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While T3’s AC3 abilities and crafting guide certainly includes a lot of advice on when to take cooldowns over other bonuses, the programmer (presumably going by the handle “octopus”) at triskaideka.net has put together an extremely handy spreadsheet explaining how many times you can use each ability based on its cooldown crafting.

The sheet includes calculations for Overall Cooldowns, and while it’s all best case scenario numbers (realistically you cant’ use abilities exactly when they’re available), it’s nice to know what the maximums are for each skill.

Next up is PigStuffy77’s “The Truth About Abilities: Part 1.” In it, she and a friend tackle a variety of commonly raised (but rarely answered) questions about Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer abilities. For instance, does Animus Shield block Poison or Animus Hack? Can Disruption really shut down Animus Hack? Under what circumstances can Wipe be accurately thrown?

For the purposes of not spoiling the video, I’ll leave you to discover the answers by watching below. And if you want to get more AC3 ability analysis, subscribe to PigStuffy77’s channel and stay tuned.


Will the knowledge you gained from octopus or PigStuffy77 change the way you play Assassin’s Creed 3?


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  1. I’ve been crafting for cooldown reduction much less in AC3. I feel with the third ability slot, I usually have at least one ability available, so I don’t really feel a great need to reduce cooldowns. In AC:R, I found myself being vulnerable without abilities more often.

    I do still usually take Overall Cooldowns, though.

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