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Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer doesn’t have a lot of overlap with dirty south gangsta rap, but that didn’t stop me from mixing them together last time.

Hell, even my previous music video’s mixed reception didn’t deter me from going back to the lab with a pen and a whole lotta insults in the attempt to put together another fun AC3 rap.

A few weeks of writing, rewriting, bribing, and editing later, and I’m proud to present “Animus Hack,” an upbeat tribute to Deathmatch’s most balanced Kill Streak. I hope listening to it is as fun as it was writing it!


Thanks to RaininStormwake for his participation, as well as Hakimakitak and ShinRyuRQs for the helping to supply hilarious outtro footage.


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  1. Fantastic. Glad I wasn’t one of your sacrificial lambs.

    I was in the match in one of the clips, but FuturBigMama and I were hiding around a corner from your Hack.

  2. This is really awesome, but I still like the “Templar Vision” better. I hope you make more of these videos.

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