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Dear readers, we know how much you like free stuff. And as a generous deity, I like to provide for you whenever possible.

I’m sure many of you read about how to not be dead in FTL: Faster Than Light, and thought to yourselves “That game looks fun, but unfortunately I live off of cold gruel and can not afford such lavishness.” Well luckily for you, I’m here to provide your gaming needs. I traveled down to Subset Games with my trusty baseball bat and threatened to break everybody’s kneecaps if they didn’t promise to give free copies of their hit indie game to our dear readers!

Rules to Enter

To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite fictional alien race and what you love about’em.*  All entries must be received by February 22, 2013. At the end of the month, we’ll pick four of our favorite answers.

Entrants must be 13 or older; multiple entries will be disqualified. Void where prohibited. All entrants must be human, any Mantids, Rockmen, or Klingons will be disqualified.


* Note: bribes are also acceptable.


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  1. Zoomers from Metroid Prime – they’re just so cute :3 I’ve cost Samus so much health over the years running through Zoomers because I can’t bring myself to shoot them.

  2. The protoss from Starcraft, they are just so cool with those psyblades and even invisible units XD just like the perfect assasins

  3. My favorite alien race is the Salarian from mass effect. They are geniuses and are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Brains over brawn, genophage nerfs Krogen ftw!

  4. Mine are the Quarians from Mass Effect. I love how their entire race just live in their space ships in space all the time. Their entire race makes up their one fleet/city, I think that’s pretty awesome, even if they were forced into this life.

  5. Mine is actually Yoda’s race from Star Wars. This is because there is basically no information on this race. George Lucas was quiet about this and nothing has come out about it. Noone knows their lifespan, what planet they come from, or how they evolved! It’s all one big mystery. However, it has been the race that gave us Yaddle (what an awesome name), Master Vandar from SWKotOR, and Yoda, who lived for 900 years exactly!

  6. Namekians from the dragonball universive. They can merge with eachother, they grow back any of their limbs and they can extend them.

    Any of their limbs.

    Extend them.

    Any of them.



  7. Those Who Came Before. Shut up, those are alien!
    Hands down, nobody else has thus mastered the ways of keeping players interested through five increasingly crappy games to then give them an ending that’s somehow disappointing, cliché, and completely besides the actual plot, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

  8. My favorite race will be the first to find me and actually give me real super powers. I don’t care which powers they, as long as they are legitimate and let me rob banks with total success.

  9. The Xenomorphs from the Alien series. As Ash himself says, “I admire its purity. A survivor… unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.”

  10. It has to be the Hawkmen from Flash Gordon. Winged denizens of the skies of Mongo, led by the undisputedly badass Prince Vultan. I’d be lying if I said Brian Blessed wasn’t a big part of the reason I love them. SQUADRON 40! DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

  11. Let me try to think of something related to Magic… that would be everything, wouldn’t it?
    Squirel tokens?
    But seriously, I guess I would have to give it to Juno and Friends, from AC. So much to uncover and think about!

  12. Xenomorphs from the alien series.
    The fear of having one planted inside you, only to grow and burst out of your chest… So frightening.
    The tie in with the Yatuja(Predators) and the history of ancient mankind is also just fascinating!

  13. Can’t believe no one has mentioned them, but my favorite are the Zerg from the Starcraft universe. They are so iconic, and so memorable that the word itself is now used in other platforms to describe an aggressive, swarming style of attack. For the swarm!

  14. Favorite alien race is:

    The Eldar!

    Big 40k fan and no one is more mysterious, more enigmatic then then the original space elves!

  15. Asari fro ME. Blue girls that love to mate with a centuries of experience in it. The down part is, she can kinda read ur mind and a lot of them can just blow u with some biotics…

  16. The Highlanders (if you include The Quickening in the movie franchise) Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez kicks ass!

  17. I’ve always had a soft spot for Salarians from the Mass Effect series – in all of the games, the representatives of that race have very moving moments.

    Hearing Mordin sing a Salarian adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan was both hilarious and endearing – Captain Kirrahe’s “hold the line” speech is equally memorable.

  18. Favourite race? Easy! How can you not love the Bith from the Mos Eisley Cantina band in Star Wars?! I could just sit in that place and listen to them play that song over and over and over and over and… over … and … over and….. OH GOD ITS JUST SO CATCHY!.. Plus if you’re not a fan of them, you can easily insult them for having a butt for a forehead! See, even the haters have a reason to love the Bith! Definitely the best race out there… well until Predator learns how to rock out an amazing guitar solo!

  19. My favourite aliens are Aliens from Aliens [from the Ridley Scott movie for example] (I wonder how many time I could use word “aliens” in one sentence).

    I like them because they are highly adaptive, they are using hive mind, and are not willing to participate in testing, so GlaDOS would be disappointed at them. And oh Zerg are based on them so that’s good as well.

  20. My favorite alien is the Elite’s from the Halo video games.

    This is by far my favorite alien race of an video game because they are really smart technology wise. They build all their “needs” out of really cool looking materials that shine. All of the technology they make basically runs on mass amounts of energy. One example of a peace of tech they have is the Gravity Lift: which lifts you up in mid air souly with the power of energy.

  21. Head crabs from Half life. The iconic alien from one of the best shooters of all time places immense fear in the heart of our favorite scientist but also the occasional AWWWW!

  22. EASY

    The best alien race is clearly the F-Zero Grand Prix — Calypso’s Twisted Metal would be a contender, but that’s more a destruction derby per se.

    My second choice is Humans… despite being beings wrought with emotional illogic and a quixotic view of the nature of reality, they are quite endearing and an underdog race I am constantly cheering for, hoping they succeed!

    Now, I know three entries is getting excessive, BUT! If I had to choose a third best alien race (that directly addresses the original question posed) it would be really hard and totally not definite.

    I want to say either the Fremen from Dune (whose anthropomorphism reflects both the most endearing and perverse of human motivation) or the Geth from Mass Effect cause they are just cool and AI is cool.

    A Furby is fine too.

  23. Guys! OMG I’m actually a human. What I meant before is ‘humans’ as an alien race — from the PoV of another species who is not alien to themselves, but humans are. >:[

  24. The Predators from such movies as Predator (with Arnold Schwarzenegger) since they have amazing technology and hunt other dangerous creatures (including humans) as a rite of passage in their culture. Also if they know they are going to die they make sure to take as many things with them as they go lol.

  25. The Saiyans from Dragon Ball. Who doesn’t love a badass martial artist who performs incredible moves and gets stronger after every fight? Not to mention, Super Saiyan transformation is so amazing to me!

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