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If you read our review of the Mionix line of premium mousepads, you know they’re luxury gaming items. And by luxury, we mean expensive.

We know that even the hardest of the hardcore PC gamers don’t necessarily want to throw upwards of $39.99 at a mousepad, even a sexy one.

But if you do want to see what all the duck-slaughtering fuss is about, today’s your lucky day: we’re giving away a top-of-the-line Mionix Ensis 320 Luna gaming mousepad.

As we mentioned in the review, the Ensis line is made of sleek, cool-to-the-touch aluminum that keeps your fingers ready to frag. And at 320mm wide, it’s the perfect size for someone who needs a little extra mouse-maneuvering room.

To enter, just comment below telling us how you would build a better mousetrap. It doesn’t have to be specific; answers like “radioactive cheese” “death lasers” or “cats on a rope” will suffice! The winner will be randomly selected the following week.


Update: YungClowns wins!

Congratulations to YungClowns, who has been randomly selected as this contest’s winner. He will receive the ultra-slick Mionix Ensis 320 shortly, right after he unleashes fiery death on rodents with his proposed mousetrap:

Have the trap automatically douse the rat with gasoline and promptly incinerate it. No cleanup!

Thanks to YungClowns and everyone else who entered!


Boring rules details

  • Entries must be placed by Sunday, November 11, 2012
  • You must be 13 or older to enter
  • You must comment with a valid e-mail address
  • One entry per person; duplicates will be disqualified
  • Winner must provide a valid US domestic shipping address
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  1. I think the mouse pad would be better served in someone else’s hands, but I wanted to relay a good mouse trap anyway.

    I live in a very new neighborhood. All new houses and a lot of empty fields still remain. We see mice a lot because we’re taking their land just like we took the land from Connor and his friends.

    I heard of this very creative trap from my neighbor. Get a 5-gallon bucket and fill it with water. Then put a long ruler or other light plank leaned up against the edge of the bucket with a good portion hanging out over the water. Then put peanut butter on the end of the plank above the water. The mice will run up the plank to get the peanut butter, but their weight will make the plank fall into the water where they eventually meet the drowned gods of the Iron Islands.

  2. This is the formula to get the Ultimate Mouse Trap.

    1 Cat + Some Chemicals + Some Lightning = Flash Cat, mouse hunter supreme.

  3. But I like mice :3 But I think I’ll go with something like BigTime’s plan. Just get a large pot filled with water and hang a piece of cheese tied to a string above it. When the mice try to make the jump, they will realize you rubbed butter on it! Then they will fall into the water and instantly desynchronize.

    • I’m not sure I want to know what you plan to do with such things beyond charging mice their cheese rations for 15 minutes of “viewing pleasure.”

  4. The Trap would invite the Mouse out to a simple coffee date. They’d really hit it off — and eventually go steady. After a few years (don’t wanna rush things!), the Trap would humbly ask the Mouse for her hand in marriage. The Mouse, fighting back tears of joy, would accept, and the two of them would honeymoon in Northern Maine. After a year or so, the Trap and the Mouse would agree that the time was right to have children. They’d have the ideal American family: One boy and one girl Mouse/Wooden Plank hybrid. Sally and Carter, they’d be named. Then one day, many years down the road, after the kids had moved on to bigger and better things, and the Mouse had settled into her post-retirement lifestyle, the Trap would spring itself. Breathing her final breaths, the Mouse would tearfully ask the Trap “Why?” “Because, my love” he’d whisper, “I didn’t have forty dollars to drop on the fancy mousepad I wanted.” before crushing the life out of his darling wife. The End.

  5. I don’t know how to make a better mousetrap. But I do know how to make a butter mousetrap. You just have to make sure you keep it in the fridge, because otherwise it will melt and lose its shape and just be butter.

  6. Strategically placed mini speakers, just outside their holes, that would play Nikki Ninaj’s..ehm, ‘finest’ songs on loop. The mice will be begging you to end their lives, or your money back!

  7. What about my roommates goldfish? It kills everything it can get it fins on. Now I just need to find a way to get the mice into the bowl. :S

  8. A heavy spring with metal U-shaped rod attached to a block of metal with some cheese and a trigger attached to the cheese.

  9. A mouse trap need a hammer and sickle. The hammer to come down and squish the mouse in place and the sickle to slice off the head and finish the job.

  10. Load a trap with cheese made from cat’s milk. The matter-antimatter interaction between cat atoms and mice atoms is well-documented.

  11. I’d get a few wiz kids and together we would build a Ninja trained mouse hunting cat robots with ninja stars! It sees a mouse, targets it, and unleashes robotic feline fury!

  12. fake female mouse toy with a hole in the requisite location, sprayed with mouse pheromones to entice male mice into attempted copulation. But the fake mouse has already been artificially inseminated with mouse hepatitis (or other lethal STD).

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