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November 21st is here, and it can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving is tomorrow! So why are you reading this article? Go out and buy everything you need before every mom and her Shopping Cart of Death tries to run you over.

It also means, and this might be even more important, Assassin’s Creed 3 is finally out on PC. And that means I can finally play it. I’ve played some ACR multiplayer just to get my feet wet, but I haven’t jumped in head first. I’m still very much a rookie. So for your entertainment, I will be streaming Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer during and after the Thanksgiving weekend on our new Twitch.tv channel: TopTierTactics (creative, I know). Whether or not I’ll stream my first game is still up in the air, but I hope to have a regular schedule for the next few weeks.

The stream will begin at 2:00 PM Central time, and end at around 5:00 PM. As of writing, the plan is to stream daily from November 23rd until I can’t stream no more. That time may or may not arrive around Christmas, but I’ll probably complete the first fifty levels by the time the holidays come round.

Remember, it’s for your entertainment, so by all means please come to the stream and politely giggle at my failures in the chat. Head shaking is appropriate as well. Most importantly, critique my gameplay and tell me how I could have done better. Believe me, I’m all ears.

Seriously. My ears are huge.


P.S. If you’d rather I used the LiveStream channel, I can do that, just expect sudden starts and stops as I finagle the settings.

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  1. Do you strictly play Anon? Or can I message you for some Community matches? :p

    It’s so much fun! Thanks to T3 and WingspanTT, I typically get in the top 3 <3

    The Bear Smashes :)

    • I’ll play whatever so long as it helps me improve. The first few matches though I will play alone, just to see how the game feels. Mostly Wanted or Deathmatch.

      Once the stream gets going, I’ll ask for invites from viewers.

      And now I want a teddy bear.

  2. played it for the first time last night, and it seems to me like the players are currently either completely new to it or the elite players from revelations (if you see amila.92, run, run for your life – he destroyed me in assassinate with over 9000 (literally) to my 2nd place 3k). so just a heads-up. ps I’d love to play with you – username Publius10

    • For right now, I’m probably not going to touch Assassinate. I don’t have enough awareness or know-how to succeed in that mode.

      Regardless, warning received. I’ll keep an eye out for that guy. I’ll send out friend requests on-stream.

    • if you’re playing at night, watch out for anyone with a russian-looking name (e.g. alexey.mil0), those guys are usually bad news.

  3. was really busy today so I didn’t get to watch your stream, but how do you find the matchmaking? my experience so far has been god-awful, even worse than revelations. I literally spent two hours without getting a single match, and the few that i got into had so much lag i had to quit them in frustration. At least the SP story is starting to get interesting.

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