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"This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: huge success" - Jerry Holkins speaking at PAX (source?)

Shivers and several other community members recently contacted me about a charity fundraiser in which one person would be deleting a Golden Wrench to benefit Child’s Play Charity. Odd, I thought, this sounds vaguely familiar.

But, surprise surprise, this random act of kindness was actually a separate event conceived by Karmakilla (#59), called the PAX Golden Charity.

It turns out Karmakilla was proud of what the TF2 community accomplished with the Golden Charity, and wanted to contribute as well.

Not content with everyday good deeds like helping old ladies cross the street and helping runaway criminals out of their chains, he and his brother organized their own fundraiser. They wanted to leverage the unified power of the Golden Wrench, PAX, Jerry Holkins (aka Tycho), and the alignment of all 8 planets to maximize the publicity and donations. Surely, these Biblical-level titans could somehow wrangle up $500 for Child’s Play in one day. Right?

Well, it turns out the Internet is a surprising place, as their lofty, half-K goal was met after 3 donations.

Yes, three. With a single donation from an anonymous and noble benefactor (SPOILER ALERT: It was the prisoner Karmakilla freed from his chains at the beginning of the story) the PAX Golden Charity went from $40 to $530. While there might have been some mild dissatisfaction with not getting to run a hype-driven fundraiser, there were equal parts relief that nobody had to run a hype-driven fundraiser.

All in all, the children who benefit from Karmakilla’s generosity win. And Jerry Holkins just wins in general for being awesome. And I supporse Karmakilla wins, despite what the Announcer might have to say about it. The only people who lose are (as always) the trolls.

With just 80-some Golden Wrenches remaining to be sacrificed for some noble cause, one has to wonder if there remain enough to prevent every evil in the world…?

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