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Last year, Rabid Ferret had the distinguished honor of representing Top Tier Tactics at E3. This year, the pleasure is all mine.

There are certainly tons of things I’m hankering to see and play, not least of which are Sony and Microsoft’s newest consoles, as well as personal favorite titles like Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

But we’re not here to talk about me. I want to know what you are interested in hearing from the Electronic Entertainment Exposition floor.

Is there a particular game or a piece of hardware you want to learn more about? Is there a question you want asked, or a feature you want discovered? Do you want to know if the PS4 holds up to the hype, or if the Xbox One really is the Antichrist?

I’m all ears – so leave your suggestions below. I’ll try to cover everything I can and report back with my findings, assuming I’m not bribed well enough to hush up the truth.


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  1. Hey, I have seen DICE advertising the stream of live BF4 MP matches that you guys play, I would love for you to check out:

    -BF4 Multiplayer
    – ACIV
    -Killzone Shadow Fall
    – COD: Ghosts – can you actually see any difference in graphics etc
    and can you please try and find out whether Rainbow 6 Patriots is till on the table :) cheers

  2. Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    Duels 2014

    Those are the biggies that i’m really excited about. Blizzard is also creating its own online free to play tcg called Hearthstone. If you have time check it out. They announced it at PAX so they should be having at least a little in game footage at E3!

  3. Hello, thanks for asking you’re viewers i’ll name a couple that are not listed yet, that perks an interest to my likings

    – Arma 3

    -Dayz Standalone

    -Wolfenstein The New Order

    Can’t wait to see what footage you get.

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