities of the enemy personnel, without being detected. In other words your a horrible sniper as well.

  58. Can’t help myself, comments calling the writer stupid and saying gw2 is better off without his stupidity is hilarious. I laughed at the article, and then had to facepalm at some of the comments.

  59. Amazing, I think the comments in regards to this article can only be understood by the obvious rise in aspergers in modern society.

  60. arenanet
    Constantly nerfs Karma and gold farming making it endlessly harder to farm for legendaries (restricting farming of gold and karma to monthlies, daily rewards and dungeons which take much longer time) ie. sucking people into this never ending cycle.

    PermaBans people for trivial reasons, people who have paid 49,99 USD (akin to THEFT if you ask me)

    Trying to interfere with the economy and closing “loopholes” in the end fking up the economy such that repairs on eqs costs more than buying a new set of eqs, inflation of prices aft banning of bots so that more ppl will buy gems for gold

    Banning and not authorising people who PUBLICISE their content on youtube saying it is copyright infringement.

    Error 42 in which they blame their incompetency and server problems on your firewall

    Manipulating and controlling everything in a stupid foolish manner whilst implementing many stupid changes

    Changing the look of armor sets a notable example is the orrian heavy armor set to something that looks much ulgier due to censorship claims


  61. Some dude sat in Spamadan D1 in GW1, & trolled the chat for several hours, just trying to piss people off. I guessed by his use of ebonics, that he was black. I consequently referred to the troll in question as a “wigga”…& a “jigaboo”. :) Because he conducted himself like one. Another black person spoke against the troll, & I pointed out that the second black person was in fact NOT a “wigga,” because unlike the black troll, he was respectful & did not act like him. No swearing language was used by me during my stay.

    Regardless however, 3 days later, after 3 days of playing the game, & talking to no one – the ban came. Had I known I’d have been banned for these dumb reasons, I’d have said a whole hell of lot more in Kamadan, & made it much more worth my while to be banned.

    Why the hell doesn’t Anet spend their clock time that our game fees cover responding to the people who are purposely going out of their way to try to piss other people off in the first place – instead of those who have simply had enough of their asses……….

    And I agree about GW2. I tried out GW2 in the beta weekends, & I thought it sucked so badly, I didn’t even buy it.

  62. So you called your character Adolf and your clan is called KKK and you run around spouting your backwards homophobic views and you’re amazed that you got a temp ban? Sorry but that doesn’t only make you a nazi – it makes you a mentally challenged nazi to boot.

    You should be glad it was only a temp ban tbh.

    Anyway, good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  63. agreed, arenanet is full of tards and they only wanna sucker people out of $60. Why’s there no trial system ? (cause they don’t want people to find out how shitty gw2 is without paying for it).

    Also – name banned for “drug reference” from a SLANG definition. Google “toker” you’ll find the only legit drug reference comes from urban dictionary. So if you go on urban dictionary and type in any random word, you’ll get something that relates to something against their “naming terms”. Leaf, cake, green… pillow, fly, sky…. almost any word you search on there has some illicit reference. Yet mine gets banned cause some kid reported it. They didn’t check the “chat logs” they supposedly keep either, cause had they read through them, they would’ve found I didn’t say anything to the kid at all.

    ArenaNet yet again loses support and playerbase. Keep at it arenanet, keep hurting your reputation and see how many players return to your games. See how few GAMES come to you for publication.

    Check this ArenaNet:

    And I quote:
    “If they LIKE you, BELIEVE you, have CONFIDENCE in you and TRUST you, then maybe they will do business with you or buy from you”

    You’re not too big for player satisfaction ArenaNet.

  64. Standard for ANY Terms of Service agreement for a MMO states that you will not create inappropriate names for your characters. This includes, but is not limited to: swears, racial slurs, sex acts (sound familiar “Reverse Cowgirl”?), etc.

    Violation of a games ToS can get you a temp ban, repeated offenses can get you a permanent ban. As is standard, again, for ALL MMOs.

    Also… “but that doesn’t give you the right to take away what the Constitution of the U.S. of A. promises me (and all your other customers from around the world).”

    The Constitution of the USA, only counts for people in the USA and only the government limiting your speech. Private organizations can do what they please. Also the freedom of speech does not mean there will not be consequences. Try yelling “Fire!” in a crowded movie theater, see how quickly your freedom of speech brings about some negative consequences.

    “All my friends in KKK won’t be coming back to Guild Wars 2 or any other ArenaNet game.” No great loss.

    You should have known better than to name your characters that, it is your own fault. Quit trying to play the martyr card, learn from your mistake, and move on.

    • you are wrong Gwenyvier freedom of speech is the government making sure that no one can take away your speech. Re-read the constitution before you look like an ass, the ACLU fights these cases daily and wins because the government steps in on companies and says you cannot do that, they also protect us from the government from stopping our speech like 3rd world countries.

  65. I wrote this on facebook the Arenanet page I realize some of it runs together but I am pissed and tired but I wrote this for hopefully millions to read and something get done I am sick of these companies exploiting us.

    The CEO of Arenanet is mike@arena.net if you want to give him your thoughts like I have and prolly get banned for life on a half ass game but whatever.

    I know many people and the employees of Arenanet/NCSoft will disagree with harsh criticism and become that which they hate to discredit me but how can you ban anyone for naming or chat when you have filters. There is a filter that wont allow me to make a name thats offensive so anything that passes is good to go and for chat there is an option where you click a check box if you want to filter profanity or mature language which states its ok to be profane and swear basically and banning people for that is wrongful termination of services and if there is a lawyer out there look into this I see a class-action lawsuit in the making also look into the people who got banned for a glitch/exploit where they were able to buy stuff low and sell high, how thats wrong when its the game makers fault. Look at it like this if its ok for them to put a game out before its ready for the greed of getting our money then they need to accept whatever glitches get used and not ban them when its your greed again that led to the glitch/exploit being used and I bet most didnt know it was an exploit especially if they never played an MMO before so that if I leave my car unlock says you can steal it is not the same and shame on you. There are filters in place to make sure the game is neutral so unless someone hacks the game there shouldnt be any banning and those that call for it should be banned at the stuff they say to those people who feel wronged. It offends me that a person can name call and get nasty because they say why was I banned for my name when it got through the filter. So to those that dont believe me read the comments on this post and you shall see. Again we who are banned for name violations and chat, glitch/exploit should find a lawyer and get compensated for wrongful termination of services again I repeat it so it sticks its unfair and it shouldnt be allowed and if Arenanet/NCSoft wants to not only put a game out that isnt ready for greed or that they arent happy with their filters and punish us they need to be made an example of like they did by posting chat conversations on people over the internet so everyone can read, why since they have a filter to block that if you are offended by that language have it on. I think posting chat is a violation of our rights as well. I finish by saying read the posts of the people who agree with Arenanet/NCSoft and see how they talk to me but again as long as you agree then its ok with them. I want us to send a message to all gaming companys we are tired of getting the shaft and we arent taking it anymore.

    • Christ, push Enter and dot a little more often.

      First off, I’m not in the USA, but as far as I know, freedom of speech doesn’t apply in privately owned places. Like you’re not allowed to beg in traincars et cetera. That’d technically be freedom of speech, but it doesn’t apply here because it’s not a public place. Same goes for MMO servers. They own the place, they set the rules for it.

      Same goes for using profanity and terminating service. Again, I know only Blizzard’s terms, but those are essentially equal for all MMOGs.

      Filing a lawsuit will get you laughed at. At no point in the entire discourse did you ever have any legal right to play. The provider takes your money, then puts the list of rules before you (which, as mentioned, are binding because they’re the provider), then says, “Okay, if the servers feel like it, you may play on them now until I decide to kick you out.”

      In fact, they reserve themselves the explicit right to terminate service at any point, even without reason, but especially if you were to break the rules set in their commandments, among which are (prolly);

      -Not using safe and nonoffensive language in every part of the game where people could see it that would be offended by it.

      -Consciously using errors in the game to your or others’ benefit or harm.

      It passing through a filter doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ok unless the rules say so.

      Vote 4 common sense test at the beginning of signup!

      Also, did you notice that this article is overdrawn for the purpose of trolling and perhaps satire? WingspanTT; Trolling people half a year into the future.

  66. I mean, I know this was a joke, but not really a funny one… The sad part is many people actually do have a reaction like this, so it just blends in with all the other stupid comments on there, and adds to the negative “reputation” of a game, and furthers the volume of internet crap, that needs no more idiots as it is. what a terrible waste of time for whoever read it, but even more terrible for the writer.

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  68. I thought the post was serious at first until I got to the ridiculous names. I then realized if it is legitimate, then this individual clearly got what he deserved, or if it wasn’t and this is just a rile-them-up post, I can only wonder a few things and shake my head in disgust.

    When a fake argument is created as a legitimate one for underlying reasons like, for example, The Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift, I see many posters with the high and mighty attitude of “This is humanity, how stupid these folks are, etc.”, referring to other rather passionate responses about the nasty things in the OP’s post. My first thought to these high and mighty people is DUH.

    What did you expect? If you take a swing at someone, they are going to flinch. Knowing from the start whether or not this is a joke hardly makes one intelligent. So to play that card when people get rightly pissed off strikes me as a rather childish thing to do. I actually never knew about this website until today and the first thing I did was go straight to the post; i didn’t even see the satire part until i was wondering how serious this person was. So, again, the high and mighty attitude of those who follow this website daily verses those who are new makes it a rather hollow victory.

    Next, I can’t help but wonder WHY. Yes, people get banned for idiotic names, and so they should. As a person previously said here, when you clicked accept, if you read the terms or not, you will abide by them or enjoy the consequences. So, the basis of this entire fiasco is…what? Freedom of speech? Political motivations? Angering those whom would rightly be angry after reading such nonsense? If there is a joke here, I have found it.

    The worst part in my opinion is that someone would actually take the time to think this whole thing up, make it real, and then insult those who have the obvious reaction to it. That, to me, is pretty damn idiotic and childish.

    Finally, this whole big joke, whatever its reasons, is one of those jokes that is sloppily told and falls short of even mildly amusing. How funny the joke isn’t is what makes it funny. Sure, I’m laughing. But I’m laughing because it really shows how simple-minded some people are. Particularly those who think they are above humanity and who think these fiery responses, again, that this post is intended to provoke, are pointless and laughable.

    Last note, I am fully aware that my response is derived entirely from my views and opinions. If you don’t like them, go on the internet and complain. Of course, that would mean undermining what little point this post has to offer; freedom of speech/print. I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of me, I’d rather they hypocrite themselves to the world and make my argument stronger.

    Good day to you all.

  69. 1. I noticed this was satire after the first paragraph.
    2. Although it is satire, he makes a lot of good points.
    3. Its saddening that a majority of the commenters took it seriously AND got angry cause he wanted to name his guild KKK or his character Adolf.
    4. If you are offended by someones name, that is your problem.
    5. This is a serious reply.
    6. Life is not that serious.

  70. Yep, wingspantt has nail it. GW2 is a shitty game in the first place, but add to that the fact that its run by a freedom oppressing, power hungry, ban happy, lying company like Arenanet.. and you have something to stay as far away from as possible.

    Money speaks, tell everyone you know not to spend a dime on this game. At this point their game and company is already relegated into insignificance, I am looking forward to the time when arenanet has to close up shop.

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  72. It amazes me how some people think they can hide behind freedom of speech. People can speak their mind about anything they want…BUT, it doesn’t mean that they’ll walk away scott free.
    Here is just one example of what isn’t protected by freedom of speech.

    Sedition: This includes acts of terrorism, dictatorship ( Adolf Hitler ), racial slurs, ethnic hatred or promoting racism, revealing top secret/classified material to an enemy ( double agent ) and copyright violations.

    Read it and learn it, for if you ever get fined for something you said, then you’ll know why.

  73. “but that doesn’t give you the right to take away what the Constitution of the U.S. of A. promises me”
    The Constitution makes no such promises (I suggest you read it, before acting like a “teabagger” and make false claims). I should also point out that you also agreed to a EULA when making your account, that effectively states they can terminate your account for ANY reason.

  74. “Maybe we called two or three kids faggots, but to be fair they were acting like homos”

    LOL! Indeed, Gw2/Areana net are a terrible dev/host. They are so fucking hypocritical its unreal. They ban people for abuse? I used all those insults daily while dealing with faggy guilds like TUP. Anet deserves no support when they cant even issue support…

    I heard a rumor they were so retarded that they gave a full password reset and removed the auth log in on an account to someone who just emailed their support….

    The only skill involved in anything gw2 is teamplay, how your team works together, how your team reacts and how well you communicate… And thats not game mechanics… The game is so easy its boring unless your running in 10 people to 20+ and winning.

    Fuck Areananet and Fuck GW2.

  75. An intriguing discussion is worth comment. There’s no doubt that that you
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    but generally folks don’t talk about these subjects.

    To the next! Cheers!!

  76. stalin has banned your capitalist ass. no wait. capitalism has banned your communist ass. no! capitalist enterprise has banned your capitalist ass. that sounds like it! freedom of speech means you can say anything! no wait. freedom of speech means you can say nothing! no! freedom of speech means someone else decides what you can say. that sounds like it! so why dont you stop whining for rights you never had and start looking at what is real in the world and stop believing merry fairytales just because they suit you. dipshit.

  77. Necro harcore, but thank you for this post. GW2 has one mentally challenged community! Dem comments, they are fucking REAL. Had to save this shit for future reading, and again, ty ty ty.

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  79. Dear Anet,

    Your stupid game consists of dumb players. Please have separate servers dedicated to stupid/newbie players. We a person (experience player) tells a newbie who is the leader/session of a dungeon/fractal to give advice he/she automatically kicks people off. Now maybe they are angry fat ignorant kids but this has to stop!

  80. Good riddance. People who try to hide hate speech behind first amendment rights deserve all the bad things coming to them. Go be an asshat somewhere else, this brand of asshatery is not welcome here. Toodles!~

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  82. Before anyone starts bashing on someone because they absolutely “had” to do something wrong and in the end absolutely deserved the ban that they got, I was banned yesterday after not playing for months. I received no prior warning, no email notification, no contact at all prior to those bold letters of shame showing up on my screen.

    I do not agree with the original poster of this at all, come on, your guild was KKK, it doesn’t take any stretch of the imagination to think that everything else was actually done on purpose, for crying out loud, you had a toon named Adolf! You had a toon named Adolf, in a guild whose initials are KKK, and you are trying to dismiss the ban as bad luck or using ignorance and stupidity as an excuse, you then switch servers to circumvent the discipline and are actually shocked that you were banned after that?

    There are those of us however that have very legitimate claims of being done wrong. I had no toons that were inappropriately named, wasn’t in a guild (was kicked due to inactivity and just never rejoined another one) I have been inactive for the last couple of months due to sever medical issues, my computer died, and lack of resources to get a new system. Now, I am told that I am permanently banned for

    “Your Guild Wars 2 account has been terminated due to botting, extended unattended play, using macros. or similar behavior. Attempting to automate gameplay through any means or attempting to circumvent idle-time restrictions in any way is in violation of the User Agreement and Rules of Conduct. The account closure is permanent”

    I have multiple people on social media networks telling me that it sounds like I was hacked and then botted, which is entirely on NCSoft seeing as I had one other their authenticators attached to my account for “increased account security” I cannot download the client because “You have no access to Guild Wars 2”, I cannot log into their website and it treats me as thought I don’t even have an account with them. So, I am stuck waiting on a response from a GM ticket, which they may never even respond to, why should they? They already got their $60 out of me, I might as well be used toilet paper to them.

    So in the end, my account was banned without me being informed that there was questionable activity to begin with, and from the looks of it, every trace that existed of me being a die hard supporter of this franchise was erased by them as well.

    For those thinking about buying into this game and having the mindset “Well, I never do anything wrong so that’s your tough luck retard”… I had the same mindset, I guess we get to compare out ban letters in a few months when you get yours for no reason as well.

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  85. Aside from that, OP, it’s the world’s most idiotic game anyway.

    I wouldn’t call it a game so much as a con; cough up $60 and prepared to be underwhelmed.

    There’s no help for new players, no means of understanding how to play the gimped thing, Trading Posts, etc, are moved without warning or clues as to where they’ve been moved to and yes, the creators of the game are anal-retentive arseholes.

    Blizzard can dumb down WoW all they want, but GW2 doesn’t even make a decent pimple on a nurse’s arse and WoW still comes out on top.

    Don’t waste your money, folks. Give this useless piece of crap a miss.

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  87. Keep up the good work Anet. Guys like this deserve to have their freedom taken away. Probably put down too but hey that’s out of their hands. Oh by the way, Blizzard did invent pointy-eared-elves either, that is old school, go read Lord of the Rings.

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  89. Blizzard didn’t invented elves you idiot. That has been the stuff of legend since before the birth of Blizzard. The letter you wrote seems like dribble from a child. You make me sick. And I wanted to like you…

  90. Blizzard didn’t invent elves you idiot. That has been the stuff of legend since before the birth of Blizzard. The letter you wrote seems like dribble from a child. You make me sick. And I wanted to like you…

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