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In preparation for E3 and the pending announcements about Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers, it looks like Wizards of the Coast has spilled the beans on two deck lists for its upcoming digital adaptation.

The previews include Avacyn’s Glory, a human/angel white beatdown pile, and Masks of the Dimir, a blue/black card advantage/discard deck. No big thematic surprises!

Thanks to Wizards Sean and Mechsican from the new DOTP subreddit for sharing these card lists!

Note: Some cards are from Magic 2014 and do not have official Gatherer card descriptions yet.

Avacyn’s Glory decklist

1 x Angelic Overseer
1 x Archangel
1 x Champion of the Parish
2 x Doomed Traveler
2 x Elder Catharangelic overseer
2 x Elgaud Inquisitor
2 x Fiend Hunter
1 x Geist-Honored Monk
2 x Goldnight Commander
1 x Mentor of the Meek
1 x Midnight Guard
1 x Requiem Angel
2 x Selfless Cathar
3 x Thraben Valiant
2 x Unruly Mob
1 x Voice of the Provinces
3 x Gather the Townsfolk
2 x Hallow
1 x Honor of the Pure
2 x Oblivion Ring
2 x Path to Exile
25 x Plains


Avacyn’s Glory unlocks

1.  Mikaeus, the Lunarch
2.  Angel’s Mercy
3.  Seraph of Dawn
4.  Gather the Townsfolkavacyn angel of hope inn
5.  Honor of the Pure
6.  Champion of the Parish
7.  Seraph of Dawn
8.  Thraben Doomsayer
9.  Angelic Overseer
10.  Avacyn, Angel of Hope
11.  Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
12.  Champion of the Parish
13.  Ring of Three Wishes
14.  Mentor of the Meek
15.  Fiend Hunter
16.  Baneslayer Angel
17.  Seraph of Dawn
18.  Bonds of Faith
19.  Increasing Devotion
20.  Devout Invocation
21.  Soul Warden
22.  Grand Abolisher
23.  Restoration Angel
24.  Hallowed Burial
25.  Elite Inquisitor
26.  Deathless Angel
27.  Martyr’s Bond
28.  Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
29.  Soul Warden
30.  Twilight Shepherd


Masks of the Dimir decklist

1 x Beacon of Unrest
3 x Chittering Ratsnecropolis regent
3 x Dimir Guildmage
3 x Moroii
1 x Necropolis Regent
2 x Ravenous Rats
3 x Surveilling Sprite
3 x Vedalken Dismisser
1 x Vengeful Vampire
2 x Divination
1 x Illusionary Armor
4 x Last Gasp
2 x Mind Rot
2 x Sleep
3 x Thought Scour
1 x Time Ebb
4 x Terramorphic Expanse
11 x Island
10 x Swamp

Masks of the Dimir unlocks

  1. Mindleech Mass
  2. Lobotomy
  3. Ravenous Rats
  4. Illusionary Armor
  5. Sleep
  6. Mark of the Vampireavatar of will
  7. Threads of Disloyalty
  8. Treasure Hunt
  9. Archaeomancer
  10. Evil Twin
  11. Consult the Necrosages
  12. Vengeful Vampire
  13. Illusionary Armor
  14. Dire Undercurrents
  15. Lobotomy
  16. Threads of Disloyalty
  17. Fool’s Demise
  18. Archaeomancer
  19. Guardian of the Ages
  20. Avatar of Will
  21. Slate Street Ruffian
  22. Shadow Slice
  23. Smog Elemental
  24. Hands of Binding
  25. Mental Vapors
  26. Diluvian Primordial
  27. Stolen Identity
  28. Dinrova Horror
  29. Countersquall
  30. Doomsday Specter

Avacyn’s Glory looks like a big pile of kickass with cards that will provide solid beats at every turn in the game. I’m a little more concerned about Masks of the Dimir, which might be a little too slow to compete against beatdown decks, much in the same way Rogue’s Gallery faltered in Duels 2013. What do you think of these Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers decks? Let us know in the comments below!


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    • Exactly, it looks like a deck for dicks who can’t win by any other means than to bumrush their opponent in a format which is built around long-ish games.

      Yes, Aggro is a valid playstyle and I use it sometimes, but from the tendencies, many decks in DotP don’t and won’t have the capabilites to deal with it due to their design.

      Well, I certainly am looking forward to making Dimir work this time around. It seems that Wizards have realised that you might need to toss some noncreature card advantage, mill, and res into a deck built around the colours best at noncreatures, card advantage, mill, and res.

      Then again, I wouldn’t really call three cantrips which happen to mill 2 a mill strategy, nor one res spell (which recurs, but still) a res strategy. Hmm. And only one counterspell out of the many delicious ones which would be available.

      Well, maybe I’m looking at this deck wrong. I’m expecting a decent deck, that’s it. Oh, am I not clever. Anyhow. It might be playable, with some radical unlock swapping. 3 Vedalken Dismisser? Oh how kind of you, Wizards… can I now have a card which at least Timmy would play?

      This might not sound like it, but I am looking forward to the Dimir deck. It looks to have a decent amount of ways to ensure the stuff which wants to hit can hit. If nothing else, we get a B deck with some actual Black spells in it. (Removal, because spamming that is literally all that Black does, all day.)

      I even understand why it seems weak right now. Draw/Discard strategies can be very unfun against which to play, and it must build on synergy. I just hope that Wizards doesn’t overbalance it… again. In my opinion, if you find yourself empty-handed versus a deck like this one or maybe a slightly stronger one while they still have cards, then you entirely deserve to lose because you didn’t prevent them from going off.

      Wizards knows. Wizards cares. Wizards won’t implement decks which win by turn 4 regardless of what you do, or such with OP Yeva.

      On another note, it’s also refreshing to see some cards which are less than six years old. Powercreep is a real thing sometimes, and blame me for saying that, but playing exclusively with cards from four blocks back feels a bit off-time. Especially when 60% of the game’s decks are multicoloured and you’re excluding one of the most multi-friendly blocks printed. (In fact, I wouldn’t call RTR multi-friendly as much as “If you play mono, I will come to your house and murder you with a thousand papercuts while you sleep”-mono-unfriendly.)

      • While losing to a horde of humans/angels is not fun, and may be to overpowered, I would strongly suggest not rating it until all or most of the decks are released.
        Some might be the very definition of Anti-Aggro while others might not. Until we know that one deck is so amazing that it cannot be defeated, I would hold off judgement.
        On a side note, my favorite deck to play in standard is a boros human aggro style deck, so this might have been a little biased. :)

      • Saying agrro decks are for dicks while preferring to use a late game dominance deck is a bit rich. Even Jace is a legit strategy if boring/infuriating.

        The beauty of Magic is that no strategy reins supreme and the most well tuned decks can still be bum-rushed by a few goblins. =)

        Having said that, Dimir looks awfully weak – vengeful vamp as unlocks?! WTF!

      • Hyperbole, people. Aggro is fine; As I said, I use it often enough myself. However, in DotP, aggro seems to mean Goblin Ganglands, and I think we can agree that the world would be a better place without that deck.

        As it looks right now, Angels might turn into Peacekeepers 2.0, except with some late plays as well so that you will also lose even if you do manage to hold them off until the game progresses. Fun to be had by all, right?

        Dimir has the potential to be a very powerful combination. After all, it is the most controlling colours combined. Because there’s the potential for power and unfun games, Wizards seems to like to overbalance the thing. And leave in Goblins instead. Sigh.

        Hey, Jace isn’t boring, he’s fun and awesome! At least if you aren’t going the cookie cutter straight mill build that everyone online uses. Try a deck built around Howling Mines. This is Magic indeed – every strategy can be made to work if you don’t completely suck.

        I’m sad enough that there’s no possibility that there will be a mill deck in DotP14. Even if there was to be, it’d have almost literally no way to win against the Eldrazi, so you could just as well concede if you saw them using that deck. I wonder if there have been other instances of such hard counters, hmm…

    • I agree with toraka. Wizards made the decks pretty broke. dimir in 2013 was so bad for what I expected it to be and with this deck-list it might be just as bad, especially going against a deck like goblin gangland or the such. But on another wizards also tried to balance peacekeepers to not be a straight aggro deck. no matter how hard you try you wont have a very effective aggro deck with more one drops than twos with peacekeepers. that deck has the most 3 drops out of anything and most people that play online will leave those sort of things in. its only really when you play smart people who know how to build their decks that it becomes very aggressive and there are still ways to deal with them that wizards provides, albeit the the best, but still some options. For example, Crosswinds has a deck speed of 3 stars and yet everyone online runs it as a late game deck centered around bouncing time warp. but the truth is it is supposed to be a face paced deck centered around early drop fliers and bouncing back enemy creatures to make them not block or attack, so for example crosswinds should be a fair match-up to peacekeepers but thats not how a lot of people build their decks. But I do agree that gangland is really overpowered because it is the only truely aggro deck in a game where most deckas are mid range and even the late game decks that should be centered around control have shitty options

  1. Once again… would it really kill them to give the Dimir pile some quality spot removal? Is having 2 Throats or Tragic Slips just way over the top OP? I guess I’ll be running all three sleeps since that will be the only defense against huge Angel and Eldrazi bombs… sigh.

  2. I agree with you wing. Avacyn looks like a solid deck capable of causing problems each and every turn. Dimir looks a little slow imo as well and certainly seems to me as the most underwhelming of the 4 decks released yesterday.

  3. WiNGSPANTT, would you be able to provide a deck analysis for both 1v1 AND 2HG in the future?

    I love Rogue in 2013 and while it’s too weak in 1v1 match ups, in 2v2 it really shines to a point I use it more than any of my other decks atm; looks like Dimir 2014 might have the same issue.

    Btw, has 2014 enabled multiple build saves for individual decks or do I still have to manually re-organise my deck every time I switch between 1v1 and 2HG?

  4. Dimir seems to lack focus, the Dimir deck last year was much more focused on its strategy and even then was hard to put your shit together and march to victory, I wonder how Dimir 2014 will fare.

  5. Found the new Mono Green Beats list on GameTrailers.com

    Garruk’s “Hunter’s Strength” Deck
    2 Bramblecrush
    2 Cudgel Troll
    3 Garruk’s Companion
    3 Gloomwidow
    3 Kalonian Hydra
    2 Sacred Wolf
    3 Sentinel Spider
    2 Enlarge
    1 Garruk’s Horde
    2 Hunt the Weak
    2 Nature’s Lore
    2 Overrun
    2 Oakenform
    3 Prey Upon
    1 Primeval Bounty
    1 Regal Force
    2 Staff of the Wild Magus
    24 Forest

    Master of the Wild Hunt
    Wurmskin Forger
    Staff of the Wild Magus
    Leatherback Baloth
    Eternal Witness
    Predator Ooze
    Living Hive
    Savage Summoning
    Regal Force
    Eternal Witness
    Elephant Guide
    Prey Upon
    Rampaging Baloths
    Nature’s Lore
    Fangren Firstborn
    Overwhelming Stampede
    Beastmaster Ascension
    Bellowing Tanglewurm
    Nature’s Lore
    Craterhoof Behemoth

  6. I call it a “Peace angels” deck its feels like peacekeepers upgrade with angels instead of soldiers now.

    As for the Dimir…. seriously another bunch of individual hard to use so-call HIGH TECH situational cards lump together. Rough gallery fail 2.0

    I rather play a dimir mill cos with the availbe SIMPLE cards in 2013.
    4 crabs
    4 T.expense
    2 mana leak
    4 counter spells
    4 murder
    3 fog bank
    1 memory erosion
    2 Glimpse the unthinkable
    3 unsummon
    3 mind rots.
    2 dimir cut purse
    2 dimir gulidmage
    2 jace phantasm
    2 jace eraser
    and some cards draws

    simple cards and powerful milling.

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