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By now you’re probably realized I’m a pretty big fan of Path of Exile, the free-to-play action/RPG from Grinding Gear Games. What you may or may not know is that I’ve put together (with the help of T3 frequenter BigTime067) some gameplay footage to help acclimate anyone still on the fringes of this title to some of its gameplay systems.

In the first video, I venture alone into one of the most interesting quests I’ve ever seen, quickly finding myself extremely in over my head. Next, BigTime067 and I head out on what we thought was a simple mission. Key word: thought.

Gameplay elements and real hardcore risks


Searching for the Goddamn Sewers in Act 3


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  1. So, just for a laugh I decided to start a hardcore Ranger. She’s not doing badly so far, but I found it less than hilarious that the game decided to start lag spiking when I got to Brutus.

    Having a giant teleporting asshole capable of doing the “Get Over Here!” on you and then two-shoting you for giggles is not the most calming experience in the world to undergo.

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