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A fan e-mailed me recently complaining that I haven’t produced enough Duels of the Planeswalkers content lately. First, I argued, I don’t have a schedule. Sometimes important stuff like real life or Seinfeld reruns come up.

Second, I argued, I had actually produced tons of Magic moments when I hosted a Duels of the Planeswalkers stream for more than four hours just a few days ago. But apparently, that wasn’t good enough for him.

So… screw it. I just decided to play a few random games and throw them on the ‘net to placate this determined detractor.

While the resulting footage was born from frustration, it grew to be a worthwhile investment in strategy, hilarity, and rage. See for yourself – watch the matches right now!

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  1. Why didn’t Lorenks use demonic tutor to get a blightning? Does he have only one in his deck? I’d always put more than one in the deck… It’s a great card…

  2. Are you commentating with your mic open? If so, you’re probably telling your opponents your hand every time….

  3. I can’t beleive Lorenks didn’t grab one of the timewarps he had in his graveyard!!!! He could have won. LOL, I love you spantt but you got lucky dude. Although at least 75 percent of this game is getting lucky.

    • Haha, well…. yes and no. We tend to view “luck” as events that determine the outcome of the match, with everything else being background noise, but really every draw has some luck to it. Yes, I am lucky he didn’t choose Time Warp. But I’m also unlucky that he got Archeomancer to begin with. I would have been far luckier if he drew two Islands in a row!

  4. True but I am also lucky that a big pink bunny doesn’t’ walk up in the room and beat me over the head with a carrot and that a certain pair of parents decided against aborting our fearless leader wingspantt. Luck has a funny way of only exsisting (is that how you spell that?) in hindsight. Good jarb on your content tho.

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