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In the original Duels 2013 DLC and the follow-up DLC deck pack #1, players got their hands on Ravnica and Gatecrash-themed guild decks for Izzet, Golgari, Selesnya, Rakdos, Azorius, Simic, and Boros.

Today, we’re proud to reveal the deck lists for the last remaining Ravnica guilds,* Gruul and Orzhov. The former green/red Berserker Rage captures the clan’s passion for pounding, while the latter Grim Procession makes a mockery of the afterlife. At the same price as previous packs, these decks are a steal for fans of Big Nasty Creatures.


DLC Deck Pack #2 Top 10 Picks from each deck

While you can certainly see the full deck lists below, this video gives you an overview of my favorite cards from both Berserker Rage and Grim Procession. Get a head start on your deckbuilding with these picks, and get additional insight into the themes and strengths of each deck!


Gruul (G/R) deck list: Berserker Rage

True to its name, Berserker Rage is all about winning with your fists/claws/airborne bodies. With a large number of undercosted fatties, this Gruul deck is capable of putting on a lot of pressure, especially for anything that relies on damage-based removal to keep the board clear of threats.

Unlike previous green/red Duels decks, Berserker Rage doesn’t have a particularly aggressive mana curve before turn four. There isn’t any ramp, and most of the creatures that cost between one and three mana are easily dispatched. As a result, Gruul players will more frequently find themselves setting up defense in the first few turns as they plan to unleash big hitters like Rumbling Slum, Shivan Wurm, and the like.

Of course, once those big boys hit the battlefield, your opponent is going to need answers fast. Most of these critters are vulnerable to removal, but the deck has enough threats that it can topdeck 5/5 creatures easily even after the first few have been killed. Failing that, pump effects like Rancor, Berserk, and Wildsize can put the hurt on enemies even if you’re only capable of keeping smaller beasts in play.

One of my initial fears for Berserker Rage was that, as a midrange aggro deck, it would run out of steam by turn seven or eight, allowing control decks like Crosswinds and Sky & Scale to stomp all over it. While that’s certainly a consideration, a few inclusions can help Gruul overcome defenses and eke through lethal damage. Multiple cards are capable of granting your big attackers trample. Other effects like Fling and Soulblast can hurl insane pain directly at your enemies’ faces.

If anything, Berserker Rage will have the hardest time overcoming heavy removal, as well as fast piles like Goblin Gangland. After all, dropping a 7/7 creature on turn five is only a good deal if you actually live to turn five! For these reasons, I anticipate this green/red deck will land in the upper-mid tier, being a worthy contender against  the majority (but not all) of the most common decks.


Surge to victory with the red and green “Berserker Rage” deck. Summon formidable monsters, and when opponents let their guard down, use might magic to double their size!

Berserker rage unlocks

  1. Boartusk Liege
  2. Spellbreaker Behemoth
  3. Colossal Might
  4. Vengeful Rebirth
  5. Breath of Fury
  6. Runes of the Deus
  7. Berserk
  8. Apocalypse Hydra
  9. Rancor
  10. Blitz Hellion
  11. Fires of Yavimaya
  12. Colossal Might
  13. Runes of the Deus
  14. Branching Bolt
  15. Ulvenwald Tracker
  16. Deus of Calamity
  17. Breath of Fury
  18. Ulasht, the Hate Seed
  19. Stonebrow, Krosan Hero
  20. Blitz Hellion
  21. Branching Bolt
  22. Rumbling Slum
  23. Feral Animist
  24. Soulblast
  25. Breath of Fury
  26. Wildsize
  27. Branching Bolt
  28. Fling
  29. Chameleon Colossus
  30. Skarrgan Skybreaker


Orzhov (B/W) deck list: Grim Procession

Grim Procession is actually incredibly similar to Berserker Rage in that its real threats don’t really show up until turn 4. This black/white deck features a lot of early removal and control options, but most of the cheaper creatures (save Vampire Nighthawk) are expendable throwaways you’ll primarily use to stall faster decks.

Castigate, Unmake, Pillory of the Sleepless, and Damnation are all reliable methods of shutting down enemy aggro. So, most good players will end up using six to eight early game control spells, then transitioning over to air finishers like Bloodgift Demon and Divinity of Pride. These threats, while not unsurmountable, will quickly swing the battle in Orzhov’s favor if not promptly removed. Of course, they can always come back, thanks to cards like Reanimate and Debtor’s Knell, which will have a profound impact on your opponent’s mood.

If Grim Procession has a problem, it’s going to be predictability. With so many five-to-seven mana bombs and so few powerful early game permanents, your foes will be able to pounce on initial signs of weakness. For aggro, that means lots of creatures knocking at your door, begging for removal. Against combo and control elements, you’ll find yourself fishing for mana as they play draw/go, ultimately hoping to negate your biggest threats as they appear. While you can recover with a lucky Necromancer’s Covenant, coming back from card disadvantage isn’t going to be easy.

That said, Grim Procession is clearly in possession of plenty of its own answers, so it should have no problem dispatching any deck that relies on one-of beatsticks. Prepare to have an advantage over Berserker Rage, as well as Mindstorms and possibly Sepulchral Strength. Ultimately, this Orzhov deck has a lot of internal synergy and therefore will find itself either running out of steam or accelerating to overdrive very quickly.


The end is nigh! Wield the spirits, shades, and life-sapping magic in the white and black “Grim Procession” deck to show opponents that their defeat is inevitable.

Grim Procession unlocks

  1. Deathbringer Liege
  2. Unmake
  3. Vampire Nighthawk
  4. Falkenrath Noble
  5. Edge of the Divinity
  6. Voracious Hatchling
  7. Unmake
  8. Angel of Despair
  9. Zealous Persecution
  10. Pillory of the Sleepless
  11. Castigate
  12. Debtors’ Knell
  13. Damnation
  14. Tainted Sigil
  15. Falkenrath Noble
  16. Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter
  17. Reanimate
  18. Edge of the Divinity
  19. Vampire Nighthawk
  20. Stillmoon Cavalier
  21. Tainted Sigil
  22. Ob Nixilis, the Fallen
  23. Divinity of Pride
  24. Vindicate
  25. Zealous Persecution
  26. Castigate
  27. Falkenrath Noble
  28. Bloodgift Demon
  29. Ghost Council of Orzhova
  30. Blazing Archon


* While rumors of a tenth guild have often circulated in the city, there has never been conclusive evidence that the so-called “House Dimir” actually exists.

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  1. Two solid looking decks. I suspect that Grim Procession might be what people wanted Exalted Darkness to be, at least in terms of the colour combo.

    Also, I have no idea what this “Dim-ere” thing people are talking about is, but if I knew I certainly wouldn’t be looking forward to it, no sir. Not looking forward to it whatsoever.

  2. The link I have posted above sends you to a forum thread announcing the discovery of the so called ”dimir deck”. I thought it was one of the ravinca guilds?

    *Grahf – I have no idea what you’re trying to say past the 2 first lines of text. A new deck you’re ”not looking forward to”? I don’t get it.

    • According to lore, “Dimir” is the 10th Guild that “doesn’t exist”. It’s a Ravnica Guild based on infiltration and secrecy.

      Grahf’s just playing into the idea of them “not being there”.

  3. Propaganda fueled by Wing himself!! In one of his previous deck mechanics speculation articles…..Dimir??? Hmmmmmm

    • According to general concensus (spelling?) there will be no promo cards available for the double deck packs…yes…fuck stainless for their deception.

  4. @Woolly.. not to mention that Sean, who’s the community manager for Wizards has confirmed this. Also.. there were no promo cards in the first deck pack, and there hasn’t been any listed anywhere for deck pack 2. I think it’s safe to say that… no promo cards for any of the deck pack decks. Unfortunately.. =/

  5. Bring more deck analysies! I enjoy reading them, especially the last two new decks need some treatment. So long, keep up the good work.

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