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Congratulations to Radius and Leetinha, the winners of the Starcraft 2 Guest Pass Giveaway!

They were chosen by fate using random.org, which determined them the moral and intellectual superiors of all who entered.

Disclaimer: Starcraft 2 guest passes have no monetary value outside of South Korea.

What were their favorite Starcraft units?

Radius told Top Tier Tactics, “Simple as it is, Terran Marine is my favorite unit. It almost got everything you need. Range attack, attacks ground and air, drugs(stimpacks), and it’s cheap enough to flood your enemy with it.”

Leetinha shed light on the situation with this astute observation: “My favorite starcraft unit is the dark templars because they look awsome and they do a lot of damage :D and ghosts are pretty cool too :P”

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Keep your eyes open for future Top Tier Tactics contests!

Note: Winners will be contacted via e-mail with follow-up and prize redemption.
If they do not respond within 5 days, new winners will be selected.

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  1. Speaking of DTs, one of my favourite changes to SC2 is actually the [i]removal[/i] of Dark Archons. A rather effective Protoss strategy (at least I find) is to get a few DTs, harass the base and units, and when the detectors start to come out, get just out of visible range, morph into Archons, and come back and maul the rest of the base.

    • Agreed. In my opinion, Dark Archons were a corny afterthought. Sure, their abilities were useful, but the very notion of having a “dark” version of a unit that is just palette-swapped is laughable.

      Now that you can turn DTs into (albeit more expensive) regular Archons, it makes investing in them less of a total wash.

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