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You hate Microsoft.

Maybe you hated them before E3, maybe you hated them afterwards. Maybe it’s the $100 premium on their new console, the I-spy-with-my-little-eye Kinect sensor, or the company’s brash decisions about DRM and used games.

There are tons of reasons to want to buy a Playstation 4.

Unfortunately, none of those reasons are “the PS4 is an inherently more compelling hardware solution.”

Just like you, I wrestled with my feelings about the Xbox One and the PS4. I literally jumped for joy when I learned Sony wouldn’t be imposing archaic DRM on its customers, and that its console would cost 20% less than that of Microsoft’s. But after playing on both systems over the course of the last four days, I have to objectively admit that the Xbox One is a better console. Fuck.

The Xbox One controller is (against the will of God) a masterpiece

Ask the average gamer and she’ll agree: with the exception of the original d-pad, the Xbox 360 controller is pretty much perfect. The ergonomics, the button placements, the analog tension, the weight… everything about the controller is basically the pinnacle of game input technology.

Well, that’s what I thought too, until I tried the Xbox One controller. Jesus himself could tell you I wanted to believe it sucked. I didn’t want to like it, since that would cost me $500. But the thing is somehow exponentially better than even the 360 gamepad.

The analog sticks have etched edges that make it almost impossible for your thumbs to lose grip. The menu buttons are farther out of the way, making it less likely you’d mash them by mistake. The d-pad is actually competent and responsive. And the analog triggers… sweet lord, the analog triggers. These things by themselves could have put the Xbox One gamepad ahead of the Dualshock. I’ve already explained why in my Forza 5 overview, but they basically add an entirely new dimension of feedback to videogames. You can feel things like music and your character’s pulse, without it being overbearing.

Don’t take this to mean the Dualshock is bad – it’s not. The new, concave analog sticks are a huge improvement. But the rest is pretty much the same. Yeah, you’ve got a touchscreen, but until more details arise about it (no games at E3 used it), it’s basically a tacked-on gimmick. And that giant glowing LED on the back of the controller? It is just as annoying as you might guess it is.

The Kinect isn’t a gimmick (as it would be in a just universe)

Whatever you think about the Kinect of days old or the device’s creepy spying abilities, the inescapable reality is that the sensor is absolutely astounding. It eliminates the need for a microphone, even for multiple players. It can detect all your movements and translate them into head tracking or Z-axis input. I mean, holy shit, it can sense your heartbeat and your current mood. Imagine Eternal Darkness with 458% more mindfuck: delivering scary moments when the game can tell you are most likely to shit your pants.

That’s the power of the Kinect. That is something that, right now, no other console can do. And if you think it’s only a motion gimmick toy, you simply don’t have enough imagination.

Smart Glass is (against all odds) well thought-out software

Both Microsoft and Sony made a big deal out of mobile integration this year, but the truth is Sony didn’t have anything to show for all its bluster. “There will be third party apps” is a nice promise, but it really can’t stand up to the demonstrable integration of Xbox One Smart Glass.

No, Smart Glass is not just a promise. Because it’s a built-in first party application, it’s tied to next generation titles in crazy new ways… things that devs will have access to from launch. In that wannabe Spartan game Ryse, I saw Smart Glass deliver real-time gameplay stats, strategy guides, achievement lists, and character management. Similarly it was discussed for Forza – tracking your race times, showing you leaderboard standings, and souping up your cars for the next race.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the non-shitty version of the Dreamcast VMUs. This is game extension you can take with you anywhere. So even when you log off your match of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag multiplayer, you could possibly issue challenges to friends, set up ability profiles, or learn new stealth tactics. And because it’s from Microsoft, it will be available on Android, iOS, and Windows 8/phone. Essentially, your computer (and, less likely, your mobile device) will become extensions of your Xbox Console. It’s so unpredictably accessible I want to vomit at the thought of shelling out an extra $100 for it.

Software will be better on Xbox One (I hope saying this jinxes it)

I know software exclusives are subjective, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time here. Instead, I’ll just say this: Killer fucking Instinct. Panzer goddamn Dragoon. Maybe these don’t mean anything to you, but they mean an awful lot to nostalgic 90s gamers who want to see their iconic franchises brought back from the dead.

Even the games that aren’t exclusive to Xbox will probably be better on Xbox One, thanks to the immersion technology I’ve mentioned above. So while The Crew will be the same game on both XB1 and PS4, it will most certainly be a better racing experience on Microsoft’s console. You’ll feel your tires slipping when you turn too tight. You’ll see cars overtaking you as you tilt your head. You’ll come to the next race better prepared because you studied your mistakes from your cell phone on your way back from school or work.

It’s like the perfect storm of technological synergy, and it’s going to tear through your expectations as violently as it will tear through your savings account.

Playstation 4’s (remarkably) superior specs won’t matter

On paper, the Playstation 4 is a stronger gaming computer than the Xbox One. It has faster RAM, and more chips in its pipeline for maximum vector rendering (or something like that). But the PS3 was faster than the Xbox 360, which was faster than the Wii. And how did those sales numbers turn out?

Again, I am not saying that what Microsoft is doing is right, or that it’s fair, or that they deserve to win the console wars. But consumers will pay for whatever wows them in the most immediately obvious way, and it’s almost guaranteed the Xbox One is going to make some gamers shit their pants. Then, after some awkward Kinect detection, the console will bring up Bing results for adult diapers.

Remember: You don’t have to play favorites

Even if you do like the Xbox One experience, you don’t have to like what the console stands for, and you sure as hell don’t have to give Microsoft $500. But neither do you have to purchase a Playstation 4 and get a watered down next-generation gaming setup.

My advice? Wait. Don’t preorder anything. Don’t Day 1 purchase anything. Maybe don’t even Day 100 purchase anything.

Wait and see how it plays out. Wait for crazy deals, desperate marketing maneuvers, and final hardware specifications. Wait to see where the dust settles; if developers don’t take advantage of Kinect, trigger haptics, or Smart Glass, there really aren’t many reasons to care about the Xbox hardware. If Killer Instinct and other Xbox One exclusives end up sucking ass, you can enjoy Divekick on the Playstation 4 instead.

Or hey, maybe both consoles will end up disappointing you. You’ve always got the option of joining the glorious PC master race.

Read more about why Microsoft might win the console wars despite its evil DRM scheme.



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  1. Thanks for this post :) I have supported the xbox one since their first reveal, I believe the console is brilliant, and what I can see fom you’re post, there are certain aspects that are really great, (kinect, controller) I can clearly tell this is in-biased (in a certain level) I just thank you for being honest good sir/madam

  2. I’m getting the PS4 day one only because I want the “better” MGSV, in case the next-gen edition is actually better :T

  3. I was really heading towards ps4 but I’m not sure now. Iwill probably wait a year for both. They should have big bugs figured out by then. Thanks for the info.

  4. Watch out, PS4 shills are coming for you, they have pent up anger from the PS3 losing the last battle. Anyways, i have both current gen systems. Ill be getting X1 launch and PS4 next year when some better games come out for it. I buy a system for the games not for the hype. Right now X1 launch titles are way better than the boring crap for PS4. Its a shame sony didnt put more effort into putting out some killer day one apps.

    • Lost what battle? 360 came out first and PS3 still outsold it.

      PS3’s exclusives are graphically superior, and have higher ratings on average than 360 exclusives. Currently PS4 is dominating 360 worldwide preorders. I’m sorry, who was winning again?

      • Lol, The PS3 didn’t even start making a profit until this year. The only reason it out sold the xbox 360 near the end of their lives is because the PS3 is basically half the price it used to be lol. Everyone had to wait for the PS3 to go down in price basically, because it was way overpriced. Sony exclusives are some of the worst selling exclusives on any console. Halo 3 alone outsold Killzone 1,2 and 3 Combined! lol. Your just spitting out misinformation like a boss.

        And Sony lost 4.6 billion dollars due to their mistakes with PS3,they even had to cancel backwards compatibility on their later models to cut costs.

        Microsoft lost 2.7 billion from the Xbox 360 mistakes. Not quite as bad.

  5. TL;DR version: “The XBOX ONE is a superior machine because of a bunch of Kinect features that don’t necessarily add anything to any gaming experience, and the controller made me orgasm because… analog triggers, and my thumbs slip from normal analog sticks, or something.

    Smart Glass is amazing because they showed it off at E3 and Sony’s Playstation App isn’t out yet, and what’s a Vita? Also, as far as I know, Gamefaqs, recording stats about gameplay, and Internet surfing for game related material didn’t exist before I could tether it to my console for no reason.

    PS4 is a more powerful, yet cheaper machine. I’m going to ignore that this point means anything because I say so. Let me make that seem legitimate by referencing sales figures, because we ALL know that’s a good indicator of quality (not really).”

    Cool Story, Bro. Once Microsoft shows me a reason why heartbeat sensing or tilting my head is at all relevant to any core game, ever, without the game having to go out of the way to incorporate such features (i.e. gimmicks), then you may have a point.

    I own a smartphone. Gamefaqs exists. I don’t need an XBOX app for gameplay strats on my phone. If a game can display stats and customize well from the console, why do I need it on the go? It’s a nice little novelty, but XBONE is superior because their’s is demoed already? Riiight….

    Good job disregarding PS4 Remote Play on Vita, BTW. I’d much rather PLAY the game on the go then just look at stats about it. That’s actually a substantial use of mobile integration. Just saying.

    “Watered down next-generation gaming setup” LOL, shots fired. And what about the PS4 is watered down, as it’s admittedly the more powerful machine than XBONE and has less architectural bottlenecks than your average gaming PC? Hmm…. back up your statements please.

    Panzer Dragoon is nice, but good job referencing a fighting game that’s exclusive to a console that’s designed against offline play, which is vital to real fighting game tournaments. Nice move, lol.

    The anti-Microsoft tone was cute, but your points betray your true bias. And I’m not referring to the PC “master race”. I already have a gaming PC. I also have a ton of console games that never come out on it. If you want to enjoy the majority of amazing console games, having a console is kind of a necessity.

    At least with PS4, I actually own the games I purchase.

    • I disregarded Remote Play on the Vita for several reasons: Sony did not provide compelling demos at E3, and the Vita is a substantial financial investment that more than negates the PS4 price difference over the XB1.

      As for the Kinect, I did provide an example, but people just like to throw the words gimmick around left and right. Guess what, the N64 Rumble Pak was a gimmick when it debuted, and 15 years later it is a part of every game. Haptic feedback changed modern game design despite it being a throwaway accessory for a few titles on one platform.

      I also found it hilarious that the PS4 touch screen is never called a gimmick, even though it wasn’t even demonstrated.

      • *Shrug* I never call the Touch Pad on the PS4 controller a gimmick because so far it’s a non-issue. Currently nothing is even really utilizing it, much less actually using it as a selling point to promote anything. I have no problem with tools or capabilities being there if there’s a use for them; it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. But when people try to push trivial gadgets such as those as selling points is when I’ll call it what it’s used as – a gimmick.

        As for the Vita, if lack of compelling E3 demos is why you ignored the feature, logic would dictate that there WAS some sort of compelling gameplay demo to warrant you mentioning Kinect, to say nothing of how you speculate how it’s going to enhance our gameplay experience. But the article lacks specifics to that end, and leaves open the very real possibility that nobody does anything with it. So, which is it? If there was some sort of game demo where Kinect was integrated into a core game and the game was substantially better for it, why aren’t you sharing that with us? Needless to say, I’m not referring to Kinect games like Dance Central or something. Many people have speculated on what an amazing game changer Wii’s motion controls or the original Kinect would be with all the myriad possibilities with that as well. It amounted to basically nothing.

        Also, calling the Vita an additional financial investment on behalf of the PS4 could only possibly be accurate if the SOLE purpose you buy a Vita for is as a PS4 accessory. Which would be your fault, as the Vita is it’s own platform. Unlike the XBONE with Kinect, PS4 and Vita exist and operate independently from each other as well as together. You could have had a Vita a long time ago, and do not need a PS4 to enjoy one. If anything, Vita just needs more games. Remote Play creates a symbiotic relationship between the two that both expands the Vita’s library in a sense, and allows you to play your PS4 games in entirety while mobile.

        But hypothetical head tracking used in nothing to date is more substantial than that I guess.

        Not saying that Sony and PS4 are doing anything particularly compelling yet – neither them or MS are. But MS is digging itself into a hole that Sony has largely steered clear of, and by most accounts PS4 is shaping to be a better suited platform for games and gamers than XB1. So you claim that XB1 is a better machine… from your points, I’m not seeing how.

  6. chances are if you were playing xbox at E3 you were playing a PC anyway

    honestly youve pretty much been in favour of Xbox from the get go it seems im not surprised youve come to this conclusion

    cant fault your advice though always best to wait it out abit

  7. Anybody that thinks the Xbox 360 controller is nearly perfect, needs to be bitch slapped across the face.

    The buttons are horrible, the triggers squeak and they are like 60-70 dollars a pop.

    • This, I’ve owned 5? Xbox 360 controllers so far, and 3 of those controllers had problems with the buttons and I assume with enough gameplay time on the other two the same would happen. The buttons ARE problematic, if you don’t have a problem, you don’t use your 360 enough or you just can’t sense touch very well with your fingers.

  8. What a thoroughly shit article – you even use the language of a PR shill rather than a writer. Disappointed I’ve given you a hit for this but now I’m here…

    PS4 pad: “Yeah, you’ve got a touchscreen, but until more details arise about it (no games at E3 used it), it’s basically a tacked-on gimmick.”

    Kinect: “It can detect all your movements and translate them into head tracking or Z-axis input. I mean, holy shit, it can sense your heartbeat and your current mood. Imagine Eternal Darkness with 458% more mindfuck: delivering scary moments when the game can tell you are most likely to shit your pants.”

    So you’re asking us to disregard use for PS4’s touchscreen on its pad (as no games at E3 used it) and to imagine uses for the heartbeat sensor on Kinect (even though, er, no games at E3 used it). Okay. SEEMS LEGIT.

    And for what it’s worth, Killzone: Shadow Fall at E3 used the touchscreen on the PS4 pad. But let’s just disregard that because KINECT HEARTBEAT SENSOR JUST IMAGINE WOW

    “Smart Glass is (against all odds) well thought-out software”

    And how has Smart Glass – technology that exists for Xbox 360 – worked out so far? Can you name a single example of a game that has been improved for its existence? You can’t and you can only guess it will improve Xbox One games.

    “Playstation 4′s (remarkably) superior specs won’t matter
    On paper, the Playstation 4 is a stronger gaming computer than the Xbox One. It has faster RAM, and more chips in its pipeline for maximum vector rendering (or something like that). But the PS3 was faster than the Xbox 360, which was faster than the Wii. And how did those sales numbers turn out?”

    So PS4’s superior specs won’t matter because you’re guessing PS4 won’t sell as well? How will that make any difference whatsoever to the quality of the games we play? Herp derp.

    “But neither do you have to purchase a Playstation 4 and get a watered down next-generation gaming setup.”

    Oh my good lord. I hope however much Microsoft is paying you for this is worth the hit to your credibility. Jesus Christ, what an absolute shower of shit this article is.

    • Ryse used Smart Glass, as did Project Spark. And if you MUST know, Microsoft paid me exactly $4,300 to write this article. They threw in a $200 bonus if I said “don’t buy the console” at the end, plus another $600 to make a video depicting them as idiots.

    • Come on man…what was the point of that? If you don’t agree with Wing, that’s fine! You have that right. Heck, I don’t agree with anything he just wrote just. But the thing is, not agreeing with someone doesn’t give you the right to disrespect them.

      Wing, in regards to the power difference, what I’ve heard is that actually, not only the PS4 IS more powerful, but also much easier to develop for.

      Well Wing, I was going to offer my 2cents, but I’ll do it some other time. For now, just wanted to say that you shouldn’t allow that kind of immature comment get to you. Keep up the good work buddy (and that crazy humor of yours)!

    • Take a seat Wing. : D

      P.S. I loved the VMU.

      (Next time you chat with Microsoft tell them I’ll sweep the leg for $50… Canadian.) It’s exchanging at 98 cents U.S!!!!!! As of 8:30 EST.

  9. I don’t really believe this. I’m not too bothered by the xbox1 checking in or limiting used game purchases. I get almost all my games through playstation plus and associated sales. I take your strong response to the controller seriously as well, though I happen to prefer the look and feel of the PS3 controller to the xbox controller the trigger feedback has been getting raves.

    Kinnect can maybe do some very cool things but I was surprised that they didn’t really showcase it at E3. Until it has compelling applications the potential is just that. You treat the touch pad of the PS4 as a pure gimmick for this reason (though it will probably make things like entering text and navigating the web easier.) I think the kinnect deserves the same skepticism albeit with more of an upside should everything come together.

    Smart Glass could be significantly better than playstation’s tablet integration. But all you witnessed is a tiny head start a tiny handful of games where the integration is taken seriously, there’s nothing about either the xbox one or playstation 4 as hardware/software platforms that augers for the inevitable superiority of one relative to the other.

    On software I flat out disagree and I love Panzer Dragoon. I think Playstation’s active courting of indies is a bigger deal than iterations of franchises that I remember liking. Not only that I prefered the relative diversity of playstation 3’s exclusives to the 360’s exclusives. That means something to me.

    Finally Playstation plus is amazing, it’s by far the best value in console gaming. Playstation has earned a lot of good will from me with this service and since I’ll probably keep it around for at least a year or two to maintain access to my instant game collection that’s an additional 60 bucks that the xbox one will have to overcome.

    I’m definitely going to wait and see what the new kinnect is actually capable of, it’s definitely an exciting technology, but I thought the same thing about the original kinnect and the compelling experiences I imagined never really materialized.

  10. On paper, the Playstation 4 is a stronger gaming computer than the Xbox One. It has faster RAM, and more chips in its pipeline for maximum vector rendering (or something like that). But the PS3 was faster than the Xbox 360, which was faster than the Wii. And how did those sales numbers turn out?

    The Playstation 3 was also the most expensive system of its generation.

    More expensive and less powerful does not sound like much of a recipe for success.

    The Kinect II’s various added features sound very nice on paper, and so did the original Kinect. That didn’t exactly translate into amazing games.

    The Xbox One does not allow indies to self publish – that reduces its games content right out of the gate. It charges developers for patches, making it more expensive to develop for.

    It is restricted to 21 markets without the option of importing if you aren’t in those 21 countries, and countries it excludes include some massive potential markets like Japan and Singapore.

    The online requirement reduces the potential market further.

    So, how much can the consumer hope to see in the way of games for this thing?

  11. People get so bloody tribal over xbox vs playstation, it really does get pretty pathetic. Just do as Wing suggests and do not get the console day 1, just wait for some solid deals and what the inital response will be for the 2 consoles.

  12. Thank you for not giving in to all of the ridiculous Microsoft bashing.

    I’m definitely waiting to see more about the PS4 and will not be purchasing either at launch.

  13. I find it hilarious that people who have not come into any type of contact with these next gen consoles have so much to say to wingspantt who has actually been to E3 toyed with the consoles played the games checked out the features for himself…he writes articles about games I think he knows what he’s talking about you dimwits…and for all those who seem to have a problem with the way he writes his articles how about you write one…oh wait you have little to no experience and haven’t even played seen an ps4 or xbox one up close or played there demos to even write one about it so just shut up and take what he says into consideration or don’t at all…and as for the touch pad for the ps4 I think it’s a horrible idea as for the led light…what’s good will the light do change colors when I run out of bullets in COD or should I just touch the pad to reload…the us of the buttons are just fine for me thank you without a crappy addition of an led light and touch pad just plan stupid…also I use my smart glass on my 360 all the time to browse for movies on Netflix amongst other things…point blank the Xbox one has more features plain and simple that will appeal to a more vast crowd of people not just gamers..and Microsoft did say they were future proofing the Xbox one so a console that improves over time I think I’d place money in that

  14. This is a world built around technology, Internet and community that’s what the Xbox one is bringing to the table despite its price and used game policy…other than that its bringing a brand new gaming experience that I’m sure many will love if you stop trying to find every little insignificant detail to make it seem like the worst console to show up… I remember when dreamcast had online games and people ridiculed it now look every game system is online connected and so are majority of the games…the list goes on about things that people didn’t like or understand that are now a big part of gaming and the consoles…so how about we look into the future of gaming and consoles and think about which one will last as we get more advanced and can actually harness the tech that is provided …I’m tired of all the same ole “gaming experience ” Im sure everyone can agree with me when i say I want something new and from the looks of it Microsoft is doing the best in bringing an new experience to gaming despite its 100$ dollar diffrence and policies

  15. Interesting read I will be sharing this around. Kinda hoping developers are smart enough and take advantage of kinect. Wouldn’t mind seeing an aoe 2 HD remake using kinect features for the xbox one :p

    insert two AA’s please… don’t have them ? borrow them from your last gaming device that needed them… yknow the original gameboy from TEN YEARS AGO !
    fuck that controller everyone says is so advanced LOOKS JUST LIKE THE ONE I HAVE NOW DAMMIT !

    • How exactly does a devkit invalidate the feel of the controller, the way independent software operates, or the tracking of the camera, which has its own processor?

  17. I think that you fail to realize that the PS3 Outsold Xbox 360 and this was with all the failed systems too. I had all systems and had 3 Xbox 360s and only 1 PS3. So just remember to get the facts straight. You seem too biased in this article and replace facts with gut feelings. You fail to address the controller advances of the PS4 and you simply say that the specs dont matter because of the selling potential. Well the PS3 Outsold the Xbox 360 so what does that mean?

  18. LOL at how wrong this journalist turned out to be.

    PS4 preorders dominating.

    Better specs won’t matter?

    Haven’t you heard? COD: Ghost 720p on Xbox One Native 1080p on PS4 D:

    hehehehe spec won’t matter eh lol

  19. Wow really, that’s why Ghost looks better on Xbox One 720p, then on PS4 1080p (blurred gameplay). 50% more powerful!!!!! 50% More BS!!! Just enjoy your copy of Knack and Killzone, and your indie games, lol I’ll be playing Ryse, Dead Rising, KI, Titanfall (When that comes out) Also I love how rip off company Sony has a (Kinect) camera, charges for online gaming on a rip off Xbox live. What happen to the Move? (Wii Ripoff) They finally changed the controller….wait that’s just a touch screen added. Wow they have party chat now!!!! Lol…. Xbox has been there improve that.
    Sony needs Microsoft and Nintendo, because they both innovate gaming and media so Sony can rip it off. I mean what has Sony come up with in gaming? Six Axis(Lol) They even ripped off Super Smash Bros. game because they wanted to be Nintendo. They want to kiss your butt because ps3 failed. Who care how much it sells today? They lost all of the profits from the PS2 when the company got cocky and wanted a, wait for it…..Blu ray player (TV), that plays Games as a bonus feature. (PS3) for 599.99, one year after the 399 Xbox 360. I’m calling this right now, if Sony wins at selling more consoles, this holiday, its because Microsoft didn’t make as many consoles as Sony. I know a lot about sony’s BS, I own every console they have ever made including a PS4 when it comes out. Why am I getting both consoles, because I like gaming. Ps4 is a graphics card upgrade, Xbox One is a new console.

  20. This is a very well-written article. I appreciate the articulate perspective of someone with first-hand experience. I also very much appreciate someone who can apparently see through the emotionally-charged, inaccurate propaganda that Sony seems to embrace as a principle. This is the same company that advertised its PS3 as being twice as powerful as the 360. From back in 2005:
    “Keep in mind that Sony has a track record of over promising and under delivering on technical performance,” (http://www.ign.com/articles/2005/05/20/e3-2005-microsofts-xbox-360-vs-sonys-playstation-3?page=3).

    I really don’t like how Sony took advantage to please the mob against digital licensing when it suited them. Sony was heavily investigating digital licensing and seeking to take Game Stop out of the picture. I recall a Game Stop employee telling me about it adamantly approximately a year ago. Then, when Microsoft takes action on it, being very open about it, and there’s a negative reaction, Sony makes the derogatory “how to trade used games” video, pointing the finger at Microsoft for their “evil” idea. Disgusting.

    Not too long ago we heard that the PS4 used 1 GB of RAM for its OS. Microsoft came right out admitting it uses 3 GB. It was a huge blood-fest for internet commenters hating on Xbox because of it. When the truth came out that PS4 actually uses 3.5 GB of RAM, we all got apologetic responses that it “doesn’t really matter anyway”.

    There was a huge to-do about resolution differences, claims stating the PS4 had better resolution and framerate on BF4. Turns out that single-player mode ended up being the same all along, and the 1080p comes with a patch, AND Xbox One has a better framerate. When statements were made explaining the drop in resolution on Xbox One, they explained that they had to drop it to maintain a solid framerate. Apparently for PS4, it’s okay to not maintain that framerate? Sounds like marketing to me. Developers stated it actually “pops more” on the Xbox One, which means “looks better.” Wow.

    I really despise Sony’s marketing tactics. I like to know the ins and outs of a product. I hate having to plow through misleading hype and outright false claims to get at the reality of something. Why does Sony do it? Because it works. There are still people to this day that actually believe the PS3 has better performance than the 360. For that matter, people still claim the PS2 was more powerful than Xbox and Gamecube. Really?

    For me, it all comes down to the games and the gaming experience. I find it ironic that Sony claims a “gaming machine” and then offers Killzone and Knack to show it off. Oh, and. . . Resogun? Sony seems to use the PS4’s lack of features to prove that it’s a gaming machine more than the actual games. I tire of the journalists claiming that neither launch platform offers compelling software. Thanks, but Forza 5 is very compelling. Every Forza game previously achieved a 90+ metacritic rating. The rating isn’t everything, but it certainly supports the evaluation of my experience. Forza is a quality game. I don’t play racing games, except Forza.

    Killer Instinct is very compelling. Ryse is very compelling and has prompted reports of genuinely impressive visuals. I believe “amazing” has been used more than once to describe it. Xbox One seems to have a genuinely solid lineup. PS4, no. Let’s not lump ’em together. Do people honestly believe that the likes of Killzone and Knack will compete in game quality to Ryse, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising, and Forza?

    All in all, how is it that the writer of this article was able to voice such a plausible, reasonable, and powerful opinion that defies the hype and marketing of Sony and its mob-mentality followers? Answer: he experienced it for himself.

  21. Why cant we all be friends, both consoles are made to entertain but you people make a war about it now if you want good gaming with good visuals,dont get a XBone or Gay-Station 4 just get a PC

  22. You have to remember that experience and professionalism
    count for a lot in this industry. But technology changes quickly and so these icons of the
    80’s are now being featured in art galleries like Gallery Nineten Eighty
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