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Want to watch me play, live? Or want to join in on the action? Or just wanna sit around and beg for free Steam codes?

Then Monday’s your lucky day! Starting at 8pm, I’ll be hosting an online Duels 2013 stream, giving out Duels 2013 and Duels DLC codes, and dropping some info on the upcoming Duels of the YouTubers online event! This is your chance to make me look like an absolute fool in public!

For more information, watch this not-at-all spite-fueled trailer:

Once the actual stream is live, you can watch along and chat with other viewers below. Remember, the actual stream won’t be up till 8pm EST on Monday, so anything you see playing before then is T3 archive footage (90% of which is Binerexis being hilarious).

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  1. I think that Wing and all the other Duels players aren’t included in the Duels of the Youtubers because you’re already into Duels, while the other people aren’t, and they want to get them into it.

  2. Hey Wing, when I watch your stream, I don’t know if it’s a problem with my computer or Livestream, but you don’t seem to be able to see my comments, and you see coments that I don’t on the chat.
    Is there another button I have to press?
    And, as per your request earlier, RAGE

    • Sorry, it seems the stream did not save to our channel, even though I had it marked to save. It’s possible it is just taking a long time to process due to the length of the video (several hours).

  3. Hi, I won the steam DLC but it hasn’t shown up on my steam yet. I just realized my username on steam is gsun86 (That probably was what threw you off) and my username on DoTP is the update version of that, redsquare.
    Sorry if this confused you.

  4. *Correction,
    I found out that it had been changed, thank you Steam for being smart! It’s redsquare on steam as well.
    I should probably just learn to be more patient.

  5. ohh i see. well maybe next time for me. do you like 4 player FFA games? or are you mainly a 1v1 type of player? hopefully one day i will run into you on xbox live. MRxPO5TMAN is my G/T. i’ll keep an eye out for ya

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