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We’ve all done it: sit down to play a game for “just 10 minutes” and, next thing you know, 17 hours have passed. The sun is rising, you played right through your work shift, and your cat died of starvation.

The worst part? Your eyes hurt like hell because the blue-shifted radiation pouring from your screen into your view-holes has demolished your retinas. And while you could try something like cutting back on video gaming or becoming a responsible human being, where’s the fun in that?

Gunnar Optiks giveaway

UPDATE: Contest extended until May 22!

Gunnar Optiks eyewear use fancy light-bending tricks to reduce the strain on your brain associated with extended gaming sessions. All that technology could normally run you more than $80 a pair, but Gunnar decided to be nice and give away ten sets for free!

To enter, just fill out your info in the box below. Next thing you know, you could be sporting these futuristic shades. But hurry, the contest only goes until the end of April May 4!

NOTE: if you don’t see the contest form above, try refreshing the page!


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