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While a tier list for a game with only three choices might seem pointless and laughable, many players in forums around the world (yes, this includes Korea) seem to leaning towards the notion that Zerg are underpowered (UP) and Terran are death on wheels (DOW).

Sure, there are counters for the Terran bioball, but too often Zerg players are forced to perform superior macro and micro in order to tech to and utilize these counters. One need only glance at the leaderboards to show that, for whatever reason, Zerg are extremely underrepresented.

What’s Blizzard’s take on all this?

Danny5329 of GameFAQs managed to find an official statement from the developers themselves.

The results may shock you…

Terran > Protoss > Zerg

There you have it: mathematical proof that Terran reign supreme. I knew cheating my way through 5th grade math would pay off one day!

Now if only someone could explain what all those letters mean.

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  1. :-D

    But what is that “>” after the Zergs? A secret fourth race? Well, if it is worse than the Zergs, nobody would play it anyway.

    • I can only assume the 4th spot would be “random” or “nothing.” Perhaps Blizzard is making an existential statement about existence itself!

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