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Activate your Gunslinger today: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

By now, it’s a well established fact that the Gunslinger is the greatest weapon in Team Fortress 2 (and gaming history, excluding the Cranial Bore). No other upgrade has done so much for its respective class than the Gunslinger, which has single-handedly (ha-HA!) turned ninjaneering and offensive Sentry placement into legitimate, hilarious strategies.*

No longer does the Engineer have to choose between protecting himself and spending 7 seconds whacking his Sentry into existence. No longer does a premature Sentry destruction spell doom for its owner, who would otherwise be left without nearly enough metal to replace it (don’t worry, it happens to every guy sooner or later). With 1-2 quick button presses** even the most defenseless Radigan Redneck can rustle up a deadly dilemma:

  1. In the next 2.5 seconds, kill me
  2. In the next 2.5 seconds, kill my Mini-Sentry

With the additional threats of 20% more health and sweet, sweet Revenge Crits, this choice becomes even harder. If the enemy targets you first, they might not be able to finish you in time, especially if you use the (full health) Mini-Sentry as a shield during the fight. If your foolish foe elects instead to take out the world’s cutest death-dealing machine, they might have to contend with a juiced-up shotgun or a robo-beating.

Of course, that’s assuming your opponents are even cognizant of your Mini-Sentry’s existence. After all, it’s not like most other Sentries. It doesn’t stay in one place (at least, not if you’re using it correctly) and constantly ask “Are you still there?” It doesn’t have rockets or lasers or even a name, though for all intents and purposes it might as well be “LOL.”

No, this is the kind of contraption you can bind to an unused key and drop in the middle of a hectic firefight and laugh as the kills and assists rack up. By the time anyone realizes it’s out, it has already taken 2 lives and avenged the deaths of half your team. By the time an enemy destroys it, you’ve earned two magazines of critical hits, or you just laugh to yourself while placing another one. And another one. And another one.

Top 5 Ways to Use the Gunslinger
  1. Any time your team is engaged with the enemy team, immediately drop a Mini-Sentry
  2. Any time you are surprise attacked, destroy your previous Mini-Sentry and place a new one
  3. Beat the life out of unsuspecting enemies, one titanium-infused punch at a time
  4. About to die? Place a Mini-Sentry. After all: why the fuck not?
  5. Disposable Sentry + crits on Sentry destruction + config files = “Bind Q GodMode”

Honestly, I feel bad for people using the regular Wrench, the Southern Hospitality, or that golden thing (blanking on the name). Not because these weapons are weak; far from it. But sitting around, clanking a low-tech tool against the same building over and over is so dreadfully boring.

Jumping off rooftops, causing chaos, and punching mean mother-hubbards in the face?
This is what Engineering should have been from the start.

*These strategies were always either hilarious or legitimate, but never both at once.
**PROTIP: Use more binds.

PS: The next Spy video and the celebratory Charity Finale video are slowly being completed.
Thanks for your patience!

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