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Jumping into a game of Team Fortress 2 for the first time in months, there are certain things you forget (for instance, just how poorly the game performs compared to modern titles). But other aspects of TF2 are irrevocably burned into my brain – map routes, weapon quirks, and effective gameplay strategies.

So when I repeatedly watched my teammates failing time and time again to dispatch enemy Spies, I was enraged. How could these players, who undoubtedly had more recent experience with murdering masked agents, be so bad at hunting down and killing them? It’s easy, really… and I’ll explain how.

When you encounter an enemy Spy, the first thing you need to realize is that Spies are easy, defenseless targets. Think of them as score pinatas, waltzing around the map just waiting to be popped for points.

So when you spot an agent sabateur, don’t worry about calling him out to your squad – you won’t need backup. In fact, if you alert your colleagues to a Spy’s presence, someone else might get the kill… no points for you! Keep your secret to yourself and soon you’ll be at the top of the scoreboard.

Now at first, you might be tempted to empty your primary weapon of choice at the would-be backstabber. Sure, rockets, bullets, and fire all kill Spies… but you should be saving your real weapons for real threats. Instead, switch to your melee weapon and run directly at the offending Frenchman. It’s not only more effective, it’s more satisfying.

At this point, the enemy Spy will most likely run away (assuming he doesn’t simply die from the sheer terror of seeing you engage him in melee combat). And while Spies run as fast or faster than most of the TF2 cast, don’t give up pursuit, no matter what! Run directly at the Spy (or his last known position), flailing your weapon at the air. This method is 100% guaranteed to result in a dead player, so go for it!

If the Spy runs up a flight of stairs, follow him! If he jaunts around a blind corner, you’d be a coward not to follow! If your masked enemy flees directly into an area you know is controlled and populated by the entire opponent force, well, you’re not going to let that get in the way of your daily Spy killin’, are you?

Finally, don’t get distracted by the objective. Sometimes, hunting down a single Spy could take two, three, or even twenty minutes. Remember: it’s worth it. Your teammates may give you a hard time about letting the bomb cart roll back, or abandoning the Uber push when you were at 98% charge, but they’re just jealous. They’ll come around to their senses when, half an hour later, you’ve tracked down and murdered the Spy you glimpsed at the beginning of the round.

By now, you’re probably a pro at Spy killing tactics, but just to recap:

  • If you see something, don’t say jack shit to your team
  • Always fight in melee range, where the Spy is most powerful
  • Follow Spies blindly into dangerous/unknown territory
  • Killing the Spy is always more important than the objective

Got any Spy hunting tips yourself? Share them in the comments below!


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    • This site seems to have a habit of people unable to detect sarcasm. Let’s give them a loving, easy-to-remember name. Hmm, I think “idiots” would fit.

      An odd thought that so many idiots would run across it expecting serious honesty, even though it literally says it on the site’s subtitle that that is not to be encountered here. Yes it does, shut up with your literal reading skills which I don’t have!

      For additional lolz, consult Wing’s other guides, such as his trading guide or the spy videos. Aah, those are the greatest jokes of all, aren’t they.
      (This is SO gonna get me banned.)

      Anyway, when facing a Spy, always remember that they’re literally as harmless as a just-fed declawed kitten. They might try to take out their baby guns and point them at you, but they can’t harm you. In fact, they shoot BB pellets able to hurt only babies like them, so continue walking straight at them. If you appear to be suffering of damage and/or death, that’s just a hub glitch. Report it to Valve at once!

  1. OMG OP change your title to “what NOT to do” because that guide is completely worthless rofl. Who let that “WiNGSPANTT” even write in this site? Please whoever is in charge of Top Tier Tactics, fire that guy. I also can’t stand his Jersey accent anymore, please tell him to stop talking in his videos or just making them at all.

  2. I can’t believe you WiNG, you forgot one of the most important parts!

    If you shot a Spy once and he dies, he’s obviously dead. His frail, francophone, frogs-legs eating body can’t even handle a single stray bullet or wisp of flame. If you see a Spy die then they are dead, any suspicions you may have are simply rampant, unwarranted paranoia.

    Any strange, loud noises you may hear a few seconds after an easy Spy kill are merely audio errors that you should take time to report to Valve. There’s no risk of anything happening while you make the report, since you did kill the Spy after all.

  3. But Wing, what if I need advice in topics not related to simulating headgear?

    I demand that this become a series ASAP, with the next iterations being about the proper behaviour when spotting a pursuer or your target.

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