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The entries are in, the votes have been tallied*, and the winners have been chosen!

If your name is on the list, you’ll be contact by email with your free key to receive a DRM free copy of FTL: Faster Than Light on Mac, PC, and Linux as well as a Steam key. Be sure to read up on how to not be dead in FTL: Faster Than Light.

Trust me, you’ll need it.

FTL Contest Winners

Bingo – In the hopes that appeasing our Dalek overlords will spare me from extermination
Silvanus350 – Mordin’s sacrifice will not be forgotten
Gamerkiin – Why Saiyans? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!
kAzE – Zerg rush is *always* the answer

Congratulations again to all of the winners!


* Note: No actual votes were tallied. Rabid Ferret, has asserted himself as benevolent dictator, and is fully to blame for not selecting your clearly superior entry.


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  1. I was and still am really surprised to win! I’ve always kept an eye on FTL ever since the Kickstarter showed up, but never got around to buying it. Appreciate the free copy, and thanks!

    I also enjoyed reading the other entries in the contest, such as the Daleks, Namekians, and whatnot. Really cool what you guys wrote :D

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