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Are you ready for the first ever Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer tournament on Top Tier Tactics?

Well, if your name’s on one of the lists below, you better be, because all seven qualifying brackets have been assigned! The 49 killers represented here will be duking it out in Deathmatch at the assigned times for a chance to advance.

The top seven competitors will face off in the Finals Bracket free-for-all carnage, all commentated by yours truly. And yes, there will be prizes.

The first place winner will receive 2400 Microsoft Points, just the amount necessary for the Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC Season Pass.

The second place winner will get 1200 Microsoft Points, enough to outfit themselves with a multiplayer appearance/gameplay pack.

Everyone else gets nothing! Unless you count public embarrassment as something. Which, I guess it is. So let me amend that: they get nothing good. But, if they want to figure out what they did wrong, they could always head to the forums and discuss the AC3 multiplayer tournament there.

Here’s hoping for the same level of fierce, fun fighting we’ve seen in tournaments past. What are your picks for each bracket, and who do you think will win the whole shebang?


November Xbox 360 qualifying brackets

Bracket A: Monday 19th of November, 9:00 pm to 9:15 pm

  • DarkAssassina00
  • fleur de mis
  • Apexx27
  • DarKMiLaN05
  • PhoenixWartooth
  • fallenbloodeyez
  • FoggyHarbor4

Bracket B: Monday 19th of November, 9:20 pm to 9:35 pm

  • MrFreeze4732
  • WHU BloodRose
  • HelterSeltzer
  • Ezrah05
  • STATIC FOX101/Sheet Logarithm
  • Zucchinininja
  • BudgingEmperor0

Bracket C: Monday 19th of November, 9:40 pm to 9:55 pm

  • Hakimakitak
  • The Pr0paganda
  • ShinryuRQs
  • knownlunarwolf
  • J4Strum
  • zAddictive
  • W0lf W4tcherzzz

Bracket D: Tuesday 20th of November, 9:00 pm to 9:15 pm

  • Evil MrMuffinz
  • Kestrel25
  • kiro480
  • GTO ktjhunter
  • Uns0und
  • Mattsumune
  • TheAnomaly020

Bracket E: Tuesday 20th of November, 9:20 pm to 9:35 pm

  • FrostyHammer
  • FGTVEAssassin
  • MysteryEggplant
  • The Subject O
  • Sryan21
  • Darkill13
  • creamstar84

Bracket F: Tuesday 20th of November, 9:40 pm to 9:55 pm

  • templarkiller88
  • Punkachump
  • RaininStormwake
  • drapoel13
  • Ninja K4Y0N
  • OP Hypnotic
  • C9 Synapse

Bracket G: Tuesday 20th of November, 10:00 pm to 10:15 pm

  • JTS812
  • Koala Jam
  • A Templar Bunny
  • wilmer109
  • Blake Draco
  • Dynillaristic
29 replies to this post
  1. DarkAssassina00, Hakimakitak, templarkiller88, Punkachump,
    RaininStormwake, and especially Dynillaristic!!
    I remember them from last tournament :D
    Well, at least Robyrk something isn’t signed up this time
    Looks like I have a (reasonably) fighting chance.

  2. hey WINGSPANTT not that it matters, at least i dont think it does, but u missed an X in the middle of my g-tag. im still in ur frineds list from the last tourney so whatever. just saying.

    rainin and darkassassina, u two r goin down. haha

    • and what did u mean points dont matter in this tourney? are we going by kills? i didnt read that in the rules so just trying to make sure.

      • as in, whomever comes first in their deathmatch bracket will advance, not the top seven scores from all brackets will advance. This makes the finals more fair, since assassinate is the highest scoring potential FFA game mode.

  3. good luck everyone! there’s some tough competition in bracket F, I probably won’t win but game on! looking forward to it :D

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