Home Events Reminder: Golden Charity Finale this Tuesday!

With the fundraiser of the portion of the Golden Charity complete, there’s only one thing left to do:
throw the accursed wrenches into the fire from whence they came.

On the click-through, you’ll find a quick run-down (in 5W/1H format) of Tuesday’s celebration.

Where & Who?

The Golden Charity Dance Marathon/Epic Event Misnomer will take place on a server administered by Baron’s Pub. This server will be password protected and reserved for the Golden Wrench owners and the fundraiser’s top donors.

When & How?

The casual gaming event will begin at approximately 9:30 PM Eastern Time (USA). The Golden Wrenches will be deleted shortly after 10:00 PM.

While demos/videos will be recorded, you can follow along on the live feed provided by Dat Stream, the Internet’s most reliable content streaming service for discerning adults.

What & Why?

If you don’t know what this is about or why we’re doing this, please consult the FAQ. Unless of course you’re just asking to be obnoxious.

To What Extent?

F. Please see me after class.

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    • Sorry but realistically speaking no time would be perfect and I had to pick something that would work for the majority of the Golden Wrench owners and of course the top charity donors (though a few will not be able to attend).

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