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Hey everyone, just a quick update since a lot of readers have been writing to ask about the on-again, off-again Top Tier Tactics Duels 2013 Tournament.

We will definitely be hosting this tournament (most likely on PC), however I’d like to wait for the Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Return to Ravnica DLC first. Sure, we could kick off the competition now, but with 50% more decks in the mix (including my favored Izzet pick), I think both participants and viewers at home will enjoy the event much more.

Don’t despair; the wait shouldn’t be long now. While some have predicted the dual-color DLC may be slated for October, the Steam version of Duels 2013 has already received new achievements. To that end, we expect it’s only a matter of days until Ravnica’s nasty new toys drop into our hands. And it’s just another reason to run our matches on Steam (since Xbox and PSN updates are often delayed). That and the whole PC master race thing.

Anyway, if you’re hankering for some Magic action and haven’t yet caught the avalanche of footage I’ve recently uploaded, get some popcorn, scroll down, and enjoy!


WiNGSPANTT’s latest Duels 2013 gameplay

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  1. Izzet master guild reporting.
    Purple is my favorite color combination and auramancer is my favorite deck in 2012 so I’ll probably be playing those two when the DLC comes out. I’ll be so mad though if I get out of the tourney in the first round because of Demigods of Revenge…

  2. Can’t wait for the boros and Selesnya decks, as they have just always been my favorite guilds.
    Thanks for the notification, Wing, can’t wait for the DLC.
    Izzet is also awesome though, but I fell NIv-Mizzet’s gotten too much love.
    Bring it in for Selesnya, guys!

  3. Shin Hitokiri reporting for tournament duty if a slot is open. I just finished my first Steam tourney with Wizard’s_Sean hosting and can’t wait to be a part of this one if possible.

    Can’t wait for these DLC decks as they ALL look very competitive (yes even G/W)

  4. I’d definitely be interested in a TTT Tourney. I should probably try and get in a few others as well, but having one among everyone here would be great.

  5. I would also love a spot in this tourney. Why not do one before and after the expansions? No reason to only have 1 tourney! ;)

    BTW: Someone in the Discussions via Steam’s new Game Hub said something about a new promo code being given out at Magic Celebration Tournaments today. Does anyone know if this has any validity to it? It was posted 5 hours ago today. Not sure if he is confused about the current 10 that have been out forever now or if there are actually new promos leading up to the expansion.

  6. I would be in for a TTT Tournament as well.

    And my guess is that the codes given at the Magic Celebration are allready in the 10 known codes. Got 1 code yesterday: it was invalid and was a copy of the code on the list.

  7. Could you run 2? one for the xbox and one for the PC? I’m an xbox guy and would love to play in a tourney by one of my favorite gaming sites.

  8. I’d love to get in on this tourney as well! I haven’t been in a good MtG tourney in a good long time and am looking forward to the challenge :)

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