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Hot on the heels of Avacyn’s Glory and Masks of the Dimir, it looks like another two decks for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 are being revealed.

First up is chant of Mul Daya, a green deck that’s based on summoning Eldrazi terrors and annihilating the competition. I was surprised and excited to see this show up in a Duels game, and there’s certainly opportunity for some insane plays.

Also making its debut is Enter the Dracomancer, a Jund deck that’s all about dragons: summoning dragons, raising dragons, even becoming a dragon! Daenerys, eat your heart out.

Chant of Mul Daya decklist

1 x Artisan of Kozilek
4 x Farhaven Elf
4 x Grazing Gladehart
2 x Oracle of Mul Daya
1 x Pathrazer of Ulamog
2 x Pelakka Wurm
1 x Primeval Titan
1 x Sporemound
2 x Ulamog’s Crusher
1 x Vastwood Hydra
2 x All Is Dust
1 x Eldrazi Conscription
3 x Explore
1 x It That Betrays
4 x Khalni Heart Expedition
4 x Rampant Growth
25 Forest


  1. Primeval Titan
  2. Bountiful Harvest
  3. Woodborn Behemoth
  4. Into the Wilds
  5. Explore
  6. Oracle of Mul Daya
  7. Eldrazi Conscription
  8. Terastodon
  9. Fierce Empath
  10. Scute Mob
  11. Green Sun’s Zenith
  12. Eye of Ugin
  13. Bountiful Harvest
  14. Flourishing
  15. Rites of Flourishing
  16. Artisan of Kozilek
  17. Pelakka Wurm
  18. Woodborn Behemoth
  19. Vengevine
  20. Elvish Piper
  21. Tangle
  22. Exploration
  23. Vigor
  24. Tangle
  25. Elvish Piper
  26. Summoning Trap
  27. Plow Under
  28. Terastodon
  29. Exporation
  30. Tooth and Nail


Enter the Dracomancer decklist

2 x Borderland Ranger
4 x Dragon Fodder
2 x Dragonspeaker Shaman
1 x Flameblast Dragon
2 x Gorger Wurm
3 x Hellkite Hatchling
1 x Hellkite Overlord
2 x Igneous Pouncer
1 x Predator Dragon
4 x Tukatongue Thallid
2 x Valley Rannet
1 x Volcanic Dragon
4 x Cultivate
2 x Jund Charm
1 x Sangrite Surge
4 x Soul’s Fire
4 x Terramorphic Expanse
9 Forest
7 Mountain
4 Swamp


  1. Form of the Dragon
  2. Torrent of Fire
  3. Dragon Fangs
  4. Borderland Ranger
  5. Sangrite Surge
  6. Crucible of Fire
  7. Predator Dragon
  8. Hellkite Hatchling
  9. Maelstrom Pulse
  10. Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund
  11. Dragon Roost
  12. Dragonspeaker Shaman
  13. Crucible of Fire
  14. Torrent of Fire
  15. Jund Battlemage
  16. Dragonspeaker Shaman
  17. Maelstrom Pulse
  18. Ogre Battledriver
  19. Dragon Breath
  20. Broodmate Dragon
  21. Consume Strength
  22. Torrent of Fire
  23. Banefire
  24. Bloodbraid Elf
  25. Dragonlair Spider
  26. Spellbreaker Behemoth
  27. Artifact Mutation
  28. Maelstrom Pulse
  29. Penumbra Wurm
  30. Dragon Broodmother

Both of these decks seem like a lot of fun for players who want to summon huge, battlefield-wrecking monsters to the table. Personally, I prefer Eldrazi abominations over the more traditional winged lizards… but when either is staring you down, what’s the difference?


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  1. Wow, that Eldrazi pile looks INSANE! I honestly don’t see a single weakness with that thing… it looks like an higher quality Ancient Depths with cheaper ramp, better life gain, and some truly insane creature fetching/casting abilities. I’m calling it right now, that pile will be the obnoxiously OP top tier deck of DOTP 2014. You better got out FAST and start punching that thing in the face ASAP, otherwise you won’t stand a chance late game… and by late game, I seriously only mean by turn 4-5, not 8-9.

      • Of course, not that Summoning Trap was any less insane. Get a free(-ish) creature with enough choice to almost always make it worth it, at instant speed, whenever something gets countered. Awesome, considering that this is exactly the deck which would have its creatures get countered. You know what sort of deck this also is? One that would pay 6 mana to get a Flashed creature at opponent’s EOT since it’s got so much stuff worth much more that you’re almost guaranteed to find something!

        So it’s Ancient Depths, except with some actual creatures in it. Ironically, no way to generate Eldrazi Spawn as I see it, because wah wah, mana pool is too complex for the casuals. Also, the deck’s strategy, at least with the unlocks, seems to consist more of cheating out the fatties than to actually ramp up and play them like a real man. Huh, looking forward to that. Maybe balancing will be halfway decent and you’ll be able to run either cheat mode or ramp.

        And the other. Well, it’s a Jund deck. Lotsa Timmy, lotsa dragons, lotsa stuff that I already know I’ll hate. No, I don’t want to play it, even though MTGO keep forcing me to. (And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling lands not showing up until I mulled down to 2.)

        There was already a tricolour deck in DotP… 12? 11? I wouldn’t know and I won’t check now even though there’s a shortcut on my desktop. As much as I’ll go to any lengths to play artifacts, Machinations somewhat sucked, especially because the mana tapping AI was only slightly smarter than the opponent AI. Now, with the improved possibilities, it looks to be a fine deck, if its fixing works out. To be honest, I would’ve preferred that they use some of the artifact fixing from RTR. I did that last night, worked perfectly fine. But again, nonland mana sources, as well as using cards which were printed after I was born. DotP likes neither, I’m afraid.

        On another note, I foresee that there won’t be another mill deck to fill the quirky deck slot. Why? Oh, I’m just that clairvoyant. Maybe there will instead be another artifacts, or a monoU control deck stuffed with way too many ways to get infinite turns. Oh wait.

        In all seriousness though, maybe… maybe a creatureless deck, or one with strictly-better-than-everything Slivers… one can only dream.

  2. @JohnM: There probably won’t be an Izzet deck, as the Guild decks were there to “showcase” Return to Ravnica.

  3. Wow
    I tried these basic builds in Cockatrice without adding anything

    The eldrazi deck was very, very, very, OP in my early playtesting
    once it reaches 6 mana with primevil titan or 10 mana and put a single eldrazi, the game is pretty much over. Looks like it is the next Goblin Ganglands.

    Thinking right now that maybe a deck with lots of counters/bounce, or maybe a deck full of spot removal like grim processor, or obedient deck, will be the only ones to stand against it. Burn is very much useless, Unless the burn is applied to the guys who get you life with landfall, these seem to be key to survive early.

    The white deck seems weaker than peacekeepers, the jund deck seems like it will suffer from mana screw a lot, and doesn have very much spot removal. Masks of the dimir seems strange, if you dont get lots of removal and discard, the cards arent that powerful. It has lots of bounce, but there isnt enough power in the cards I played.

    • 3 of the decks don’t seem very interesting – lots of land -> massive creatures -> stomp.

      Where are the strategies, the combos that saved your ass and buy you that 1 extra round to win? There’s a reason why Ancient Wild is far more interesting to play than Pack Instinct in 2013. =(

  4. Found the new Mono Green Beats list on GameTrailers.com

    Garruk’s “Hunter’s Strength” Deck
    2 Bramblecrush
    2 Cudgel Troll
    3 Garruk’s Companion
    3 Gloomwidow
    3 Kalonian Hydra
    2 Sacred Wolf
    3 Sentinel Spider
    2 Enlarge
    1 Garruk’s Horde
    2 Hunt the Weak
    2 Nature’s Lore
    2 Overrun
    2 Oakenform
    3 Prey Upon
    1 Primeval Bounty
    1 Regal Force
    2 Staff of the Wild Magus
    24 Forest
    Master of the Wild Hunt
    Wurmskin Forger
    Staff of the Wild Magus
    Leatherback Baloth
    Eternal Witness
    Predator Ooze
    Living Hive
    Savage Summoning
    Regal Force
    Eternal Witness
    Elephant Guide
    Prey Upon
    Rampaging Baloths
    Nature’s Lore
    Fangren Firstborn
    Overwhelming Stampede
    Beastmaster Ascension
    Bellowing Tanglewurm
    Nature’s Lore
    Craterhoof Behemoth

    • I get my 2014 news from that site nowadays – more up-to-date than TTT and I don’t have a million separate tabs opened just to look at the cards.

  5. I’ve been using a random number generator to determine which decks I fully unlock, and was unfortunate enough to draw the Enter the Dracomancer deck first. It is, by far, one of the worst decks I have ever played with. Playing it as a devour deck is entirely too slow, card costs are horrendously imbalanced and omfg could you make having a 3-color mana pool any more worthless? Then add in how ridiculously easy it is to counter you big guns…and…the only reason to play this deck is to show someone how bad it is or how to not construct a deck.

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