Home Editorial GG @ Everyone who participated in the XBL Freezecracker Community Playdate

I’d just like to post a quick note thanking the following players for participating in the Xbox Live FreezeCracker Community Playdate this Sunday. Our room(s) were totally full, due in no small part to the enthusiastic response we received!

Thanks and GG to:

  • LeviAJones
  • NovaMage1981
  • SeaBass40
  • ShiftAWS
  • Das Danke
  • Private Eyeball
  • Kng BlaZe
  • A7R3U
  • Rakiro Mikira
  • Stabicron
  • Bblader

I hope to face you all in competition again soon. And, if we learned anything on Sunday, it’s this:

When every odd is stacked against you, and you’re not sure if you can win…

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