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Didn’t have the time /money yet to pick up the last two DLC deck packs for Duels 2013? Now you don’t have to! We’ve decided to give away a few PC/Steam copies of both packs: DLC #1 (Simic, Boros) and DLC #2 (Gruul, Orzhov).

To enter, all you have to do is pick your favorite DLC guild pairing (Simic/Boros or Gruul/Orzhov) and leave a comment with a real or fictional character you think would make a great addition to each guild. For instance, you might respond “The Hulk would be great in Gruul, and Pope Benedict would love the Orzhov Church!”

We’ll be picking five qualifying entries for each Deck Pack at random (10 winners total) to get the DLC of their choice. Entries must be received by December 26, 2012. So pick your sides, get creative, and let us know who you think the newest Ravnica guild initiates should be!

Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners, who were selected at random from the pool of valid entries!

Simic & Boros

  1. BlackoutTuna
  2. SoulReaver
  3. Ben Starkey
  4. Svendetta
  5. Cerpicio

Gruul & Orzhov

  1. hanmingzyy
  2. BobBoyJoe
  3. Adam Love
  4. Hoofit
  5. NPaul


Entrants must be 13 or older; multiple entries will be disqualified. Void where prohibited, including Swaziland, the People’s Republic of Democratic Freedom, and Ravnica.



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  1. I’d say Tom Cruise would make a good tiny human cleric for the Orzhov, he’s just insane enough to fit right in. For the Gruul I would say Oscar from the muppets. Why isn’t he in there already?

  2. Boros: would have to be King Leonidas. Im thinking some kind of 2 dmg to creature/player javelin throw ability. Or shield wall: Leonidas and two other creatures become indestructible for one turn.

    Simic: This one is tougher but I would have to go with The Eagle(s) from Lord of the Rings. Mysterious, nature, powerful air attack. seems to fit

    (I know it says only do 1 pair; but Emperor Palpatine would be perfect for Orzhov; power hungry, puts people in servitude, comes back from the dead multiple times, plenty evil)

  3. Gruul-Just a Giant dragon because giant dragons just is what I think of when I think Gruul

    Orzhov-The Punisher would be great

  4. Boros – Santa Claus

    Simic – Robin Williams as Genie

    Orzhov – Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder

    Gruul – Michael J. Fox

  5. I would have to say that boros would have Julias Ceaser (See, I know my history :))
    The simic would need someone like Thomas Jefferson, someone who works with nature to make and recognize something better.

  6. Boros – Altair
    Simic – The smart fish guy from hell boy
    Orzhov – Ghost army from ROTK
    Gruul – Tauren from wc3

  7. My selections are themed. Both are super-villains from Batman. Bane would be a good addition to Gruul (more the comic version instead of the movie version) and Two-Face relates to the light and dark of Orzhov.

  8. One thing for sure, Samuel L. Jackson would hate being a Planeswalkers who uses the “Sky and Scale” deck.

    “I have had it with these motherf***ing snakes on this motherf***ing plane!”

  9. A bit themed here but they make sense

    Boros – Gwyn (Dark Souls) – Led a siege against The Dragon lords to establish the Age of Gods that lasted for over a Millenia.

    Simic – Kain (FF IV) – The Dragon Knight from Baron and Lord of the Sky.

    Gruul – ID (Xenogears) – Pure emotion and rage. Looks for a worth opponent to slick his indommitable desire for combat.

    Orzhov – Grahf (Xenogears) – Game back from the dead to kill God and pervert the forces of Life & Death.

  10. Simic – Lechku and Nechku from Okami. Twin Demons that resemble mechanical owls, have power over time, and trying to turn the land of Kamui into an icy wasteland.

    Boros – Ike from Fire Emblem. He fights for his friends.

    Orzhov – Shanoa from Castlevania Order of Ecclesia. While fighting for the forces of good and light, her personality and looks have a dark undertone, and her best unison attack is a combination of light and dark magic.

    Gruul – Beserker from TL2. Melee fighter that can deal 100% crits for a time, and can also channel wolf spirits to help him in combat.

  11. I live in the People’s Republic of Democratic Freedom, otherwise known as Xbox Live. Lol yeahhhh right…

  12. Gruul / Orzhov.

    A gruul Orc or goblin called “ZUG” green/redX4 to cast
    ZUG must attack if able.
    When Zug attacks create a dupilcate of Zug.

    Flavour text: “Zug, Zug, Zug zug zug” – ZUG

  13. Boris / Simic

    Boris: Paladin from Diablo 2, auras healing and hammers and god lightning bolts!

    Simic: Phantom Lancer from dota, images that can self replicate on attack that only last a certain amount of turns before they die could be an interesting mechanic.

  14. Simic – Henry Wu, the egg engineer guy for jurrassic park… i can just see his ability… tap, pay UG4… get a 20/20 tyranosourus to scare the s*** out of your enemies!
    Boros – Gimli, he’s the total boros dude, he loves war, but hes also a good guy :D

  15. Gruul/Orzhov, because Borborgimos is so boss

    Orzhov would be awesome if [Obscure Webcomic character here with Holy Powers] joined!

    Gruul would obviously need any Elder Scrolls Orc, due to Racial ability.

  16. Gruul: Xena Warrior Princess, she really fits in there. She’s not a berserker, but you know the thing with angry women. There was a barbarian by her side, too (in some episodes).

    Orzhov: For some reason Kreia from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic came into my mind, but Flemeth – an old witch from Dragon Age is better candidate.

  17. Gruul: Kraven the Hunter. One of Spiderman’s best villains and works well in the tribal theme of the Gruul.

    Orzhov: I think that a ringwraith from The Lord of the Rings would fit in perfectly with the ghostly theme.

  18. Gruul: Sabretooth from the X-Men. He’s ferocious and wild enough to embody all that is Gruul.

    Orzhov: Constantine (John Constantine) because of his intense powers and general disregard for the “rules” of faith.

  19. Boros: Nick Fury, because Nick Fury.

    Simic: Mohinder Suresh from Heroes. Creating a formula and working with Arthur Petrelli to give abilities to normal people seems pretty Simic to me.

  20. Simic: Doctor Frankenstein. He created a monster with science.

    Boros: Goku from Dragon Ball Z. He shoots fire balls and he has an aura surrounding him.

  21. Orzhov: Anakin Skywalker: He shares qualities with the light and dark nature of this guild. He seeks vengeance but this was driven by compassion.

    Dimir: Emperor Palpatine: He seeks power though manipulation and deceit. Untrustworthy and hidden within the ranks of good.

  22. I’m going to have to go with a starwars theme

    Gruul – A Rancor, Borborygmos would love to have a pet Rancor plus it would just be fun to enchant a Rancor with Rancor. Also Gamorreans are basically a Gruul tribe already, they just don’t know it.

    Orzhov – The Emperor (Palpatine), could definantly see him slowly corrupting and overtaking the Obzedat. Also General Grievous would make a good powerful Thrull

  23. Simic – St. Francis of Assisi, for his love of nature and detachment from society

    Boros – Samara from Mass Effect 2, for her fierce commitment to justice and law.

  24. Gruul – Thrall from WC3
    Orzhov – The Necromancer from Diablo 2 – look at all the loot and gold he has from commanding ghosts…

  25. Sorry for irrelevant post but WingSpan, have you TRIED Sky and Scale???

    YOUR kind of deck bro. Cute mean weird deck that wins through what, wait can you actually do that?!@? DIE ALREADY.

  26. I’d like a DLC code for deck pack 1, and I think Natasha Vita-More would be an excellent fit into the Simic Conclave.

  27. Boros- Kayle from league of legends
    Orzhov- Morgana from league of legends

    I don’t even know where to begin on how perfect it is…

  28. Lol, figures I would win after I broke down and bought it in the Steam sale! :) If anyone needs Deck Pack 1 reply here with your email address and I will send it to you.

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