Home Contests Giveaway: Rosewill RK-9000I Mechanical Keyboard

If you’ve read my review of the Rosewill RK-9000I, you know it’s a solid piece of hardware for typists who hold themselves to a higher volume level of character input.

And while I’d love to sit around all day, clacking away at blog posts, Facebook comments, and vidya gamez, our lawyers say we can’t hold onto this keyboard forever. Actually, they said, “WiNGSPAN, if you expect the nation of Italy to drop its extradition requests against you, we urge you to divest yourself of all gifts as soon as possible.”

I tried to argue the point, but at the end of the day I suppose I’d rather give away my fancy keyboard than die in a Venice dungeon over patently false charges of “getting absolutely sick drop kills on noobs, full incognito.” Sheesh.


UPDATE: Top Tier Tactics is happy to announce that “Dylan” is our randomly-selected winner! As for his favorite key on the keyboard?

“Num Lock” because without it i would have to press numbers with my left hand :(

Congratulations, Dylan! I hope you enjoy this keyboard as much as I did!


Win a Rosewill RK-9000I Mechanical Keyboard

To win our swag copy of this high-precision typing instrument, post a comment below telling us what your favorite key on the keyboard is and why. We’ll select one random, valid winner on Friday, September 7th, so your entry must be submitted before then. We’ll also select one random loser, just because we’re in a position to dole out personal value via RNG.



Void where prohibited. By entering this giveaway, you agree to comply with all local, state, and federal laws. Entry limited to US residents. One entry per household; users suspected of fraud or multiple entries will be immediately disqualified. Participants must supply a valid e-mail address at time of entry, and a valid mailing address at time of winning, if chosen. T3 reserves the right to update these rules as necessary and to deny entries for abuse, fraud, inappropriate comments, or Order of the President.

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  1. I like my É key. It makes me feel special.

    (Also, I’m not an US resident but I have family in the US you can send it to. They’ll just send it back to me.)

  2. The ‘;’ key. Most people ignore it, unless they are big fans of winking emoticons, but it’s quite crucial piece of writing software in C style languages.

  3. I like Scroll Lock. I dunno, he doesn’t do much, and lots of people don’t even use him, but he’s a really chill dude.

  4. Caps lock, without it we wouldn’t be able to convey unnecessarily loud, and ignorant thoughts over the internet :D


  6. the tabulator-key, I really love it, it lets me swap betweem windows and is held guilty for so much situations, where I tabbed out of a game and than my “reaction timer” in Duels of the Planeswalkers ran out xD. Everyone loves the tabulator!

  7. The ; key. It’s so rarely used and, when I have the chance to use it, I sleep well knowing that not only am I clever enough to appropriately use it, but I didn’t even have to hold Shift to type it.

  8. I like Backspace the most. Not because I ever use it, but because it makes me laugh at all of the fools who are imperfect to the point at which they cannot type perfectly at high speeds. It gets really awkward sometimes when I burst out laughing behind my friends when they start to use it…

    [Disregard the Delete key and the ability to highlight and type over text. Seriously.]

  9. and that would have to be my “f” key
    it went missing and will forever remind me of how mad my keyboard was that day
    that and it likes to auto press if i don’t pay attention….

  10. ` without a doubt, partly for the console-hackery and partly for the nostalgia of remembering all the confusion that surrounded the “press the tilde key (~) to bring up the console” instruction when I was younger. THE TILDE KEY DOES NOTHING, WHY DO YOU LIE

    Also, the key is home to three characters, none of which have a great deal of purpose. In particular, what the hell is ¬?

  11. My favorite key is shift… so I can sprint around and pew pew faces! :D (I’ve also had the same old keyboard for like 5 years lol) HAAAAAANNNNNNNDDD MOTIONS!

  12. My keyboard has a button that toggles my wireless, It’s my personal get out of jail free card. If I’m playing like garbage, double tap it, get DCd and blame it all on lag.

  13. The shift key because I believe it is probably one of the most used keys on a keyboard, and is in many games used for sprinting…and I like to run.

  14. What could be better than the beauty, function, and amazing location of the wonder TAB key! It’s rectangular shape along with it’s easy to reach position allows for adventures and mysteries beyond belief! To have such a keyboard would be a grand thing and definitely better than the crap Dell keyboard I used to type this poetic post just for you WINGSPANTT. Fair well as I use the TAB key to select the submit button.

  15. My favorite key is the F1 key because I’ve been playing GW2 and as a warrior, F1 is all I need to win. At everything. Ever.

  16. Please ignore my typo from the last post, as I was overwhelmed by the beauty of such an amazing keyboard I hope to posses…

  17. My favorite key is the PRTSC key because I like screenshotting awesome things.

    A close second would be ~ just because it is a squiggly little fellow


  18. My favorite key to press is the tab key. This is because after I destroy someone in pvp and use it to target a new person I think “target acquired”.

  19. I like the space key because it lets me jump in video games and why would you play a video game where you can’t jump

  20. My favorite key is Control, because using it you can use soo many functions, like copy, paste, close window, enter task manager even!

  21. I’m gonna have to say its the ~ key, because that shit opens up console in source games, and I’m pretty sure if you know what a source game is you know the great shit that can come from that console.

  22. My favorite key has ever been “Enter”, without the enter key, I wouldn’t be able to…

    Do this
    Or select the game modes I want to play
    Or send messages in Multiplayer to direct people where to go.

    So yeah, Enter key, first key I ever pressed on my computer.

  23. My favorite key on the keyboard is A because as a Teran in Starcraft II, it is the only key I’ll ever need.

  24. I’m not participating on the giveaway (I don’t live in the U.S.), but I just got curious: what are the laws of Italy regarding gifts?

  25. The tilde key is my favorite key because its generally the console key in PC games. Gotta love dat console. SO MUCH COFIGURATION.

  26. My favourite key is… ENTER! Because it allows me to open… to open… some diffrent sites. (FFS! I can’t participate, cuz i’m from Poland… Freakin nationalists *joke*)

  27. The “O” key is my favorite. Only reason is because it allowed me to slap around certain troublesome occupants of the Chocolate Hammer TF2 server.

    Admin abuse for the win.

  28. I’d have to say my favorite key is the comma, because without I wouldn’t be able to break up sentences and everything would be one long, boring, monotone paragraph.

  29. I love my G key. It’s bound to the action slot in TF2 and I usually have high-five equipped. It’s such a simple but joyful taunt when you’re sitting at spawn waiting for the round to start. The F and J keys would be a close 2nd/3rd. Whenever I dont have my fingers on WASD, i always keep my two pointer fingers on F and J. helps with touch typing a lot.

  30. My favorite key is the Windows key. I know some of you guys HATE it, but I took advantage of this key by disabling it’s original function in it’s registry. This allows me to bind this key to all sorts of things whether it’s gaming, or playing music.

  31. My favorite key is R. I never enter the battlefield without a fully loaded weapon, and I always remember to click it after my opponent’s inevitable demise.

  32. Tab key, makes it so much easier to go from my username to my password line(games such as LoL,WoW,HoN) without having to click them individually :D.

  33. S because I AM NOT A COWARD, definitely not a coward. I am brave, heroic even it’s just………… I am a great believer of tactical retreats. S is obviously rarely used by me but I have used it in one or two occasions.

  34. My favotie key has got to be the Shift key. Sometimes I’ll just hold it down and make everybody think i’m All Caps-ing, but i never really am. Like a joke that’s funny only to me, and in reality not even funny at all. BUT YOU CAN’T TELL WHICH KEY I’M USING, RIGHT?

  35. “F”. Not because of the four letter word, but because my hand likes to be on the home row. Touch typer since middle school, and can’t live without it.

  36. Personally, I like the Print scrn/SysRq key. With it i can be the ultimate screen capper and use it to make my own unique avatars.

  37. Personally, I enjoy the 7 key. This is primarily because 7 is my favorite number, but also because the Ampersand is such an interesting symbol. All in all, it’s a really solid button.

  38. My favorite key is the “Ctrl” key because of all the things it lets you do, without having to use your mouse, in fact, i haven’t had a mouse in 2 years!

  39. The Shift key is my favourite because is so close to my pinky. I use it in most of my key binds =].
    Pinky love!

  40. My favorite key is the Windows key, because it reminds me a lot of myself. You always regret touching it afterwards.

  41. The “Shift Key” Is The Best As It Allows Me To Do This Irritating Habit Of Starting Every Word With A Capital :/ :P

  42. After playing alot of I Wanna Be The Guy, Q is a very fun key to press in it and all of the fan games as well.

    Commented on the other post instead of this one, but oh well.

  43. Space button of course, can’t live with out it. always using it when i’m playing games just to fool around while jumping :D

  44. My favorite key on the keyboard is the open context menu key, i believe it should be utilized in more applications. IT NEEDS PURPOSE IN ITS LIFE :(

  45. The ‘Shift’ key, because it changes what nearly EVERY key on the keyboard types. I mean, it’s amazing! Plus, it makes my pinky feel more useful during the day.

  46. The “E” key because that was the use key in older games. It doesn’t get used very often in games now. The poor “E”

  47. defo the start buttion just simply because it doesnt take the mick clicking on the start buttion. its just so easy to press just like bob ross would say you can beat the devil out of it

  48. Tab, only because it’s awesome always knowing I’m first place with the highest score in the server! :)

  49. Wait why did my response to another post count as it’s own?

    I don’t wanna be disqualified for “multiple posts” and seeing as how I can’t delete them, please disregard my “+1” post and this one.

  50. Pause|Break because it’s the one button that is never actually used in gaming, you can also keybind anything to it (fraps, screen-shots, etc)

  51. All the keys, because my keyboard sucks and this would be awesome as I have no money for a new one :(. Thanks wingspantt if you do choose me.

  52. My favorite key is the Macro Key I programmed to exit BF3 because it helps me hide the fact that I was sitting on my ass all day playing games when my wife comes home from work earlier than expected.

  53. The “5” Key! When things are going tough, and the raid is about to wipe, press 5 and watch tranquility bring us back from the brink! Oh yeah. (I did that. that was my button.) :)

  54. if you look at the keyboard carefully, there’s an awesome person between y and i and that’s my favorite key

  55. W, I love the W because it is the key for moving forward in life. Without “W” you will be stuck standing still while everyone is moving away from you. A & D are really close seconds, and of course you can’t forget the spacebar which allows you to jump above and beyond anything you have ever imagined. W is my favorite key of all time, and it always wears out first.

  56. Mine is the right mouse button because it makes Doctor Awesome punch people in the face.
    (I’m aware mouse buttons are not keyboard keys – I don’t live in the US anyway, just wanted that out there.)

  57. i like the a key…. in starcarft it builds marines, which are op…. and in other games as well it’s the command for attack. In fps’s or third person games its more moving left, and if you turn left 3 times it’s a right. also, a is the highest mark of course…. and you know, that’s what the parents want (yea asians)

  58. The backspace key, writing a forum\facebook\blog post then deleting what you typed and trying to create a better way of saying something, over and over again.

  59. The Pause/Break key is my favorite key.
    What key have I never used on my keyboards since I began using personal computers almost 30 years ago?

    The Pause/Break key.

    Not once… ever.

  60. The Space key because it’s so fucking cool that it doesn’t need anything written on it, unlike all the other keys that would be indistinguishable without that paint.

  61. key , because it is one of the keys that I use most of the time switching open windows , to select multiple items , to introduce a command or type a sign that I required to make something specific as forming a face or a piece from a command , that’s all . . . .

  62. i like space because i can hit it with either hand depending on whether i’m typing or if i’m gaming and it’s fun.

  63. The almighty space bar. For it is the biggest key on the board which made it infinitely easier to slam my face onto my keyboard as I played Destro Shadow Bolt Warlock in WoW. Facerolltactics.com You can keep that name on the house.

  64. the “Home” key, it just makes life easier on the internet,
    >>>you see that scroll length, its pretty nastey having to scroll all the way up. but not with the home key

    *press* back at the top!

  65. I’d have to say that my fave key is the Windows key. Being a Windows user, currently, I use that key often. Whether I’m in a game that’s freaking out my rig cuz of some idiotic bug, or simply need a quicker way to access my fave apps or even just my user folder, that key has been my ever-reliable favorite for a long time. I’ve used that puppy since my Windows 95 days, and have gone through every single Windows to date, even using Win7 UE x64 now, and that key, to this day, has been more useful to me than any other on the keyboard (as an individual key of course, CTRL+ALT+DEL is my fave key combo though, lol). Thanks for this great opportunity btw, Rosewill’s mechanical keyboards are awesome.

  66. Tab because it’s so darn useful for things like alt-tabbing as well as checking things like scoreboards.

  67. My favorite key is the Shift key. It’s the most valuable key to my disposal as a competitive gamer because it is used as a modifier for every other key at my disposal to allow me to have twice the macros.

  68. Tab key, because it’s good for switching windows or tabs. And auto complete for Unix/Linux based systems

  69. The “E” key. Why? My name starts with the letter “E,” but mainly because it’s the closest thing games have to real life “interaction.” The sad thing is that the “E” key is fading away due to the fact that I mash on this key so much. Sooner or later I’m going to need a new keyboard…so I went ahead and tried to honor my love for the fading letter “E” on my keyboard by posting this comment. It makes me sad to watch as my “E” key disappears. P.S. I also used the letter “E” 52 times on this comment. :p

  70. “Right mouse click” button..
    Most people don’t know how to use it, but I do! This makes me feel good :))

  71. I like the ctrl key. It gives us all our favorite shortcuts and hotkey binds we take for granted. I never use right click to copy and paste anymore.

  72. I think the backspace key is like the messiah of all the keys. It forgives your sins and washes them away like they never happened. [:

  73. Hmm, Would have to be a combination between F5 and Prt Scr. FOR SOMEREASON, I need to prnt scr everything for my friends who don’t have a creative mind so i can send them a picture what i’m talking aboot. and F5 for REFRESHING WOOO

  74. My favourite key is the Backspace key obviously. Without the backspace key, think about all the people that would just correct you every time you make a comment.

    Backspace key FTW

  75. Favorite in a sense that I use it a lot, it’s also very convenient in a lazy way is: “Prt Scr Sys Rq”
    It let’s me take screen shots of my desktop and it’s value is underrated because if I need to list either songs, or videos, or any amount of files then as they say: “a picture’s worth a thousand words”!

  76. Simple: it’s the -key. It makes it possible to write comments like this witho|_|t missing ‘|_|”s and create an alternitive (I know I can |_|se the alt key instead (117) b|_|t that’s a f|_|zz.

  77. F12 is my favorite key because I use it when I rage quit in TF2! Whenever I press it, it disconnects me from the server and brings me back to the windows screen! yeah!

  78. This keyboard looks fantastic. I would love to take it off your hands, as I am a dirty rubber dome peasant :/

  79. Depends on the keyboard layout that would be ESC or the one right under ESC. Sometimes it’s tilde, sometimes the paragraph symbol. I use it along with modifier keys to bring my favorite applications to the foreground.
    It’s the easiest one to reach with my left pinky :-)

  80. I like the colon’ :’: it says ‘something’s about to happen’

    It’s the character equivalent of ‘hey man, watch this.’ This occurs in English, Python, and typing in vi[m]. It’s wonderful

  81. The left CTRL key for sure! Useful for so many shortcuts and actions, and it happens to be the only key that broke on my keyboard

  82. The best key by far is the “Backspace” key because it lets me obliterate my mistakes on teh internetz. Also because maybe someone some day will see this and invent a Real-Life-Backspace-Button ™.

  83. For me is the SPACE BAR. Canyouimaginehowharditistounderstandwordsandsentenceswhenyourspacebarisbroken?Imeanreally,comeonmakesenseofsomethingwithnospacesinbetween.Idareyou!

  84. The “Insert” Key. It makes typing an adventure. It’s like my computer has a mind of its own and becomes self aware. It forces me to choose between sticking with my old flame comment and getting my new brilliant idea out on the interwebs.

  85. My favorite key is the tilde. The console is my friend. The console loves me. I know, because the console told me. When I make mistakes, the console helps me clean them up. I’m not supposed to tell.

  86. My favorite key is the control key, because of all of the necessary functions it lets you do so much easier. Cut, copy, paste, find, undo, redo, and countless others for different programs.

  87. Tilde would be my favorite keycap, simply because it seems to lonely over there under the escape key on my US ansi layout.

  88. My favorite key on the keyboard is the escape key because it’ll get you out of some disturbing pages and because it’s all alone and has it’s own corner dedicated to it. It knows it’s badass and important :D lol

  89. I am probably in the minority here but my favorite key is the Windows key. I use auto-hide on the taskbar and without a windows key I have to spam alt tab to bring up a window that isn’t fullscreened in order to bring it up. That is why I will never buy one of those gaming keyboards that takes out that key entirely.

  90. My favorite key is the space bar, because it is the longest key on the keyboard. The longer the better.


  91. Tilda, since you can use it in so many scenarios for different purposes.
    I feel like it makes tense situations less hostile and adds a relaxed feel to normal conversations~

  92. Caps Lock.

    You might be saying to yourself “Caps Lock? Does this guy spend hours arguing politics over the internet?”

    No, I do not. I use the Colemak layout (meaning a mechanical keyboard with switchable keys is desired), which remaps Caps Lock to backspace. This helps immensely with typing, as you do not need to stretch that weak right pinky to backspace.

    As far as aesthetics go, Windows/logo key is the best, cause you can put a little Tux on that.

  93. My favorite key, by far, is the ctrl key. Without it, most keyboard shortcuts are rendered useless. Cut? Copy? Paste? fuggedaboutit

  94. My favorite key is “I”, of the I-J-K-L group. Nothing beats the rampant personal space violations of local, single-keyboard multiplayer.

  95. I like the letter I. Why? Because I know that I am wonderful. If you think that I am not, then you’re in denial

  96. My favorite key is the shift key because my online handle requires a lot of distinguished capitalization to convey its meaning.

  97. My Favorite key is the space bar because no other key my thumb touches but the space bar and no other finger touches the space bar but my thumbs. :)

    And fyi, my favorite combo is the Ctrl+Alt+Del pals because they always help me when I’m in trouble. xD

  98. Its definitely the shift key. Pressing it pretty much changes most of the keys on the keyboard making it the most powerful of keys. Not even caps-lock can defeat the mightiness of SHIFT.

  99. I like the `/~ key, I use it for coding, it brings down my game console, I use it for my app launcher in both Windows and Linux. I think this key doesn’t get enough love.

  100. I like the Windows key. In W7, shortcuts to move windows around using the Windows key makes life great. And the instant search feature on the Windows toolbar allows me to launch applications from the Start menu without moving my hand ALL the way over to my mouse (life’s tough.)

  101. Shift key by far my favorite because I’m constantly holding this down to avoid falling to my death in minecraft.

  102. I like the pipe ( | ), mostly because hardly anyone uses it and if you say “pipe” not many people will even know what you’re talking about.

  103. I would have to say it would be F10, for when I’m playing a scary game and just need to….. go… real quick……. yes…


  104. The end key is my master, and I am but a humble messenger. He will come to reap the sinners and purify this land. His vengeance will be swift and terrible. He is omega, and I a lonely herald calling out in the wilderness to an oblivious crowd of mindless sheep. YOU MUST CAST OFF YOUR FORMER ALLEGIANCES! W WILL NOT HELP YOU WHEN THERE IS NOWHERE LEFT TO RUN! EMBRACE THE END AND FEEL HIS GLORIOUS ARRIVAL UPON US!

  105. The backspace, because I’m terrible at typing accurately. It’s also essential in editing what you’re trying to say.

  106. The Pause Break Key because it is the only key on my keyboard that doesnt have gross disgusting finger gunk on it from use.

  107. To me, I appreciate the Backspace key the most. It allows us to undo our inevitable mistakes and replace them. It’s almost like being absolved!

  108. The “Tab” Key, because you don’t have to use the mouse as much and keep your hands on your the keyboard more. Also, no more jerking to type in an username, move the mouse to click, then type a password. Just need to keep Tabbing.

  109. I like the space key, because it has a nice logo that may or may not wear out given how often I press space to scroll, jump, shoot, type, etc.

  110. My favorite key is definitely the “Backspace” key. Without the backspace key there would be no point in owning a computer at all. If there were no backspace, all we would need is a typewriter, and although the clacking of a typewriter is awesome, the clacking of a keyboard with Cherry mx blue switches is even better, especially when you can delete any mistakes, so you can hear even more clacking.

  111. Fav key is tab. When it’s late at night and I’m two pages short of the minimum essay length… Tab at random places.


    Also, if you think about it, the space key and every other key only inputs one character (aside from shift, ctrl, etc.), but the tab is 5 spaces, so therefore the tab is 5x better than space and the rest of the keys. =P

  112. Pause/Break: it is a long forgotten key with almost no use nowadays. Even the Scroll Lock key will at least light up your keyboard/monitor in most cases! Let us all take a PAUSE, a moment of silence for this underused key that just cant catch a BREAK.

  113. When I press it the web comes alive,
    and without it I wouldn’t survive.
    I am never late
    to get each update.
    Dammit, I broke my F5.



  115. Spamming the SHIFT keys to get those STICKY KEYS up. TEHEHEHE ~

    In all seriousness, Ctrl + [any key]. Easily the most useful button on the keyboard for any gaymer. *CTRL + alt + del

    Fume ma couche!

  116. Backspace. I once tried to have a convo with my friend without using the backspace key and it was a massacre. `

  117. Alt key, for one reason and one reason only. The interobang. No other key lets me use the interobang without having to copy and paste it from somewhere. The interobang is a beautiful piece of punctuation, combining the exclamation point with the question mark. It removes the pesky decision of which to use. How cool is that‽ For those curious, the alt code is 8253. Isn’t it awesome‽

  118. The ` key, for it is the key that brings up the console in most games, and the console is the key that unlocks everything. Punny eh?

  119. The “space” key. Everyone finds “space” for the “space” key , because you need “space” between words.
    P.S. All puns intended.

  120. My “favorite key award” goes out to the “shift” key. Gotta love the little guy. He’s always willing to make a “1” into an “!”, or a “y” into a “Y”. At the end of the day, he’s super helpful, and I love him for it.

  121. The ~ key is obviously superior. Look at him, he sits up there on his mighty throne, made of war criminals Shift, Caps Lock, and Tab(punished to an eternity of creating his throne due to the great war of 1703) beneath the Esc Sun and F-clouds, overlooking his dominion of peasant keys.

    You heartless bastards, the ` is merely his informant with the normal apostrophe, so that he may keep an eye over his subjects, quell uprisings, SMASH REVOLUTIONS, AND RULE FOREVER WITH AN IRON TILDE.

  122. Ah, my favorite must be the humble space bar. Quiet and unassuming, with no markings to tell its tale, it sits at the bottom of the keyboard bearing the weight of the Latin alphabet, and all languages that alphabet can convey, upon its back. Not only does it allow me to leap and bound in Tyria and Aperture, and to shelter behind a storage crate in scarred and battered Eden Prime, but it has single-handedly enabled the glorious contest that is NaNoWriMo. How could we greedily eye our word counts as they ascended into realms of madness if we did not have the diligent, never complaining space bar to split “can’t” into “can not” and “gray” into “dull, fading, washed out graphite” – without the space bar, where would those four additional (and completely legitimate) words have come from? From tab? From enter? No, I say. Huzzah for the space bar!

  123. It’s gotta be the numpad Enter key. Just think of all the effort I’ve saved by hitting it with my thumb instead of reaching all the way over to the plain ol’ boring Enter key.

  124. Bro’s the best key is obviously the key is the Delete key. Technology is at the point where you can delete things! Golly gosh…I delete my work, annoying people, and anything that annoys me. Keyboards, for all the deletists!

  125. Favorite key has gotta be the ` key. People forget it’s there too often! Plus, it doubles as the tilde (~). :)

  126. F : because i like flowers.anyway thats the only thing i could come up with since there are so many witty comments. but i want that keyboard !!

  127. Enter key is a pretty cool guy. You can press enter, and it enters things. So simple, so elegant. What more could you possible ask for?

  128. Prt sc, without a doubt. This key allows me to save those delicious moments in time when my skills truly shine; those split-seconds when everyone else in my game cocks an eyebrow and goes, “Is this real life?” Ah, cherished memories.

  129. The 5 key

    In the NumPad, of course. Not that bitch-ass in the NumBar.

    It orients my hand on the NumPad without having to look.

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