Home Editorial What’s wrong with the Assassin’s Creed community? YOU!*

I’ve seen it in-game. I’ve seen it on forums. I’ve seen it on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.** Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer participants going at each other’s throats for seemingly no reason whatsoeverThey’ve been taking any excuse at all to denounce, defame, and destroy other players, going so far as to drop the much-maligned n-word.


I could simply rehash all my points from my video rant response, but it’s best if you simply watch and take notes.


* Yes, you. What, did you think I meant the figurative you?
** Just kidding… nobody uses Google+.


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  1. Maybe I’m not hardcore enough or I don’t go to enough forums, but I haven’t noticed much berating of other players. I don’t even get Xbox hate mail. (Maybe I’m not good enough to warrant range from others.) Other than the Great Smoke Bomb Debate, I think AC3 has been relatively calm compared to other games.

    Or am I just completely oblivious to the AC3 reality?

  2. Hey Wing! I actually commented on your youtube Video but I was waiting for a website article so I can express my opinion without being character restricted.

    First of all, I haven’t been able to play AC3 yet but I’ve been following you guys, (you, loomer rainin) on twitter, youtube and so on, so I’ve been relatively close to what’s been happening.

    My honest opinion: I’ve been getting these kind of bullsh*t since ACB, “I lost because of lag, “I’ve got prestige you don’t”, all those things you mention in your video happened in ACB, happened to me in ACR (actually happening these days while I wait the arrival of my AC3), “You just beat higher ranked players than you because you have no life” (so basically online gaming go-to response, I don’t even have to mention that if they have a higher rank than me doesn’t that mean they spend more time playing?), oh well…

    I have been playing since AC1 and MP since ACB, but I don’t tell people that, I don’t gloat about that, hell if someone who just started playing MP on ACR can beat me an ACB player I say “Wow, nice!” I honestly think that what pisses them all the most is when you just ignore them, if you don’t ignore them like Wing says you’re just feeding their ego for more bullsh*t to come out of their mouths.

    Lastly, I am very proud to say I am definetely out of that checklist, I will continue to be like that when I join the AC3 MP and like Wing says I would encourage everyone to try, just try to ignore someone when this happens and you’ll be able to see how much better it is than getting into it, plus they’ll stop the rambling eventually, since they’re being ignored as hell.

    So remember!! Don’t reply, let them fry! ;)

  3. WiNG, what do you think could be done about boosting ( cough cough faith89) and on the subject, although I think he is great, is Raininstormwake and others like gia and JTS too aggressive towards the common place moaners and the people who use OSB. Or is it the right way to go to clean up the community?

    • Boosting, there’s not much they can do. I think they could simply lower the EXP per match limit (while still recording high scores) to something like 15k. Unless you’re talking about rank boosting, which would basically require a rework of the entire Abstergo ranking system.

      I don’t think Rainin and JTS are necessarily too aggressive, I just feel they are sometimes wasting their time. It is obvious in most circumstances that whiners will never be happy or convinced they are wrong. Trying to argue with them is pointless!

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