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Remember that time Weapons of Mass Gaming sponsored the Duels Community Magic Tournament? The one where they promised the winner a pair of magical, lucky pants?

Of course you don’t! WMG reneged on their word and failed to deliver said pants, even after I successfully defeated every single WMG entrant I faced. So classy.

Well, unlike those guys, I’m a man of my word, and this tournament (with all 99 participants!) will see its conclusion reached and its prizes fairly distributed. Let the totally honest competition begin!

Tournament Rules

For each round of play, players will adhere to these rules:

  • All decks are allowed, including all DLC decks
  • All cards are allowed, including all unlocks and promo cards
  • The first player to achieve three (3) wins at each round will advance
  • Players may not change decks during the tournament for any reason.
  • Players may sideboard any number of cards in between each game in a round.
  • Deck sizes over 70 cards are not allowed for any reason. If an opponent submits a screenshot showing you played with a deck over 70 cards, you will be disqualified.
  • Malicious behavior, cheating, or other unsportsmanlike behavior will results in disqualification

Results Reporting

Participants must complete the first round of play by January 12, 2013. To do this, they should consult the official brackets (also shown below) and arrange a time to play with their adversaries. To make things easier, every tournament participant should be a member of the Top Tier Tactics Steam Community Group.

If players wish to begin their games immediately, they may, though if either player wishes to wait until January 9, 2013, they are allowed to. This will give players who wish to use Rogues’ Gallery or Mana Mastery in the tournament that option.

At least one player from each bracket must report the following in the comments of this article:

  • The usernames of the players in the match
  • The winning player and the win/loss count of that player
  • The deck the winning player used

Failure for one player in any bracket to show up/communicate will be a disqualification. Failure of both players to communicate/arrange a match will result in double disqualification (unless one party concedes the match before a specified deadline). If there is any remaining dispute, WiNSPANTT or another T3 staff member will determine an outcome.

Commentary by WiNGSPANTT

If possible, I’d love to commentate any matches in the tournament. If, during the course of your games, you see that I am active in the T3 Steam Community Group, send me a message through the group and I will record/commentate the match to my channels if I can. Please keep the following points in mind:

  • Please do not send me a friend request at this time
  • This is a “nice to have” and not a promise
  • Do not hold up your matches hoping I will show up
  • I will not actively participate in the match, only draw and discard cards
  • If my presence in-game affects the game’s outcome, too bad

Best of luck!

With all that said, we’re looking forward to the results of the tournament! Good luck to all our participants, and may the odds be ever in the favor of whoever plays the most hilarious deck!

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  1. Wow. That’s a lot of participants. Good luck to everyone.

    Also, what are magic win pants anyway? Are they like the magic hat on Today’s Special that makes mannequins come to life? 80’s PBS anyone? All right. Never mind.

  2. Am I reading this right that I first have to wait for contestants 46 and 83 to battle out a winner who will then fight me?

    Anyway, surprising lot of people, I must say. May the best (me) win.

  3. Since this is behind a lot of people’s name and english is not my mother tongue I’m a little confused:
    What does that “(invitation pending)” behind my username in the bracket mean?

  4. What kind of time frame are we working on here per round to get our matches done before it becomes a forfeit? Just out of curiosity and to avoid any problems people may have down the road

  5. If it turns out that I get to be in the semi-finals/ finals I might ask you to commentate on the match. First I’ll ofcourse check the deck I get to play to and if it might affect gameplay for us.

  6. First match:

    Players: Out0fAmmo and blazerick
    Winner: Out0fAmmo, 3-0
    Deck: Born of Flame

    blaze was a good sport despite being mana-screwed in two games with Mindstorms.

  7. Hey, i am excited to start in the tournament but it is the first time i use the community part of steam, so can you tell me waht is the best way to contact my opponent?

  8. Phew. It was a nail-biter of a mirror match, but as reported by ralph.seymour.jackson I beat him 3-2.

    As mentioned, it was a mirror. Both players ran Golgari.

  9. Trusseck vs CooCney

    Trusseck won three games with Obedient Dead

    CooCney won two games with Sepulchral Strength

  10. Kupo Trooper wins 3-1 against Ice_JT.

    Grim Procession marched trumpets blazing over the foul swamps of the dead…who are obedient.

    All duels were pretty good, though it was a shame that Ice got mana flooded in the last one. Other than that we were very even…especially in the duel I lost which was nail biting…I was sure I had lost when he got a Griselbrand to stick (and use its effect twice) and then his creatures kept coming…however I top decked a Damnation which ensured the duel went on for much longer…very tense stuff but he got too much card advantage on me!

    Excellent stuff against a superb player. Thanks!

  11. Hey, asshole. Not every single member of WMG has control over the pants. I didn’t once receive your mailing address. If I had, I would still have to GET them and send them. Don’t run your fucking mouth like you are king shit. If you asked NICELY, I’m sure one of us would send them to you. I don’t know exactly why you didn’t get them, but it was probably a silly oversight. I can’t believe you would be such a bitch about a stupid pair of symbolic jeans that we got as a joke in the first place. How about you run your little mouth a little more? Way to be a little whiny bitch.
    -Metal Chris-

  12. First Game, group Q: Kyori vs Moltenbear

    Winner: Kyori 3-1
    Deck Used: Pack Instinct

    Good luck with the rest of the tournament everyone!

    • hey anuzz, we need to play against each other, as in right now, I couldn’t find you on steam, but I’ve added you now

  13. ((2)) Kupo Trooper defeats Serge.EXE 3-0
    Grim Procession vs. Mana Mastery

    My first duel against Mana Mastery…wow, what an intense deck to duel against! It truly has some terrifying cards and in each duel it managed to get the 5 different lands out without difficulty. However, unfortunately Serge got mana flooded more often than not and couldn’t get his threats out in time.

    The second duel was particularly crazy…I was stuck at two lands for a few turns then my swamp got Vindicated…I said gg expecting obviously to lose BUT no threats appeared and I finally drew into three mana…it was enough to pump my apparition for the win in the end. Shocking. I love hard won duels like that.

    Great duels against a great duellist, well done!

  14. SWAGPLUS+ VS pedal_pusher

    SWAGPLUS+ won 3 times using Obidient Dead

    pedal_pusher won 2 times using Peacekeepers

    • Peacekeepers; 3-1ing even Ze Master himself. Totally balanced.

      Sorry. I know, there are counters to it. But I swear, if you show up in this tourney using the frickin’ Goblins, I will slap you.

  15. Wingspan, you saying super serious makes you sound like my twelve year old little sister.

    You could have named the tournament something different, still gotten your point across, and maybe been funny instead of seeming little sniveling little prick.

    And way to go patting yourself on the back about giving out mouse pads and deck codes, neither of which you paid for.

    Grow the fuck up.

  16. Wobblers1971 vs ReLeNTLeSS_aSSauLT***¤ [PH]

    3 Wins for Wobblers with Mana Mastery
    1 Win for ReLeNTLeSS with Grim Procession

    Good games :)

    WiNG, is there any chance I could get my ID changed to “philanthropic sociopath”? It’s easier to find since my regular steam name doesn’t show up lol

  17. Round one: JakePPetersen defeats Drogo, 3-2, using Goblins

    Round Two: JakePPetersen defeats p a r i ah, 3-1, using Goblins.

  18. Louis de Pointe(Pack Instinct) vs. Mordencranst(Sepulchral Strength)

    I got beat first match thanks to his succesful strategy of suppresing my big creature output with removal while putting out big creatures of his own with his pelaka worm delivering the final blow and keeping him alive. The second match was also won by me thanks to me playing chameleon colossus early resulting in him not being able to deal with it, not to mention the fact he was getting mana flooded too. The the third my opponent was plagued with the wrong mana colors to play his cards which allowed my to get through and pummel him into submission with a Garruk’s Companion enchanted with blanchwood armor. The fourth and final game was also won by me due to the fact my opponent wasn’t drawing any removal to deal with my superior creature output with him getting literally overrun and i don’t mean the card. I may have won but i want Mordencranst to continue in the tournament in my place because I’m too busy to continue. I know someone did this for you once in a tournament Wingspantt so I hope you allow it. These weren’t the best of games but i hope to play more with Mordencranst in the future.

    • Hi Samster I am the one you have play in round 2, but something has gone wrong. So I nerver got the invitation to the turnement. But the other guy found me, and I won 3-0. I try to find you, but I could not find you, can you try to find me ?

  19. Cocorico3 wins 3-1 vs twilightkittymtf –
    Winning deck was Celestial Light.

    After getting brutally crushed in game 1 i proceeded to win solidly 3 games in a row against the goblins to take the round.
    Very good games from a good player.

  20. Reporting first round: ahniwa vs solarbearx

    ahniwa wins 3:1 vs solarbearx

    ahniwa played: Golgari / Sepulchral Strength

    We overcame a 14-hour time difference to play some great games. Kudos to solarbearx, who was a worthy opponent.

  21. My second round opponent still has “invitation pending” next to his name. I assume he got a BYE first round and hasn’t yet responded. I can’t PM him in Challonge or find him in the Steam group. What should I do?

    He is: rawknmusician (invitation pending)

  22. Hey folman11 if you’re around I tried friending you yesterday on Steam (under your id “Leetgriefer” which Steam says used to be called folman – if that’s not you I can’t find another ID for folman11). I can play almost any time today or tomorrow except for one 2 hour window tonight – please let me know, thanks!

  23. Round 2:

    ahniwa wins 3-2 over rawknmusician.
    winning deck still sepulchral strength (obvs).

    Played against the Jace / mill deck, which was a crazy match-up. After winning the first two I thought I was doing well, but he came back and we went to game 5. Near the end I had 5 life and he was swinging over my head with his 2 5/5 flyers. I killed one with removal and gained a life with blood artist to keep me at 1 life, then swing the next round to take him down.

    Wish I had recorded it. It was a super-great match. Props to rawkn.

  24. Second round: The Djin vs Kyori

    Kyori: 2 (Pact Instinct)
    The Djin: 3 (Obedient Dead)

    Very very close matches! Kudos to Kyori for some very intense games.

  25. My opponent hasn’t responded still. It’s been 4 days since I sent him a friend invite on Steam. :/

    It says that he hasn’t been online for 3 days, but it could be that it shows that just because he hasn’t accepted the invite.

    • But you gave me a good figth, and in the last game, You got so few lands and I just got all the cards In the rigth order. So you had no chance in hell of winning, with the luck all on my side.

  26. nim-phizzet <> kingkang
    crosswinds duel, where it just happened to be a race for infinite time warps.. oh well, so horrible when 1 turn is always making the game deciding factor

  27. so, besides that point, what’s with the matches and players that didn’t play until the end of today? will their next round opponents get a “bye”-round? at least i think that should happen to not further delay the tournament.
    + gl to all remaining players :)

  28. I (hubin80) couldn’t find my opponent (Lupehba) for a match. The bracket says “invitation pending” and my friends invitation was also not answered.

  29. Toraka(90): 3
    Dragoncat29: 1

    He was playing Grim Procession, I played Dream Puppets. Epic matches, I must say. Sometimes very very close, but in the end, Troll Puppets prevailed. Yay for Forced Frutition!

    There was that one moment in game 3 when he had 2 Doomed Travelers out against my 1/1 Jace’s Phantasm, swung in, played Zealous Persecution to kill off my Phantasm…

    But his graveyard had had 9 cards in it before that, so when the Persecution resolved, it gave my Phantasm +4/+4, allowing it to survive and kill his Traveler.
    That’s Blue for you. Generating card advantage without even doing anything.

    Still, good play out of my opponent.

  30. Phrasee has conceded the match, since he was unable to play.

    The deck I was planning to use, was Grim Procession, if you need to know that :)

  31. My opponent still hasn’t responded to my friend request, unfortunately. I am not sure that I even have the right ID, since there is no “folman11” on steam but there is an ID in the T3 group that indicates it used to be called “folman” but that person hasn’t responded to me.

  32. I apologize to fsbrain and others for holding things up. Due to a sudden illness I’ve not been home for a week and wasn’t able to have a match with fsbrain. If today (Jan 12’th) we can’t have the match before the deadline it’s totally fine with me if fsbrain advances.

    • I met with 4n0th1n9 and played our match before 1/12/13 was over in my time zone and I won 3-1. I played Aura Servants. As you can see by the other replies from 4n0th19 I would advance anyway even if our match was technically too late (which I’m not sure – time zone wasn’t specified that I can see)

  33. Second round: The_Hassell vs _Skyblue13

    Winner: The_Hassell
    Deck: Obedient Dead


    A very good match up against mana mastery that really could have gone either way.

  34. Just a quick question to confirm something. Since I haven’t played a match yet, I haven’t chosen a deck yet, right? So can I play either one of the Deck pack 3 decks, since my opponent didn’t show up to the first game?

  35. evilfrenchguy (3) vs. Don Quixote (1)

    Intense games. 3rd game was down to the wire. I was milled to 0 and combat tricked just enough damage with Blood Artist to win. Don is a very skilled opponent.

    I used Sepulchral Strength. I have screenshots in case of any dispute.

  36. 38 min until deadline and fsbrain is offline on steam for 1 day now, so up to wing, disqualify us both or just me, either or is fine. I was out for a week, perhaps fsbrain was on then, oh well. Good luck to the rest.

  37. It would seem that Henwen is conceding our match. It’s unfortunate in circumstance, but I must still thank him for telling me at the earliest convenient time he could.

    I’m unsure of how to report this on Challonge, but I do have a screenshot of the conversation should that be necessary.

  38. d3s~ 3 – 1 Teemu

    Teemu is a great guy and he really helped me a lot with Steam. He played MM, and played very well indeed. Very close game. Winner deck is SS (golgari).

    • It was great playing!

      My most fatal mistake was not reading “X _or less_”, which then wiped the board even though I had the upper hand. :)

      Good luck to you and all other participants!

      Hope Wing will get a lot of great games recorded. :)

      – Teemu

  39. Went 3-0 against Kn1ghtmare’s mana mastery with sepulcheral strength.

    He got mana screwed a lot, but mana mastery is a very scary deck to play against, I found I basically had to apply a lot of early pressure and hope for the best, which goes horribly against the patient controlly game I usually like to play with the green/black. Allin all an instructive set of games against a great and sporting opponent

  40. Wingspan,

    Do you have any more info on Thaibro (my next opponent)?

    There isn’t a Thaibro in the T3 group and the profile on steam under Thaibro hasn’t been online in over a year (there is also a thaibro1 that also hasn’t been online in a year).

  41. Xaxas won 3-2 against Ahniwa; he was playing Peacekeepers.

    I now hate that deck in new and exciting ways.

  42. 2nd round:

    Grimdrome (Rogues Gallery) vs. VanillaThunder (Ancient Wilds) 1 – 3

    It was a nice game against an very nice oponnent. He even was so kind to tell me what deck he uses before our first match.
    The first game war very intense. I could finally win it by creating card advantage with my Soul of the Harvest. The second match was pretty quick because i had a very strong starting hand and he just had blue mana. The third game was very curious. I managed to play the Elderscale Wurm but after that he played painful quandary and i played another spell by paying 5 life and thinking nothing would change with my life but i went to 2 life. The next round he attacked with everything, i did not block because i thought nothing will happen, but i lost the game. I am not sure if that was a bug or his ability is just supposed to work when you have exactly 7 life?!
    Anyway the fourth match i could win with an early natural order and Pelakka Wurm
    So thanks to grimdrome for the nice matches and his very fair behaviour.

    • I can answer your quandry here. What you experienced were not bugs or glitches, but rather just an unfortunate series of events.

      Painful Quandry inflicts life loss, not damage, and Elderscale Wurm does not prevent either loss or payment of life. After that you’re correct in the asumption that Elderscale Wurm’s ability only triggers in regards to damage if you have seven or more life.

      Since you were brought below that critical threshold of seven, the damage just went through normally.

  43. kAzE (MM) beat Wobblers (MM)

    kAzE 3 – 2 Wobblers

    Sluggish first 2 games, a bit of a cakewalk let us take one each. Third game KaZe had an easy victory, fourth I took one. Last game we had to restart, giving up a lovely hand due to kAzE’s cycling bug. KaZe won the restart :)

  44. kAzE 3-2 over wobblers1971 (Shuriken[UKCS])

    Mana Mastery mirror match (how’s that for alleration?)

    Started out 1-1 with a blowout win for both of us, we split the next 2 games as well, both were more tightly contested, then we had a bug early in the game where I couldn’t cycle a pale recluse at all. Shuriken was kind enough to allow us to restart the match, in case the bug affected the outcome. Was a hard fought win over a classy opponent.

  45. My next opponent (marcoux11) hasn’t even accepted his invitation by now and is kinda hard to find on steam, the opponent I would have in the next match is ready though, should I just report that I won or what to do now?

    • If you don’t hear from your guy by the deadline (the 15th?), add me on steam and we can play the next round: liccc

  46. Trusseck vs Rogue.exe

    Trusseck won three games with Obedient Dead

    Rogue.exe won no games with Exalted Darkness

    I quite enjoyed my time playing with Rogue; the chap was a true gentleman, even in the face of certain defeat. I don’t wish to diminish his ability, however, as he succeeded in throwing setback after setback my way, even throwing his cloak over the shoulders of his men to avoid my wicked voodoo. Massie the Massacre Wurm more than earned his keep in this matchup, though, always falling into my hand when he was needed and circumventing Rogue’s protection, slaughtering his soldiers and leaving him in no small amount of pain. At last, I claimed the right to move on the the third round with my opponent following me in my growing legion of the Damned.

    • Hello mate, congratulations on your win. I’m your next opponent and I play Sepulchral Strength. I had sent you a friend request but you haven’t accepted it. The thing is, I’m going on an international trip tomorrow morning, so I’d be very happy if we can play this evening/night. I think you’re in UK, so we in similar zones. Just tell me a time and I’ll make it.

    • I fell like you have a degree in creative writing.

      Backing this up. It was 3-0, Obedient Dead taking the win.

      Good luck on your next match-ups!

  47. Is yunariel somewhere? We have a matchup and your status is still “invitation pending” and cannot be founded on steam.

  48. Thaibro hasn’t responded to my attempts to contact him. I’ll check Steam off and on today because I would like to play instead of getting another bye.

    If Thaibro doesn’t show, my deck is Grim Procession. I feel like I have an unfair advantage from not having played yet.

      • yeah I found someone named “Thighbro” and according to the friend request they haven’t been online in 4 days but according to their profile they are online now. I don’t really get it, maybe it’s an issue with Steam.

  49. Vanillathunder stomped me 3-0

    Great plays, but in the end, there was nothing I could do against him. Yes, pick your jaws back up, the Doctor has lost a game.

    Well, let’s blame this on those totally OP turn 3 8/5 haste with essentially trollshroud.
    Yeah. If it’s your fault, the enemy deck is op.

    In all seriousness, there’s just very little I could do with my almost creatureless deck built to drive opponents insane lategame against one which whoops out fuckin’ 9/9s which also kill my entire combo on ETB. By turn 3.

  50. hey guys

    I cant get to play against my opponent “nordicgamer92”

    ive sent him already a friend request on steam and messages but no answer.

    thought he was the 1st one to contact me few days ago.

    odd enough i can see hes online on the group page but is offline in my list since its pending.

    I cant do much more than this and dont want to be disqualified :T


  51. (SS) d3s~ 3 – 0 Trusseck (OD)

    Don’t be mistaken by the result. Trusseck was a great and worthy opponent. Especially the first round was epic and I wished wing were there. It was a like long chess game. Trusseck was also very kind to match me on a short notice, because I’d leave the country tomorrow for some time.

  52. The_Hassell 3 – 0 Nemo YT

    Winning deck: Obedient Dead

    All games were very good but I fortunately pulled some great hands with board wipes (Infest, massacre worm and mutilate) that stopped PeaceKeepers from getting the early game win.

  53. Braccus is never responding to me, even when he’s online. Just figured I should write it down in case he waits out the time limit.

  54. Great to be following the games. Pity I am running on iPad so cannot participate. Good to see some MM decks being tried. I tend to be okay with getting mana out but you still need the right drop. On another note my son built a tough hand destruction deck in paper magic which tested a 3 – 0 against his Nicol Bolas deck which is tough to beat. Having enchantments out doing 3 damage a discard twice is not fun.

    Good luck to those going forward. Will be interesting to see which deck comes out on top.



    • We just finished our match, another Golgari mirror match. evilfrenchguy proved to be victorious through a series of excellent matches, the third one especially.

      I do have to admit I’ll be kicking myself for a mistake in the last match for a little while. I don’t think it ended up making that much of a difference though. Great games all around, and hearty thank yous to all of my opponents; ralph.seymour.jackson, Henwen, and of course evilfrenchguy. You’ve all been great people to chat with in the matches that I did play, great to play against as well.

      Best of luck with the rest of the tournament, evilfrenchguy!

  55. The deadline was today right?
    My opponent accepted my friend request today can we still make it or no?

    just noticing

  56. Right, I guess I’m out, I could neither find my opponent, nor did I recieve any word from him, so I’m assuming that is that :(

  57. dh50 (GP) defeats Out0fAmmo (BF) 3-2.

    I feel like GP has the advantage against BF but these games were really, really close. Out0fAmmo was a spectacularly good opponent and it was a really fun set of games that I barely won.

  58. The 3rd line deadline is over (jan.18), however my opponent’s (hunbin80) 2nd round was pending until today (jan.19). I was tracking the standings on challonge and I thought we can play only after our bracket is already assigned. He is offline at the moment.

  59. evilfrenchguy (0) vs Nebukadnezar (3)

    First 2 games I got mana-screwed and acidic slime made it worse. 3rd game was more competitive but he came out on top.

    Good luck Neb.

  60. ((3)) Kupo Trooper defeats Kala 3-0
    Grim Procession vs. Sepulchral Strength

    I am starting to quite like this deck, considering I hadn’t played it before this tournament (snatched up the deck key in the Steam Sale). It reminds me a lot of the Vampire deck from 2012 in that it has a bit of everything: efficient threats that need to be removed or they either keep gaining you life or do great damage, a bit of hand disruption, quite a lot of life gain, and decent (but not insane) removal.

    In this match the deck was working at its best as I drew a variety of threats and responses. It was mostly the creatures resistant to removal (as SS seems to have almost unlimited removal) that won me the match…the 1 drop 1/1 that comes back as a flying token, the 2/2 pumper/persister being MVPs. Oh and of course Castigate, which is a ridiculous card.

    I think Kala was quite unlucky, with drawing too many lands in all the duels and having the good cards he did draw castigated or removed. In the final duel he got a better start and had me on the ropes but thankfully I kept mana open for removals/had lucky draws and succeeded in the end.

    Thanks Kala, I thoroughly enjoyed this and I hope you did too. Thanks again also for sorting out the issues we had connecting to each other for the match.

    • From what I remember of our games, you were a great sport and quite overbearing with my escalating incoherence and random swearing. ;-) I wish you the very best for the rest of the tournament.

  61. fsbrain (AS) defeats dh50(GP) 3-1

    Great games, although they weren’t even that close – fsbrain played the AS deck extremely well and soundly defeated me. Good luck fsbrain at the rest of the tournament – you are quite the good opponent.

    Thanks Wingspan for hosting this tournament – it was really fun and I can’t even imagine the headache it must be to manage so many people.

  62. Hello guys i am now on vacation so i cant play our match so i am withdraw from match gz The_Hassell good luck on round 5

  63. Kupo Trooper loses to KingKang 1-3
    Grim Procession vs. Crosswinds

    A match of highs and lows, a couple of great duels combined with one extremely frustrating one (because of mana screw).

    I particularly enjoyed the final duel as even though kingkang got a Panoptic Mirror out on turn 5 (and this deck only has ONE card that can remove non-creature permanents…unless you count Castigate which I didn’t draw at all in any of the four duels). However, he didn’t have a Time Warp so instead attached a Repulse. This of course won him the duel, as the Mirror always does, but I did manage to survive for a very long time against it. The other duels were pretty good, and involved plenty of instant shenanigans and counters.

    I’ve never played this matchup before and after these 4 duels I think that GP is just too mid-range to beat Crosswinds consistently. Crosswinds only really gets beaten by decks that put pressure on it on turn two or three…after that it gets out its 2/2 flyer tokens, and after that its game winning cards like Mirror and Future Sight. Grim Procession excels in the midgame with solid threats and good but reasonably costly removal, but it doesn’t apply enough pressure early on. Still I can’t shake the feeling that if I had drawn castigate a couple of times early on things would have turned out differently, but that’s the nature of the game. Had a blast!

    Kingkang is a very good duelist and I’m so glad I lost to a deck like Crosswinds rather than goblins or SS. Best of luck to you mate!

    • Great games with Kupo. As he said, the deck advantage and some timely counters (lucky) won me the match. I caught myself making a few mistakes that Kupo really made me pay for. The games could have easily swung the other way had the draws been a little different.

      Here’s a recap of what I remember from our matches.
      Game 1:
      Kupo had a quick start with Doom Traveler, Guild Mage and eventually Voracious Hatchling (Spaghetti Face). I was initially just eating damage to the face with only an Azure Mage out. Eventually I got out 2 pair of drakes. On turn 5 or 6, Kupo attacks with everything, and I decided to take a stand and made what I thought was the correct blocks (taking into account possible spot removals), what i failed to consider was a Zealous Persecution. This resulted in my entire side wiped out and all of his creatures still alive. From then on I was just slowly bleeding out and seemed to only be drawing lands. A few turns later, Kupo secured the victory.
      Game 2:
      Again, quick start for Kupo, but soon he runs into some mana problem after turn 4. Meanwhile I was able to stabilize and secure board position, and with a kicked RoR on my Spiketail I was able to seal the deal.
      Not until after did I realize that Kupo was 1 black land away from dishing out Damnation and take authority of the match.
      Game 3:
      I had a nice start in terms of securing a ‘trick’ heavy hand (through the use of Sleight of Hand and having lucky starting hand). I was able to stall out until turn 5 when I got out a Followed Footsteps on Kupo’s Nighthawk and that’s when the tides turned. Again I managed to stablize with some timely bounces and counters; and with a kicked Archaeomancer, the game came to an end.
      Game 4:
      Kupo explained it very well above^.He actually brought me down to 1 or 2 health and I was just hanging in by a thread. Had a couple of draws or plays been different he would’ve no doubt pulled it off and we would’ve gone to a tie-breaking game 5, where anything could’ve happened.

      I want to thank Kupo for the great games and for being a gentleman in light of the loss. I dedicate my future wins to him.

  64. The_Hassell 3 – 0 Nebukadnezar

    Winning deck: Obedient Dead

    Off to the semi finals! All I can say to my next opponent is: Prepare you anuzz!

      • I accepted your steam friends request. Last night I was attempting to message you but it seemed you weren’t there – your status kept going from snooze to online back and forth. I hope we can play soon.

  65. I am pleasantly surprised to see CL make it this far. I think it’s one of those decks that was so underrated because it was “okay” against the core decks but very solid against all the expansion decks.

    • It’s still got residue particles of my AWESOME stuck to it, that’s why Wizards decided to make it be more awesome. True story.

      Hmm, now that I’m eliminated (damn OP AW!), I guess I’ll have to BUY a DLC code. Then again, what for. MM sounds eh and Dimir is said to be seriously underpowered. Then again, for the Doctor, nothing is underpowered, only more of a challenge.


      Well, go bro-team white, I guess. Show to all that “Not losing” DOES equal winning!

  66. (SS) d3s~ 3 – 2 lommelinn (SS)

    wuw, what an intense match. lommelinn was a good, no a great player and we had almost the same decks. From then on, it was pure luck. He got the first game, I got the second and he got the third. After it was 1-2, I could get 2 more games and won 3-2.

  67. Hey me and wehk (anuzz) are going to be playing our match within the next few hours but Wingspan is offline on Steam. If there’s an e-mail to contact him with please send it to me just to try and get his attention.

    Otherwise we might have to play anyway because of our busy schedules.

    • I did try to record this game myself in the last minute but I’ve never done it before and just chose some random recording software. I’m afraid It wasn’t successful which is a shame since the games we’re very good. Hopefully next time I’ll be better prepared.

      • Anuzz, Hassell, KingKang etc. – I have a registered version of Fraps so if you are ready to play and can’t find Wingspan, – add me on steam and invite me to the game, I’ll record it.

        steam name: drussmasada

    • Well, there goes CL.

      God dammit! We trusted you! You were like the emissary of bro team White!
      But again, CL is bad against vanilla decks and OP against DLC ones.

  68. Fsbrain (1) vs KingKang (3)

    Great games with a great player. Much respect to him.
    He recorded the video, which he is sending to WingSpanTT to commentate over. I’m very much looking forward to his perspective of things.

    Good luck to Fsbrain in the bronze match!

    • Yay bronze! I recorded this one also. Haven’t uploaded either yet. Thanks to all the players, everyone was nice to play with and honest.

  69. Finals match to happen Friday 4:30-5pm EST. Or sometime on Saturday. WingspanTT may not be able to record. If there’s anyone who’s available at those times and is able to record, please let us know.

    • Otherwise, can someone recommend some free recording software so I could give it a go. I don’t no much on the subject and I don’t want to pay for something like FRAPs for a one-off occasion.

      • Ok i’ve recorded a random match and it seems to have worked well. The only problem I had was the game crashing and freezing my computer after I tried to close it. Not sure if that was to do with the recording or not.
        Unless WIngSpan can make it to the match I should be able to manage it.

  70. Will there be a video of the finales? That would be fun to watch…
    Bummer I play on ipad, I wanted to participate too :-(

    • I just got the finals footage and will be prepping a video for tomorrow, possibly Friday. Sorry for the delays but I didn’t want to do it unless I’d be doing it right!

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