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If you’re new to Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer or are looking to polish up while having a good time, these videos can give you the fundamental skills you need to stab your way to the top of your friends list!

Below, you’ll find an updated series of tactical videos for Deathmatch, Wanted, Assassinate, and other AC3 modes. You’ll learn basic approaches, as well as more studied, advanced techniques. Of course, if you’d like to know as soon as there’s more available, why not subscribe to our YouTube channel or mine, at WiNGSPANTT?

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Simple Deathmatch




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    Keep up the vid’s great stuff!!! I’ve personally been a fan of AC since AC 1, and AC 3 is my first crack at MP. I’m glad i googled multiplayer video tips and bam their ur video’s were. How often are you going to be posting new vid’s?

    • Thank you! Glad to hear there are new readers/viewers always coming in fresh!

      I am hoping to have several new videos every week. This upcoming week is especially exciting, as we will be hosting/commentating a series of higher level tournament matches. If you check out my channels, you’ll also find I had dozens of Brotherhood and Revelations videos, almost all of which carries over to AC3 (if you’re trying to catch up on strategy). Hope that helps!

  2. Hey dude your videos are both hilarious and helpful, so keep up the great work!
    Are you going to cover the team objective modes? I’m looking for tips on strategies and abilities to use. So far I’m figuring it out as I go but would love to hear some of your insight.

  3. Do you guys think that glimmer is a viable ability for assassinate? In some of my matches I run towards my target and when I am close enough that the circle becomes full I activate it then go around the corner for an easy kill.

    There are moments when it doesn’t work, like if I’m running in high profile or walk too fast but in large it seems very effective. Granted it doesn’t do well when multiple people are clustered in one area which is why I also run smoke or firecrackers, but individual targets are easy prey.

  4. Thanks a lot for putting the time in to tutor us less-than-good players. I only play Deathmatch, and have improved a bit since I started, but I am still pretty lame at this. I have watched the Deathmatch video a couple of times and tried to take what I can from it.

    I was wondering about clones of your character – it seems that at least 75% of the time, there are no doubles for the character I am using, which makes blend very ineffective – is this a glitch or is it just a certain number of characters are in the arena, and if you choose the wrong one you are solo?

    Also, after I make a kill, there seems to be a delay in using any of my abilities if I have a pursuer right on me. Is this correct? I make a kill, and of course the gameplay pauses for the animation, and I can see my attacker coming, so I spam the smoke and it just doesn’t seem to work.

    I am also wondering how I am doing here – when I started I was lucky to hit 2,000 pts in a round, but after over 125 sessions and 18 hrs logged I am more often than not in the 3,500+ range. I was quite proud of myself when I got a couple of 6,000 pt rounds in a row (for me, that’s not very common). My kill/death ratio is 0.92, not great…I seem to always be near or at the top in the deaths per session, very frustrating. Kills per session is 4.51 with average score 396 pts. I am having a very hard time with the stuns, man are they tough in AC3!

    Your opinion would be appreciated, I fell like I am improving a bit but its an exercise in frustration a lot of the time…

    • Yes one of the defining aspects of deathmatch is that there are normally no persona copies of you. They can only exist if you create them with an ability.

      As for your personal playing, it sounds like you need to work on defense and awareness to die less. Try to be more paranoid when hearing whispers and move to locations that force your pursuers to expose themselves to get to you.

    • Don’t pay the slightest attention to K/D ratio. AC is one of the few games where the statistic means absolutely nothing. Unless you’re in a game mode where you do want to kill as many people as possible (really, only Domination and AA on defense comes to mind), don’t worry about how many kills you get, so much as worry about the amount of points you’re getting for each one :) But an average score of almost 400 per kill is actually quite good. I’d say, avoid death by using more defensive abilities, such as smoke (oh, how I hate myself for recommending that), Decoy, Disguise and Bodyguard, but remember that the last three are actually quite good for offense, too :)

      Definitely check out Wing’s tutorial videos, but also check out Loomer979’s. He’s another great commenter and, in my mind, one of the best DM players out there. No one can pick out a target/pursuer like him, lol.

  5. strategy question for ya: have you done the quick thinker challenge (counter a ranged weapon/bomb/teleport with wipe) and if so how? i’ve been steadily going at it for about 10 hours and i can’t for the life of me get it

    -ranged weapons are impossible, no one uses disruption/dart and gun is usually too far away to have any time to react
    -teleport is only used in aa and not by everyone, and half the people who use it do it coming in to the flag, so you can’t stop them. basically in about 5 hours of aa i’ve had one chance to use wipe next to someone teleporting, and i blew it by shooting them in the face.
    -for thrown bombs the only thing i’ve thought of is to use morph/wipe on defensive manhunt and hope they try to throw firecrackers/money bomb at your blend group. unfortunately your throw time is equal to theirs, so since they start first they always get it off.
    any help would be much appreciated :D

    • oh also, this is the last challenge i have left and i am about to put my keyboard through my monitor, then hang myself on my headphone cable

      • lol! Glad you got it. But if I may, I’d like to detail my experiences with Shield. If they don’t help you, maybe someone else will take them to heart.


        I really don’t use Shield as much as I should. As you touched on, it’s difficult to know when. It’s an ability that all but requires you to be a mind-reader – to make an educated guess as to what your pursuer/target is going to do before they do it. Yes, you can witness a SB being used, and easily Shield through it, but more often then not, it’s someone immediately next to me who wants to use it last-second. This is where the lack of a proper delay in SB is particularly maddening.

        I find Shield to be the most beneficial in Artifact Assault. Both in offense and in defense. On offense, I’ll use it combined with Disguise so that I can sneak in, get the AA, and when my Disguise wears off, make a break for it. I’ll activate Shield as I’m running – not wait till after I hear the lock. By then it’s often too late.

        On defense, I use it in conjunction with knives and TWB to stop SB/Teleporters. I’ll hang back when I see someone run in (SB/Teleporters are rarely stealthy, relying on their insta-bomb and teleport to get out), and once they drop their smoke, either Shield through or knife them (which also stops teleport). Regardless of which one I use, I still have the other ability in reserve for the next time :)

        One time, I watched a target run into my home base, drop smoke and ninja dodge my teammate. I shielded through and killed him before he got the stun. Instantly another target ran in, dropped smoke and stunned my teammate. My shield (NOT crafted for duration) lasted just long enough for me to get that kill as well.

        One of my proudest moments… ;)

  6. well i was talking about wipe, not shield, but i’ll respond, as AA is my favorite team mode.
    On offense i use teleport/shield – my tactic is to teleport in to the flag (with a bit of practice you can figure out where on the map to stand so that you end up right in the circle, or preferably on the edge of it) then pop shield (crafted once for duration and once for charges) and bail. on defense i just use the gun – almost never fails.

    I agree that it’s sometimes hard to know when to use shield though – I also run it in DM and assassinate and far too often i think they’re gonna smoke me when they don’t. It’s a pretty safe bet in offensive manhunt – most people have either twb or smoke, and in conjunction with firecrackers and gun it’s really useful, especially at the beginning when the whole team is bunched up – shoot one guy, firecrackers the guy with the morph group, kill the smartass hiding in the haybale, then shield through the obligatory smokefest.

    In assassinate (which I’ve hardly played) it helps to notice what levels your opponents are – if someone is level 50 or, god forbid, prestiged, then 90% of the time they’ll be the asshole that runs at you to get you to lock them, then smoke/stun/focus hidden incog poison.

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