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Well, it all comes down to this.

Forty-nine players went in fighting ferociously to determine who would make it out alive. Each player tangled with peers from around the world, most of whom were trained killers, too.

But in the end, our grand finals match would consist of the seven best players, one from each bracket. Through technical skill, flawless timing, and ruthless opportunism, they managed to snatch victory from a horde of opponents. And in the finals, they’d have to square off against one another to prove their ultimate worth.


Top Tier Tactics Tournament Finalists

  • fallenbloodeyez: 7
  • Hakimakitak: 13
  • JTS812: 16
  • Punkachump: 5
  • Sryan21: 9
  • Uns0und: 2
  • WHU BloodRose: 14


Xbox Finals Match Footage


To see the tournament results, either watch the video above or highlight the player names to reveal the (cleverly hidden) final scores. We’d like to congratulate our first place and second place winners, as well as all of our participants, for their fierce competition and unwavering sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

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