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Win a brand new copy of DJ Hero for Xbox 360, including game and turntable controller!

Have you got rhymes? Have you got rhythm?
Have you got a complete lack of shame?

You might have what it takes to win a free copy of DJ Hero for Xbox 360!

Here at Top Tier Tactics, we understand that sometimes it’s not just enough to beat your opponent into submission, desecrate his corpse, and high five your teammates. No, in order to truly win, you’ve got to write a rap celebrating the ownage.

That’s why, if you want a shot at your free copy of DJ Hero, you need to prove it. With a rap. (You should have picked that part up already.)

The Contest

  • Compose a rap of at least 20 lines about your favorite tactic(s) in any game
  • Post the rap as a comment to this post before September 19th
  • Higher consideration will be made for entries that include a link to audio/video of you performing your rap

Note: All entries must contain one or more of the following words or phrases:
top tier, rainbow, ultimate, tactic(s), annihilate, laser, leaderboard, mistake, teabag, menu, carpet, ranked, or blazing*

The Rules

  • Participants must provide a valid e-mail address when posting their comments in order to be eligible
  • Each participant may enter up to 3 separate raps; further entries will be deleted
  • Entries will be judged on creativity, composition, relevance, and performance
  • Entries must be original works written by you for this contest
  • Entries restricted to the continental United States and Canada, void where prohibited by law
  • Songs with racist or homophobic themes will be automatically disqualified
  • Winning entries will be decided and revealed the week of September 19th
  • Final selections are made at the sole discretion of WiNGSPANTT and Top Tier Tactics

The Prizes


All you gotta do now is find some “sick beats” and lay down a “groove” to that tune. Word to your mom.

If you’re looking for a good example or inspiration, something like this would be awesome
(though high production music videos would be nice, they are not necessary):

*This ensures participants actually read the rules.
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  1. ayo
    sup ho
    im commenting in the slight chance i can win a copy of dj hero
    if you don’t know by now i can’t really rhyme
    but what the hell scrub this doesn’t cost me a dime

    im doin this even though I haven’t slept all night
    but I don’t see any other comments to put up a fight
    this is less of a rap and more of a dr seus book
    at least it aint peter pan and captain hook

    this is probably the easiest contest i’ve ever won
    and to be honest, i’m having a little bit of fun
    lucky for me I have you added on aim
    and even luckier for me this site doesn’t have much fame

    im supposed to include a rap about tactics in my favorite game
    but what can I say, xbox is getting pretty lame
    I guess I could talk about gears of war
    but errybody is just a wallbounce whore

    im gonna end this rap with a final verse
    and im out of shit to say so its gonna be the worst
    but this rap needs to be twenty lines
    oh look this is 21, just in time

    ya dig?

  2. I’ll build 4Gate on you sucka
    I’ll proxy pylon your ass
    I’m like 8 hidden High Templar
    Droppin Storms on your Trash

    I’ll build Tech lab on 1st Barracks
    Reasearchin Stim Pack, you see
    and when my Triple M rolls through
    You’ll have no choice but to flee

    Growin Hydras and Mutas
    Baneling Bust down your wall
    And when my roaches come in blazing
    Your econ Tab is gonna crawl

    Battlecruisers incoming,
    Brood Lords Broodlings get Hurled
    And when you see my Collosi comin
    It be War of the Worlds!

    I annihilate Bronze League
    Conquer Silver and Gold,
    Platinum calls my skillz OP
    Diamond players just fold

    So many top tier advantages
    when you play with the best
    Watch out, Starcraft II is the test

  3. I have a lot of favorite tactics
    but Ill name a few
    Listen close bitches and you may learn something too

    I love to play as the Demoman
    Tossing out stickies without a plan
    When I right click, it leads to a shock
    Who the fuck puts stickies behind random rocks?

    King of Fighters is an excellent game
    but all I know how to do is low kick and turtle
    so I’m fairly lame :(

    But when it all comes down to the wire
    counter-strike is the game that makes me perspire
    Lobbing flash grenades into doorways is a good barometer
    To see how loud 12 year olds can scream into their monitors
    Half the players smoking tree’s, while running around with AK’s and AWP’s
    this fucking game is loaded with all sorts of Firearm Philosophies.

    In the end I can only give one piece of advice,
    Kissing girls is like a video game
    but no one tells you to go get a life.

    tf24lyfe–repping—fuck the haters–DJ Edgar Allen Pwn

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