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The name Murray Chu may not instantly ring a bell for every reader, but he’s definitely had an impact on the early days of Top Tier Tactics… you’ve probably seen him around as Mr. Scary Muffin.

Murray was instrumental to the popular Escapecraft mod for Minecraft, as well as one of our early hardware review for the Nintendo 3DS. In fact, his interview with me for the Escapist helped highlight the original thinking and execution of the Golden Wrench Charity.

See? I told you this guy was O.G. as hell.

Well, it turns out Mr. Scary Muffin wasn’t completely finished with that whole helping sick kids thing, so he’s decided to run a little fundraiser for Child’s Play Charity himself. And while he doesn’t have a Golden Wrench to destroy, he’s got something better: his mind, body and soul. That’s right: if his fundraiser reaches $1,000 in donations by March, Murray will summon the super-saiyan strength necessary to house 100 push-ups in a row. Since I can only do about 12, that’s pretty damn impressive.

Wait, what do I get out of this?

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like giving money away, especially when it could be better spent on alcohol, guns, and imported Polish comic books. But Murray is upping the ante this time: in addition to the warm-in-your-tummy feeling you’ll get from donating to one of the most reputable charities around, Murray is offering rewards for folks who donate certain amounts. They include:

  • A Pokemon card of your choice (I’m going with a Murray Pika-Chu)
  • Handmade Minecraft bead decorations
  • Virtual monument commemoration
  • Limited edition Mincraft puppies

Help me help Murray: donate now!

I’ve already made my contribution – now it’s your turn! Head over to the Real Life Achievements donation page to chip in to the cause. You’ll feel good about yourself, whether it’s because you’re lending a hand to children who could use it, or because you wanna see a fellow game enthusiast sweat over something that’s not a rare loot drop. Or because you just don’t want to let a fellow Top Tier Tactics community member down!

Thanks Murray/MSM for dropping us this info, and best of luck on your fundraising/brolifting!


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