Home Editorial Another year, another year of gaming loot… what’s yours?

While some wishful thinkers believe Christmas and gift-giving in general are about expressing your appreciation for those nearest to you, gamers know better. Christmas is about tearing through environmentally unfriendly paper, plastic, and flesh (if necessary) for hypergrlamorized commercial electronics and games.

2012 seems to be a year especially ripe for festive software and hardware harvest, with a new console and tons of highly-anticipated titles being recently released. Assassin’s Creed 3  Hitman Absolution, and Halo 4 are just a few of them.

So, what did Santa/your parents/global megacorporations give you this year? Let us know your holiday score in the comments. But, please, just limit it to gaming. We really don’t want to know that your Uncle Roger got you another creepy calendar featuring photos of himself.


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  1. An awesome new washable (!) keyboard that’s also fairly quiet. Yes, it’s likely not mechanical and you true keyboard fanatics will thus want to rip out my teeth, but hey, authors love typing stuff, and it does that really well.

    Other than that, little in the gaming direction. Not that I’d actually use anything like that anyhow, with writing taking up 90% of my time…

    • This man is not human. 90% of his time writing (the subject of which I’m sure would send my mind into a tailspin) and yet still he has time to master every game I cannot grasp.

      • On topic, also a replacement g35 after my old one’s right speaker broke and I could not send it back due to having tossed the original packing.

        Eh, that’s overdone. About 80% of the time uni does not take up. In case you are curios, did I mention that I wrote a novel and you can find it by searching “Splitting aMid the Night” on your preferred Google or FIMFiction dot net? Well I wrote a novel and you can find it by searching “Splitting aMid the Night” on the Google of your choice.

        ALL the shameless self promotion! Hopefully Wing won’t ban me…

        *shrug* I research much about all that I do. Watching videos from people (yet) better at the game than me like Wing, theorycrafting about every scenario I could encounter, practicing until the bots give up from exhaustion… you know, the same stuff everybody does when they pick up a game.

      • I also find the time to read every article and comment on here. Just so you know, I’m always watching on TTT. From the bushes.

  2. Happy Holidays everyone! I got myself a beta pass for the multiplayer portion of The Banner Saga. Any chance you’ll write up something about that one WiNG? :)

  3. My gf bought me a gaming headset and a pair of TF2 earbuds. I sold the buds for keys and got a Bubbling Lucky Shot on the first crate. I ought to name it after her. What a girl

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