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Crysis 3 does not boast the largest weapon count of shooters on the market today, opting instead for variety in smaller numbers. In Cry 3’s multiplayer, there are only a few weapons I find suit my rushing style of play. This guide caters to those with a similarly short attention span,* and who have fast reaction times.

The man makes the weapon

Out of the five possible loadout slots available, I primarily use four, saving the last for experimental or fun classes, i.e. the Predator Bow or a sniper rifle. Three of these classes use an assault rifle, the last an SMG (the Feline). Below are my weapon choices, their attachments, and how I play while using them.

1. The SCAR Mod 2: My go-to class if I know I’ve got to carry my team, there isn’t much you can do to improve the SCAR. Even naked at unlock, it is one of the most effective weapons in the game. The iron sights are clear, recoil moderate, damage more than adequate. I primarily use a foregrip and laser sight, as the SCAR has no need for an optic. Aim Enhance and Point Fire Enhance round out my perk slots.

So equipped, you can engage at any range effectively, and I personally tend to rush almost as much as I do with the Feline, which is to say, a lot. Rarely am I not either sprinting or shooting, and if I’m doing neither, it’s likely because I need to reload. In those cases where I don’t have time for a reload, the Hammer pistol is my backup of choice for its stopping power and tight hipfire. For those with a fast trigger finger, the Nova pistol is probably a better choice.


2. Feline SMG: The more I use this weapon, the less I like it. Even with the laser sight, the damage falloff is too rapid for even the fast fire rate to compensate for. Despite this, suppressor is a good choice, so long as you can approach my enemies from their flank. Like the SCAR, the Feline has no need for an optic, though oddly enough it’s of more use here than on the rifle. Both Maneuverability and Point Fire Enhance are essential to a fast paced SMG build, and I never use the Feline without them.

My main strategy with the Feline revolves around not being seen. The suppressor keeps my gunfire off the minimap, and if the enemy has Maximum Radar, I rely on my speed to stay ahead of the sweep. Encounters should occur from your enemy’s back or side, and from some sort of vertical angle. Jumping and general acrobatics are key, so make good use of your own minimap and surroundings.


3. FY7 IM: If I know I need to play midrange rather than rushing, I choose the FY7. Even knowing the SCAR beats it in hipfire and magazine size, the FY7 is useful at mid-long range where the SCAR’s recoil and damage falloff start to show. The weapon handles like a champ at all but the longest sightlines, and has extra stopping power at range as well. The recoil is manageable enough that all you need is the muzzle break and Aim Enhance to make the thing a laser.

I use the FY7 primarily on medium to large sized maps with lots of mid-range sight lines. While I might rush with it in a game of Spears or Crash Site, for the most part I keep a good distance between me and my enemies, counting on its power and controllability to get me out of a gunfight. Even when I rush, I prefer to aim at all but the shortest distances, and if I’m playing the FY7 in close quarters, my enemies aren’t very good.


4. Grendel: I’m a sucker for burst weapons, and this one delivers. I’ve seen a three-burst kill from across the map, so long as all the shots hit. If the enemy’s weak, it can be as quick as a single burst, armored or not. I treat this weapon like a slow FY7, keeping even greater distances between me and my enemies. The hipfire is below average and the reloads long, so I prefer the reflex sightAim Enhance, and Weapon Pro. The most important perk in my build is Retriever, as tags shouldn’t be my priority, especially if they sit in the enemy spawn.

Distance is your best friend with the Grendel. Regardless of its close range potential for one or two burst kills, you’ll lose more times than not against a hipfiring, full auto weapon. Mid range are as close as I ever get to enemy players, and I find a pistol fares better at close range than the Grendel. Retriever gives me the freedom to burst-snipe from a location of me choosing, but I always move in reaction to the traffic patterns of both teams. Camping with the Grendel will work for only a short period, and someone will invariably sneak up on you if you spend to0 much time in one place.

The streak to end all streaks

Max Nanosuit is one of my favorite streaks from any game that has them. It makes you invincible for a about ten seconds and you feel like a monster in cybernetic armor. The problem, of course, is achieving it. Nine or ten tags, with or without Retriever, can sometimes seem unattainable. I’ve only used it a handful of times, but there are ways to improve your chances. Even if you get Maximum Power on the regular, plowing through teams of Jackals and hipfire guys can sometimes make it hard.

All radar, all the time

Maximum Radar’s pretty straightforward. Using it is too. The tough part comes when you have to start predicting where those little red dots are going to be when you get to them. The slight delay between radar sweeps can make or break your streaks. The best way to keep your enemies on their toes and your bullets in their brains is having a little situational awareness.

Ideally, your teammates will be in a semicircle behind/around you, the enemy players in a similar shape on the opposite side of the map. Confirm this with your radar and take quick stock of the general direction your team’s moving in. In Crysis 3, games usually move in slow circles around the maps, so directional shifts on your part shake up enemy movements a little, giving you a surprise advantage. Be aware that going against the general dynamic of the match might end you up in the enemy spawn.


Explosives in your hand are better than from the sky

Given the choice between the Swarmer and Orbital Strike, I’d take the seasick crocodile. Plus, I prefer control over my giant doomsday weapons beyond telling it to “go kill things in that general direction.”

If you’re on a map with the Strike, predict movements as you’d normally do with the smaller minimap. Where the enemy is now is not where they’ll be when the big laser comes in. See which directions they’re moving to, and plan accordingly.

As for the Swarmer, use it when you know you’ll run into two or more enemies. Running around with it will only serve to get you killed.


Gunships tend to outplay EMPs

The Ceph Gunship is probably the better of the two streaks, as it does some of your work for you and might place some tags in key locations. Plus, it lasts one heck of a lot longer than the EMP. That said, if I want a fast Max Nanosuit, I’d prefer the EMP. Without armor, everybody dies quickly, and not having to worry about cloaked foes is a huge bonus. With Retriever, the Gunship wins every time, but if you don’t run that perk too much, EMPs tend to build to Maximum Power more effectively.


By the power of Crynet, you have the power!

Max Nanosuit is the final streak, yes. It’s the most powerful all around, yes. It’s a little too much fun for its own good, yes. It is not, however, a streak you should just use and forget. Instead, save it until you die. Once respawned, make a beeline for the nearest cluster of enemies, preferably a large one, and go in guns blazing. You’ll get a Radar at least, probably a Swarmer/Orbital Strike.

In short, the Max Nanosuit is a tool for getting another one, or at least extending an otherwise short streak. Make sure you use it intelligently, and have an escape plan at all times. You don’t want to be staring down four enemies when you’ve drained the last of your Maximum Power.


*In gaming, of course. If you’ve made it this far down, I applaud your ability to read for long periods.

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