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Anger is a natural response to the bullshit some games have built into them. Bad hit detection, other lag, poor map design, unfair mechanics, to name a few. Then, of course, there’s the crap other players pull using the mechanics of the game. There are too many to name, and I know all of you have a laundry list of grievances from an equally long list of games. I know too that you want to make some of those assholes pay for their antics, and I want to share a couple ways of getting back at them without stooping to their level.

Keep to the high road

The most rewarding, if not the most effective, counter to a player using cheap, cheesy tactics is to play legitimately and beat them anyway. The main issue here is your frustration when they don’t get the hint. In their eyes, they don’t, won’t, or “can’t” play the way you do and win, so they use what they know works. Assuming they aren’t using a glitch or cheat, you may find that you can’t change the way they’re playing. In rare cases, you will break their cycle temporarily, and in a small number of those cases, make them realize the rewards of challenge.

This method is a personal victory rather, and should be your first and last response to the trolls. If they leave because you stood your ground, then more power to you. If they didn’t, know that at least you didn’t quit or wallow in their filth

Break their will

This tactic harkens to my previous post of Know Your Game, when I say you it should be your focus to make the douchebag’s day as hellish as possible. You should still use acceptable tactics, but other than that, use whatever methods you like to demoralize and frustrate your foe. I leave the less savory means up to your imagination. Here’s a brief list of some high brow strategies to make your point known.

  1. Kill them and pick up their gun, then kill them with it. If the weapon is itself a cheap tactic, use it only as an identifier. Beat them with their weapon in your hands, but through other means.
  2. Use an underpowered setup, preferably something you’ve used before to challenge yourself. Find your moronic foe, and defeat him with this setup. At the end of the round, try to make him use the setup, claiming is effectiveness, and keep using it yourself.
  3. Uses the best setup in the game, but be completely passive with it. Engage no one, not even your target. See if you can win using your wits and whatever auxiliary score/kill method you can.


What do you guys do to get back at the asshats and morons in the games you play? I know many of you have some very creative solutions.

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  1. this elementary article looks like it was writen by a rage-quitting crybaby wannabe gamer that got butthurt one too many times in a cod match and shut off his system and got an idea to write about.
    boo hoo bad sport.
    with no cheating or glitching all is fair.build a bridge and get over it.get better not bitter.
    players like this are the asshats.

    • While you are obviously equally “butthurt” about the archetype that wrote this article you do (unknowingly most likely) bring up a good point; there will always be cheating, glitching, and unfairness. I use these terms very loosely because as long as you are not modifying the game in anyway, you are technically not doing anything wrong, even if you are camping in a corner behind a wall with a shock charge and a trophy system on either side of yourself while running scavenger so you can replenish you skill-free wall of protection whenever you get a kill. Getting mad over players using tactics that you disagree with is very silly. It only hurts your focus and your game performance. A true warrior does not let the actions of others determine his outlook or attitude, he grabs victory by the fucking testicles and says “All your base are belong to me”.

      • Oh and a side note:
        Flack jacket takes care of tubes, engineer takes care of equipment, and fmj’s take care of glitchers hiding in the walls.

      • I personally think that if a player on the opposite team is using such tactics as the writer expresses ,then it does,as you hint ,Woolly,add a level of challenge for the “true warrior” to overcome the strategy of the said foe.However,the level of skill another player possesses does not,in my opinion,dictate our own skills as a player.Nor can it predict the outcome of the competition.Players have to approach the battlefield with the best one has,confronting any and all tactics.Victory is the prize,the only prize and in pursuit of it ,learning something about ourselves.Where to improve and how to win (or loose),minus glitches and cheating.If the guy wants to use the ‘noobtube’ let him die with it.Vengeance is earned serving justice,revenge is stooping to his level of simplicity.

  2. While I’m not typically a proponent of calling any tactics “cheap,” I guess this can really be applied to any strategies you don’t enjoy/respect.

    Like you said, playing a certain way will almost never send a “message” to your opponent. Your best bet is to either beat them at their own game (which you may find distasteful) or simply play your best and just not worry how others play.

    Or you know, just use hacks.

  3. The more I think about it, the more I see my errors in writing this article. While I still believe some tactics are cheap or against the flow of the game, at certain levels of play, no tactic is out of the question. It’s a matter of perspective, and I suppose that if you want to change someone’s playstyle, the steps in this article aren’t going to do any justice to that end.

    Ultimately, this was a attempt to get some of my thoughts on “paper,” and I think I’d have been better served doing it privately than on the site. While I wasn’t particularly angry while writing the article itself, these are the kinds of responses I try to think up when someone’s got my hackles up.

  4. Steps to getting revenge:

    1. Beat them with rogues gallery.

    2. Beat them with a lightweight, scrambler M4 with a shotgun attachment.

    3. Beat them with the Covenant Carbine.

    4. Beat them with wall bouncing elbow swings.

    5. Beat them while wearing nothing but a loin cloth and a dragon bone fist.

    6. Don’t play Assassin’s Creed. : )

  5. But of course all of those steps require being better than them to begin with… I recommend not losing to begin with and if they try to call you out, well you wouldn’t know because you’re in party chat.

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