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Been a while since you’ve seen some truly jaw-dropping Super Street Fighter 4 AE footage? Well, that’s about to change, thanks to the tournament finals results from these Southeast Asia Majors (SEAM) 2013 matches.

There are big names involved in this tournament, including Gamerbee of Adon fame, as well as awesome commentary (see Winner’s and Grand Finals for English) by pros like Mike Ross. Are any of these players or characters going to make a splash at EVO 2013? Considering several of them pulled off combos I didn’t know were physically possible, I sure hope so!


SEAM 2013 Loser’s Finals


SEAM 2013 Winner’s Finals


SEAM 2013 Grand Finals


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  1. Humanbomb is back in Hong Kong now but lived in Australia for years and shaped our entire scene, which is really weak. We always knew he was world class and after moving back to HK where there is decent competition to train with he got that EVO top 8 last year. He reps HK now but he will always be an honorary ozzie :D

    I’ve always loved Xian but Gen is just too inconsistent to make it through EVO pools.

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