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Congratulations, everyone: you’ve survived the end of the world. There were no global floods, hostile UFOs, or gerbil outbreaks (the three most believable predictions) to cleanse the Earth of modern sin. We didn’t even get to fight zombies.

But now that your future’s secure, what will you do with all your free time? Here’s a suggestion: enter the T3 Duels 2013 January Tournament! 

This is your chance to prove to the world that you deserve a spot of recognition in our post-nonapocayptic universe for your Magic:the Gathering skills. Also, there are prizes!

PC Tournament Registration

In order to register for our January Duels tournament, you must do the following by January 4, 2013:

This will allow us to more easily pair players and get in touch with everyone faster. Also, please note that whatever e-mail address you use to comment will be used to contact you for tournament details. Final tournament size will depend on the number of entrants, but T3 reserves the right to cap participation on a first-come-first-served basis.

This is a single elimination tournament. Each time you are assigned to your opponent, you must complete a first-to-three-wins series (best of five) within 72 hours of bracket assignments. For each bracket, one player must report a loss; if neither does, both players are disqualified (feel free to record/screenshot/photo your win). If a series ends in a tie, tie-breaker matches must be played until a winner is decided.

You may only play with one deck, but you are not required to disclose it until after your first match.

Sideboarding within a series is permitted, but decks over 65 cards are not permitted. This is primarily to prevent hosing mill strategies, but also to prevent needlessly time-consuming matches.

Tournament Prizes

First Prize

Second Prize

  • Magic the Gathering booster pack
  • 2 Duels 2013 DLC deck pack codes

Third Prize

  • 1 Duels 2013 DLC deck pack code


Void where prohibited. T3 reserves the right to disqualify any participant for blatant or suspected cheating, collusion, or other malicious action/intent. Winners must be legally eligible to accept prizes by local and federal law.


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  1. Damn it! I waited so long for a Duels tournament on PC and I can’t make it for this one. I’m going to be in Australia without a PC.

    Damn you Wingspantt!!

    (Good luck everyone)

  2. Steam name: Out0fAmmo (zero in the middle)

    Hopefully I’m not traveling due to work, this seems like it should be fun.

  3. At long last. toraka90, count me signed up.

    On a side note, I much appreciate that you prevent sideboarding into a 100 card deck. Not that anyone would be crazy enough to attempt bringing Dream Puppets into a tourney environment… I need to go.

  4. I’m down for that. I’ll be back home, so it should be easier to get my games in this time.

    Steam name: Kangermu

  5. I want in on this!

    ID: liccc

    also, my actual screen name on steam is kAzE if that helps at all. (that’s my name on the DoTP leaderboards)

  6. Hmmm, I have a question WiNG. Given that Deck Pack 3 is coming out on the 9th, will those decks be allowed in the tournament, or are they coming out too late to be used this time around?

  7. This sounds like a lot of fun. Count me in! I’m known as JakePPetersen on Steam (The one with the Star Wars clone avatar.)

  8. I got a really quick question regarding the sideboard.

    The sideboard should be 15 cards, right? and if its so are we suppose to tell you which are 15 cards that we will incorporate in our side deck?

  9. supp guys, I hope I can also take place

    Steam Name (username): d3ss
    Steam Unique Account Name (ID): d3sdinova

  10. ‘Challonge’ accepted! Got my tourney to the invite. Luckily I got put straight in the 2nd bracket :D 1 less game for me to win. Good luck everyone!

  11. I’m prolly too late, but it would be sick if I could join in

    Steam name: Jesper // He Who Hungers
    Account name: He_Who_Hungers

  12. I’m probably too late, but I’d love to join in if a spot opens and a filler is needed.
    Steam ID/Name: The Amazing Vaginasaurusrex

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