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With nearly 100 competitors, four weeks of gameplay, and an incredible diversity of decks, the T3 January Duels 2013 tournament has finally come to a close. Although we saw Peacekeepers, Mana Mastery, and even Dream Puppets make it quite far into the tournament, it ultimately came down to The_Hassell’s Obedient Dead build versus KingKang’s Crosswinds construction. Both monocolor choices have always been versatile, but these players bested skilled opponents over seven rounds of intense competition. Ultimately, they came out on top… but which planeswalker would have the judgment, timing and – yes – luck to win the entire contest?

Well, you’re just gonna have to watch and find out for yourself! I’ll say this: the battles were hard-fought and exciting, spanning the maximum of five rounds of play!

Grand Finals: The_Hassell (Obedient Dead) vs. KingKang(Crosswinds)


Bronze Match: FSBrain (Aura Servants) vs. Anuzz (Celestial Light)

Of course, our winners will be receiving the glorious prizes previously promised, as well as the respect and admiration of thousands of Magic the Gathering afficianados, whatever that’s worth. They won’t be receiving a pair of pants any time soon, but hey, that’s par for the course in Duels 2013! I’d like to personally thank all 99 tournament participants for helping to make this happen, as well as thanking Wizards of the Coast for supplying prizes and generally for making Duels 2013 possible. Cheers!

Tournament Prizes

First Prize

Second Prize

  • Magic the Gathering booster pack
  • 2 Duels 2013 DLC deck pack codes

Third Prize

  • 1 Duels 2013 DLC deck pack code


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  1. Grats to the winners! I’m a bit surprised by what decks made it so far. Figured Goblins or Rakdos would be up there. Love OD though.

    • I think one thing I didn’t expect is to see Celestial Light and Mana Mastery knock out so many decks. Truth is both MM and CL are boss at disrupting rushdown decks, plus they can both drop early bombs that control decks don’t want to deal with.

      • Well, it can play any 5 or 6 mana spell (even 7 if you’re lucky) on turn 4, and many of them can single-handedly win the game if not immediately removed. Can also play the Nephilim on turn 3.

  2. One unique thing about this tournament that was outstanding was the fact everyone was limited to one deck. It made it possible to adapt your deck for each match-up. I imagine CL was more powerful than it normally would be under this constraint since there’s no reason to play enchantment removal against decks without enchantments, for example.

    It was fun, and better than the other tournaments I’ve played in – I hope you offer this again sometime.

    • Thanks & totally agreed. I didn’t want the tournament to be a bunch of guessing games, but still giving players the opportunity to tune their decks a little.

    • Simple.

      1. It’s fun.
      2. Rage is delicious.
      3. It’s easy to screw up, and thus feels better if you do it right.
      4. You will only get stomped if people specifically build towards hosing your build (as was the case in this tourney… dem OP monogreen!), which basically never happens since you’ll be relying on hard-to-counter noncreature perms. At least with my build.
      5. It punishes people for running 60 cards, as well as 100, as well as for casting spells, not casting them, attacking, blocking, or not doing anything.

      And it’s fun! As mentioned, it stands no chance against a prepared deck that has tools to deal with it, but that’s not usually the atmosphere you’d deal with.

      Unless you run into Ancient Wilds. Because that’s OP.

  3. Good final and great to see it go to the wire. OD has such a great range of tools. Re Wingpan’s commentary there may have been a few sub optimal plays but in general there was strong play throughout and on final match I think CW did not have enough answers mid match. I’d be interested to know from finalists if they made any significant sideboard changes between each match. There is probably a fairly optimal matchup for setting between two known decks so I assume not.


  4. A couple of comments re: bronze match.

    I don’t know why Anuzz (Wehk in video) calls people babe. I just ignored it.

    I didn’t know we could sideboard between games in a match, thus why we went straight into the next game each time. I thought it was just “rearrange your deck between matches”.

    This tourney went well, though I ran into a lot of people on different time zones so scheduling got a little difficult.

    Thanks to all the participants for playing with honor and tact.

  5. need more DOTP videos Wingspan…

    your youtube channel seems to be infested with something called ‘let’s play sonic’ or something.

    DOTP videos can make this right.

  6. Fun to watch, thanks for the vids!

    I don’t feel so bad making mistakes if the final matches have this many. :)

  7. What’s going on WiNGSPANTT? I am still awaiting my prize code (no physical mailing necessary). It has been a week since I last emailed you and it was a week before that when I sent you the required information.

      • You sent me something but it wasn’t deck pack 3. Can you send me a deck pack 3 code? That’s all I am missing.

      • Please send me the contact info for the wizards rep that provided the prize support since there are no deck pack 3 codes

      • Considering how mad you got about some pants that you were promised and didn’t receive for tournament prizes, I’d think you would be more helpful in getting me the right prize from your own tournament. I reply to your emails but you “don’t see the emails”. Maybe you should check your reply to address?
        I got 3rd place and I want my prize in the form of deck pack 3.

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