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If you haven’t heard of the Evolution Fighting Series, you’re probably not very good at fighting games/a very smart human being. Every year, the world’s greatest fighting game players meet in Las Vegas to settle the score. They employ violent attacks, insane special moves, and brutal fatalities against one another… often in-game, as well.

This year, EVO saw just as much, if not more, hard-boiled competition than ever before (other than EVO 2006). We’ve combed through all the footage and chosen the Top 10 moments of this year’s exciting event:

#10: Justin Wong makes insane Marvel 3 comeback despite terrible haircut

#9: Killer Instinct announced for Playstation 4, PC, Ouya, and Super NES

#8: Smash Bros. finals end in upset when Mango grabs the Smash Ball

#7: Divekick cancelled after commentator Seth Killian threatens defamation of character lawsuit on live stream

#6: People still playing King of Fighters XIII for some reason

#5: EMP|KDZ takes Injustice crown with low-tier character Superman

#4: An eccentric Japanese lunatic ran amok on-stage with a Blanka figurine until security could wrestle him to the ground

#3: Violent, mid-event audience brawl results in fifteen deaths, the most fatalities since EVO 2006

#2: Daigo Umehara eliminated from tournament after transcending mortal existence and dematerializing

#1: Only one Hakan seen in Street Fighter top 16 matches


How do these picks match up to your most hyped EVO 2013 moments? Who were the big winners and losers in your mind, other than the obvious people who lost tournament matches?


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  1. “Even year, the world’s greatest fighting game players meet in Las Vegas to settle the score. ”

    fix dat typo ;D

    were you in attendance, WiNG, or just watching streams?

  2. as someone who has no idea whatsoever, is he being ironic/sarcastic again? He fooled me with his article on Soul Calibur 5 once…

    • Lets just say if there were fifteen deaths due to a brawl at a fighting game convention I don’t think TTT would be the first place you hear from it. Although I could be wrong and wing could be breaking the golden rule of fight club by talking about fight club.

      • It’s that wonderful blend between reality and oneself which I adore so much that I wrote a novel about the premise and got myself hired as a writer for its master.

        Hey, totally believable. After all, each of us is a serial killer waiting to happen, and the only purpose of fighting games is to teach us how to jump five meters high and shoot pure energy out of our hands. Standard stuff. Coming to think of it, why did I stop watching TV?

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