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Remember that time I said we’d be doing a PC Duels of the Planeswalkers tournament first?

I lied. We’ll do both; Xbox 360 first.

Okay, well… I didn’t lie. I just thought it would be a huge pain in the ass to set up an Xbox 360 tournament first. And while that hasn’t changed, what has changed is that someone already set one up for me.

In essence, the hard part is over!


The background

You see, Megamaster125 at GameFAQs had a problem: his Xbox 360 tournament didn’t have enough players. And I had a problem: I had players, but didn’t feel like setting up a tournament. It’s kind of like Gift of the Magi, except not literary in any way whatsoever!

So here’s the deal: I’m going to be taking sign-ups for his tournament, playing along with it, and providing prizes. The fourteen people who already signed up on GameFAQs? They’ll keep their spaces. Hopefully we can fill this to 32 players quickly (that’s where you come in).


Tournament registration and rules

In order to register, you must comment on this article with the following:

  • Your Xbox 360 gamertag
  • The deck(s) you plan to play (maximum 3)

This is a single elimination tournament. Each time you are assigned to your randomly chosen opponent, you must complete a first-to-two-wins series (best of three) within 72 hours of bracket assignments. For each bracket, one player must report a loss; if neither does, both players are disqualified (feel free to record/screenshot/photo your win). If a series ends in a tie, tie-breaker matches must be played until a winner is decided.

Sideboarding within a series is permitted. Changing decks within a series is not permitted. Sideboarding must be 1:1, e.g. you cannot start with a 63 card deck, then sideboard to a 100-card deck. This is primarily to prevent hosing Dream Puppets, but also to prevent stupid, time-consuming sideboards.

Registration is now closed. Please follow along with the tournament and discuss matches in this T3 forum thread.

Do not use this comment thread for random discussion. Instead, use this T3 forum thread (not registered for T3 forums? sign up here) or discuss on GameFAQs.


Tournament prizes

First prize: Two booster packs of Magic 2013 and ten rares from my collection.
Second prize: One booster pack of Magic 2013 and five rares from my collection.

Are these amazing prizes? No, but hey, this isn’t a charity. You should be playing for the glory! Or, at the very least, the chance to beat me.*


Official Tournament Brackets

Click for details & later brackets

79 replies to this post
  1. I already left a comment on mega’s Gamefaqs post, but I’m in.

    Dr Frobious – (Crosswinds, Peacekeepers, Born Of Flame)

  2. I’ll be down
    Exalted darkness
    Pack Instint.
    GLHF to everyone who takes part!

  3. You’ve got to be Kidding me… It looks like you might be full already.

    Username: InsaneModeXx

    Decks: Goblin Gangland, Obedient Dead, Peacekeepers.

  4. What’s up with these avatars btw.? Alex’ looks like a Penis Bee and mine just looks like an old fashion set of sausage and eggs. I think I saw something looking like a pelvis as well.

  5. XBL gamertag: xpaco5000
    decks: obedient dead, exhaulted darkness, crosswinds

    I hope there’s still room

  6. Not sure if still open, but I’d be keen ^_^.
    GT: iTeKon
    Obedient Dead
    Exalted Darkness

  7. Sorry, after thinking, I’m unable to do it, sorry. Also massive timezone difference for me :P

  8. I will take Chris’ spot!
    GT: NewmanCH
    Decks: Crosswinds, Born of Flame, and Exalted Darkness

  9. GT: ToastyGoon

    Obediant Dead
    Dream Puppets
    Ancient Wilds

    I really hope that its not full. I want to win the Pants : /

  10. That’s right Wingspann, I also counted 63, so we have one more spot. The first round will start Thursday (but the bracket might even be posted tonight). Either way, you’ll have until Saturday night to finish the first round.

  11. Ouch Lazor and Wingspantt going head to head in round 1 if thats the final bracket listing. GL guys.

  12. Shin Hitokiri (CW) 2 vs XPACO5000 (ED) 1

    Veeeery close games:
    Game 1: Shin Hitokiri wins
    Down to 6 life waiting for one turn of survival while holding back the aggro attack with Talrand’s Evocations and Archaomancer with a pacified fog bank until I got the one turn needed to finish a Panoptic Mirror/Timewarp Combo.

    Game 2: Expaco5000 wins
    A No Mercy and Tormented Soul was negating the fog bank and could not keep up as a Demonic Tutored Doom Blade killed my last hope of a Briberied Sublimed Angel on a killing turn.

    Game 3: Shin Hitokiri wins
    Aggro exhalted with a constantly pumping Darklit Gargoyle was able to get me to 1 life before finishing the Panoptic/Timewarp Combo to finish the match.

    Great Games Expaco5000 and good luck!!

  13. Sorry I didn’t read the e-mail before playing the match and have posted the results to the appropriate discussion thread…

  14. So where can I find the decks my opponents are playing if they did not post them on here? I am not able to find StevieJanowskiz deck list…

  15. how did this fill up so fast :( I check your channel every day wing!!!!!!!!!!!

    incase someone drops out or something I’m


    born of flame

    obidient dead

    ainchent wilds

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