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If you haven’t gathered by now, I recently caved and purchased Starcraft 2 at KMart’s incredibly reasonable generous $40 price point.

What does this mean for you, other than the fact that there’s one more terrible, terrible player in Silver League now? Well, I’ve got 2 Guest Passes available, entitling whoever wants them to 7 hours or 14 days of Starcraft 2 play*

If you're furiously typing these exact codes into your SC2 client, I commend your efforts. But alas, I stole this image from the Internet. Nice try, though.

I personally first experienced Starcraft 2 using a Guest Pass, and I can confidently say that 7 hours was a very reasonable amount of time to determine that you should go buy this game right now.

But hey, I understand; times are rough, money is hard to come by, and let’s face it, you’re still kind of pissed about the whole Starcraft Ghost fiasco. So, what better way to mend old wounds than to jump right into this iteration of space war and wreak some havoc?

Unlike previous Top Tier Tactics contests, I don’t think this giveaway warrants eliciting embarrassing iambic petrameter or tales of childhood trauma. Instead, it’ll be fairly simple:

Contest Rules

  • Comment on this post saying what your favorite Starcraft unit is and why
  • It can be any unit from Starcraft, Brood War, or Starcraft 2
  • Your reason can be as simple as “I like bugs” or “Ghosts are hot”
  • Two (2) winners will be selected at random on September 18
  • Entries must include a valid e-mail address for notification
  • Limit one (1) entry per person, per universe, void where prohibited, etc.

Also, please spare everyone your cutesy responses like “My favorite unit in Starcraft 2 is the kilometer. LOL!” or “I’d like to check out Raynor’s unit!” What’s wrong with you people?

*Whichever comes first.

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  1. I must admit, female Ghosts are hot. I mean, have you SEEN Kerrigan’s cinematic for New Gettysburg? And Nova, with her path’s ending cinematic and her conversation with Raynor, is awesome.

  2. Simple as it is, Terran Marine is my favorite unit. It almost got everything you need. Range attack, attacks ground and air, drugs(stimpacks), and it’s cheap enough to flood your enemy with it.

  3. My favorite unit from Starcraft:Brood War scout , because it do air and ground damage.From Starcraft2:Wings Of Liberty i can say i like a lot a Raven – more Ravens in late game can make some seriouse damage for the expansions and even for a big army , also they are detectors and have a very good special abilitys.And in the end of my explanation must say thenks for the contest to the author/authorс.

  4. My favorite starcraft unit is the dark templars because they look awsome and they do a lot of damage :D and ghosts are pretty cool too :P

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