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Well, the deed is done.

As of 10:05 PM EDT local time, all 12 remaining members of the Golden Charity (including myself) have deleted their Golden Wrenches.
If you’d like to view footage of the event, you can do so here. (right click, save as…)

I would like to take a minute to thank many of the thousands of people who have helped make this amazing experience possible. I do intend to thank more people, but I don’t have all my papers and records with me, so I’ll just be a little general here, and make a more specific “credits” page in the near future.

Thanks first of all to all of the many donors who supported this fundraiser.
You all helped me turn a virtual item into real help for hospitalized children.

Thanks to the top donors who gave incredibly selflessly.
Your incredibly generosity is truly humbling and an inspiration to me and everyone involved.

Thanks to every donor, regardless of the amount.
Thanks to people who had nothing to give but helped by spreading the word or by making my menial tasks easier.

Thanks to all the Golden Wrench owners who joined me in what must have seemed like a crazy mission.
Thank you for your trust, and for staying true to your word. And of course, thank you for helping to driving thousands of dollars in donations for Child’s Play.

Thanks to the Baron of Baron’s Pub servers for hosting the finale event and, as always, for running fun servers.

Thanks to DatStream for streaming this live event allowing the entire community to watch from afar.

Thanks to my wonderful wife for being supporting as I spent dozens of hours typing madly about a virtual wrench. Your love and support mean so much!

Thanks to Robin Walker and everyone at Valve for making this possible, showing your support and increasing awareness of this fundraiser. Also, thanks for making Team Fortress 2 and all your other A+ games.

Thanks to the many gaming media sites who covered this story for helping me promote this event and increase awareness and donations for Child’s Play.

Thanks to all the haters for inadvertently driving increased attention to this event and for bumping my topics repeatedly with your jeers and insults. Without you, this would have never been possible.

I’m sure there are more people to thank, but as I said I will be more specific on the dedicated thanks page (coming soon). I will also be posting the demo files from the finale game and pre-game for your enjoyment, and will of course be making a commemorative video in the near future (about 1 week from now).

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this fundraiser.

For centuries, alchemists tried to turn base materials into gold. But as of tonight, you have all turned gold into something much greater: joy, comfort, hope, and love for thousands of children who need it most. Bless you all and cheers eternal.

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  1. Hi Wing,

    I just want to thank you again for all the work and effort that you put into this charity event. The amount of work that must have gone into organizing must have been the equivalent to a full time night shift ;)

    The ceremony went well and some of the speeches were quite good! It was crazy to see a dozen engineers with golden wrenches running around. That’s like seeing 13 unicorns in the same field!

    Over $30000 of real money for charity! I hope you get a medal for that ;)


    – Eric

  2. Firstly I want to thank you for all of your hard work! Thank you! Secondly, (to the person who recorded that video) did you have to constantly reloading your weapon? MY GOD THAT IS ANNOYING. -o_o-

  3. amazing work, mate. really amazing. i wish i could have donated but… well, congratulations, you are now the most awesome person of the tf2 Comunity… (or one of them) too bad i couldnt see their destruction.

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