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It’s been practically a month, but the joint T3/GameFAQS Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 tournament has come to a close.

After five rounds of insane competition from 64 players, it finally came down to a representative from each website:

  • OldMrJones of GameFAQS
  • InsaneModeXx of Top Tier Tactics

With prizes and worldwide fame* on the line, who would take home the title of Xbox 360 Duels 2013 champion?


Grand Finals Match: OldMrJones vs InsaneModeXx


Next tournament announcement coming soon

Now that the Xbox 360 tournament is over, you can expect a PC tournament registration on the horizon. Do note, however, that we will be limiting it to 32 players in the hopes of moving things along a little more briskly. So if you want in, you better be paying attention to what’s going on here!

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  1. I haven’t participated in any tournaments yet but I might give the next PC one a whirl. They’ve all been fun to follow.

  2. Insanemode beats up on retarded girls, and tells opponents what I am playing because he knows I am the best just like Born of Flame! HAHA cya online insane.

  3. Mitt-Romney level aggression…. lmao… Someone watched the debate… Let’s see if anyone can get close to taking away my title of Grand Champion next tournament… ;)

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