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Why wear a hat when you could just opt for the douchebag comb-over?

As revealed in Famitsu and mentioned on Eventhubs, it appears Street Fighter 3 twins Yun and Yang (get it? They’re twins!) will be two of the (rumored 6) DLC fighters soon to be added to Capcom’s latest hit.

While I enjoyed messing around with the Martial Arts Duo in Third Strike, I can’t say I’m happy about their inclusion in Super Street Fighter 4. While the brothers’ fighting styles are cool, they’re essentially identical to those of Rufus and Gen, give or take a few hundred pounds/years.

In a game with half a dozen boilerplate “shoto” characters, do we really need more semi-duplicate fighting styles? And two of them? And they’re fucking twins? We might as well add Thing 1 and Thing 2 while we’re at it.

Additionally, with “only” 6 new characters rumored to be added, using up 1/3 of the available slots kills off hope for a lot of the most highly likely and hoped-for characters.

Capcom spokesperson Ono (Japenese people don’t have first or last names) has previously stated that he would like to see R. Mika, Elena, Rolento, and Hugo in the game. These are all interesting characters who can bring diversity and perhaps a few lulz to the next major Street Fighter tournament.  Additionally, they each represent a fighting style that isn’t a simple copy/paste job.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Yun and Yang, but their inclusion is redundant. I would have much preferred that Capcom leave at least Rufus out of vanilla SF4 and included these two instead, perhaps even as a tag-team duo to increase the diversity of gameplay.

Here are my hopes for the arcade version/DLC of Super Street Fighter 4:

  • Elena
  • Alex
  • Hugo
  • Rolento
  • Q
What do you think about the Kung Fu Duo? Who would you like to see added to SSF4?
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  1. Karin

    Thats what I want to see. I do not want to see Yun or Yang though, anyone else is fine.

  2. Eagle(for fireball spammers), Elena, Karin(do to her direct rivalry with sakura and her reversal moves), Hugo and Mike Haggar(long overdue to make a sf appearnce), and Rolento

  3. I’m happy with Yun and Yang. Also like to see

    1. HUGO
    2. ROLENTO
    3. URIEN
    4. GILL

    NO R. Mika or Poison & Hagger for gods sake.

  4. They should 100% definitely add R. Mika and Elena. The game needs as many sexy female characters as possible. I also love the idea of adding Haggar as a character. It is long overdue and he could be a really cool Zangief/T.Hawk type of character that relies on getting in close to his opponent and using his strength/throwing ability to be successful. Other than that, I think adding Rolento, Birdie, Karin, or Maki would be cool additions! Yun and Yang were def not on my wishlist, but after watching the youtube videos of them, they both look really friggin cool, which leads me to believe that whoever they add, will ultimately make a good addition to the game!

  5. I can wait Yang has always been one of my favorite players.
    Now I think their speed and power is certiably a force to be reckoned with

  6. But I don’t get my his ultra is so much like gen’s except it does real damage not light damage.

    He makes toe taps look fun:)

    But I would like to have Alex and Karin back

    But as for all the people saying R. Mika I don’t get why? She was absolute (in the words of Dudley) gutter trash

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