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Don’t you hate it when the battlefield becomes so violent that no one pauses for tea or a bit of interpretive dancing? “Well no more!” said Hi-Rez Studios. They’ve implemented Chang’e, the Faerie of the Moon. She’s not much of a tank, and isn’t really a fighter. In fact, she doesn’t even have a voice. What she does have is amazing sustain, an incredibly manly bunny, and a moveset that will literally entrance you if you aren’t careful. Every move  she does flows into the next, both in mechanics and visuals. And it must be said, if any god was to be Fluttershy, it’d probably be her. Also, she’s pronounced Jan’guh because Chinese. Just sayin’.

When played, she’s usually in the support role because her damage output is lacking and all of her abilities assist those around her in one way or another. Basically, think of her the same as Aphrodite. They’re about the same, except that Chang’e does slightly more damage and loses in mobility. She is incredibly slow and has no Oh-Crap-buttons, so play carefully and don’t get caught out of position. Still, she’s an amazing god and  fairly balanced, unlike most other gods were right after their release.


Chang’e’s passive is called Jade Rabbit. Her little pet bunny, which I will call Angel in the following for no reason at all, allows her store access wherever she is. There’s no real cooldown on it and the range is infinite, Angel just has to run to the store and back. It is an amazing ability that combines with her others to give her no reason to recall. It allows you to gain power as gold allows, rather than in waves like with all other gods. Using it takes a bit of practice though, since you’ll be browsing the shop while in lane.

Never forget that you are not safe, and never spend more than a few seconds at a time without keeping tabs on what’s going on. Chang’e also gains a brief +25% movement speed buff and removed backpedal penalty whenever she casts an ability. It does about as little as it sounds like, but she’d be much worse off without it.

Crescent Moon is her first ability. It deals damage to enemies in a cone in front of her, with a mere 4 second cooldown. It’ll usually hurt a wave just enough that your partner can get in a lot of easy last hits.  It also hits any enemy gods caught in the cone for a ton of damage. That being said, it’s more or less her only offensive capability and its range is puny. Best to just Run dance into range, cast it, and back off again. It’s pokeatastic, being essentially He Bo’s water cannon, except with less watery old dudes and more grace. It also gives some her and all nearby allies physical protection, which is useful for escaping minion fire once you’ve drawn aggro. It  deals a lot of damage, so max it first.

For evasion, Chang’e sports Moonlit Waltz. Using it makes you briefly invulnerable to everything, including crowd control, and any damage that you would have taken instead restores mana to you and nearby allies. Unlike Aphrodite’s ultimate though, you can’t activate the Waltz while under the effects of hard CC, and you need to click to confirm before it goes off. Also, the mana reg is more of a discount, unless you go and literally dance around in the ultimates of Ao Kuang or Anubis. Speaking of which, if you see one going off and need mana, it is hilarious to do so. Grab it at level 4 and max it last. Leveling it only reduces the cooldown from 13 seconds to at best 8. Not worth it.

Moonflower Twirl is Chang’e’s third ability. Upon using it, she’ll spread healing on and around her, gaining an additional 50% of the effect for herself for each friendly god she heals. Yes, you can get up to 300% of the amount for yourself. Yes, that is indeed a crapton of health. Since Chang’e is both very squishy and the queen of sustain, she desperately needs it, too. If any enemies get caught in the radius, they will receive only 50% healing for 4 seconds afterwards. Sort of a random bonus, but when you can use it (i.e. before somebody pops Meditation in your face) you’ll appreciate it. Put the first point in it at level 2 for sustain and max it second.

Her ultimate is called Waxing Moon. Chang’e fires a bar straight ahead of her that moves so fast it’s almost impossible to avoid. It deals huge amounts of damage to anyone caught in it, stuns them for 1 second plus another second for each god that got hit prior. If you hit three people with it, the first to be hit would be stunned for 1 second, the second for 2, and the third for 3, and so on. It cuts a good chunk of damage off enemy HP bars and sets up a stun that’ll guarantee your team some much need time to grasp victory. As usual, your ultimate takes precedence over any other abilities.

For reference, the usual skill order for Chang’e is 1-3-1-2-4-1-1-3-4-1-3-3-4-3-2-2-4-2-2-4.


Since you’ll always want to be laning with somebody else, Watcher’s Gift should be your first item of choice. As a dedicated support player, let me just briefly praise Watcher’s Gift for being really really awesome. It does literally everything you want as a support while staying relevant later on in the match. Most importantly, it allows you to double your last hit bonus, ensuring that you and your partner will stay on par.

With Watcher’s Gift bought, you’ll have 700 gold to spare. Invest into tier 1 Shoes and two Mana Potions. When finishing the Shoes, opt for Shoes of the Magi. Chang’e doesn’t need more CDR than we’ll be getting later on anyway, and penetration will help her do damage. As soon as you have the money, send off Angel to fetch you Meditation. With that active, you should have no problems staying in your lane forever. Level Meditation whenever you have spare money, and pick Meditation as its final rank.

After finishing Shoes, what you buy should depend mostly on the situation at hand. Basically, build Chang’e about the same way you would build Aphrodite. Getting Kronos’ Pendant will never hurt. The only thing better than short cooldowns are shorter cooldowns, and its stats will help you do what you must. If you need defense right away, you can get a Void Stone (choosing the actual Void Stone, remember that you’re a support) or a Wall of Absolution as your third item, depending on what ways you’re getting spanked. Their offensive potential isn’t terrible, but they aren’t necessary if you’re feeling confident. If you do build one of them, get Kronos’ Pendant directly afterwards. If you build the Pendant third, get one of those defensive items as your fourth.

Somewhere in between starting your third item and finishing the fourth, you should also get a second active item. Personally, I’ve had a lot of success with Purification Beads. People expect you to die in the CC they throw at you, so Beads-ing and then using Moonlit Waltz to juke it out of there can easily save your life. If you aren’t in high danger of dying in CC, any defensive active will do, though.

Since you’re a support, the game shouldn’t drag on long enough to allow you to buy more than 4 items. If it does however, Gem of Isolation has never failed anyone, and Chang’e can definitely use it. It does not function with your heal though since it doesn’t deal damage. You can also build additional protection, and should do so if you feel your life is in danger and/or for the sixth slot. If you’re feeling safe as a rooster in the Shire, you can also finish your build off with a Rod of Tahuti, because laser-y death is magic. Alternatively, Chang’e is a high candidate for a Polynomicon as you could at best be casting abilities by the global cooldown, thus you’ll throw autoattacks of about the same force as a minor tactical nuke.


Interested in Smite? Check it out through this link and start playing for free! If I happen to be online when you are, send me a message and we might play together! (Username is, obviously, Toraka.) This message is not sponsored, unless you count giving me favor and being an awesome game as sponsoring.

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  1. Watcher’s Gift – Sexiness within a world of sexy actives.

    One important thing to note about her one is that while the targeting is a cone, the damage from the attack is more of a sweep (left to right) so if you are chasing an enemy god that is trying to evade in the same direction you can slide with them to still inflict the damage (of course it also means that an early miss is easier to pick up on as well). Using the technique of standing to the side of the creeps, instead of directly in front can let you sweep the archers and the staning creeps (kinda like Anubis/Ymir).

    This is a seriously fun god to play. Her damage can be surprising, her sustain feels like a mixture of the best of Hercules/Hel and the character movement alone makes you feel like you are playing an active character and……she has one of the best tower dives in the game (4 > 1 > 2 > 3).

    • Oh, so sexy. We asked for starter items befitting of a support, and HiRez made that it was good.

      I would have mentioned the one’s targeting mechanic, but omitted it for the reasons of what do I bloody know. As a matter of fact, you can even use this technique to slightly extend its horizontal range. (If only she wasn’t so bloody slow!) Also, I’ve found that the same is true of her 3, though the twirl is near instant, she heals things going clockwise starting from in front of her. Future readers, keep that in mind.

      She’s a beauty, isn’t she. I’ve found that she’s also a decent mid if need be, though it doesn’t feel like she should be. Support, dammit, not pew pew laserface!

      I’ve been told though that you cannot juke* towershots, so remember that. Of course, it DOES help you avoid all of the cooldowns, CC, and kitchen sinks they’ll throw at you if you yoink a kill, as well as increase her speed.

      *I’ll coin “to juke something” as a term for “use Chang’e’s 2 to avoid” if it bloody kills me!

  2. Very true. She’s already been nerfed slightly (pacthed) as well, which is always a sign of a god worthy of consideration :)

    Very true that once a shot is fired from a tower it is always a hit (regaurdless of range), however her dance makes for a quick escape & heal at low risk to yourself, which is far more forgiving than most characters :)

    I was going to mention her ability to be a strong mid, but since I know your guides are more intended for beginners I left it out this time. This god is also worth trying for people who prefer a more “in the action” play style, but don’t want to be that guy standing in the back firing pew pew lasers (or easily confused by whatever the fuck Hel’s 4 does).

    You can Juke if you want to…you can leave your foes behind….

    • Oh, yes, she has. For completion (and so that I can be lazy and not update the actual guide) let’s discuss the patch notes.

      Moonlit Waltz (her second ability) now starts at a 14s cooldown and gets a 1s cooldown reduction per rank, instead of 16s base and 2s off per rank.
      Since you basically never leveled this unless you had to, this means that the jukes have been buffed for most situations! Yay! Besides, you only get to feel that “nerf” at ranks 4 or higher.

      Moonflower Dance (her third ability) now gives her only 25% bonus healing per god down from 50% and has a 10s cooldown up from 8s.
      Personally, I think this is fair, since you could literally 10-100 yourself in a teamfight. It still heals for a lot and the solo healing remains unchanged, aside from the CD. It probably makes CDR more viable in order to offset that. If you’re going to build her pure support (in spite of her damage potential) you can build Shoes of Focus to get CDR cap now.

      Waxing Moon (her ultimate) now gets only 70% scaling with magical power, down from 100%. This somewhat stings considering that it did about enough damage to level Hiroshima before, but it’ll still deal a ton of damage and set up an enormous stun for teamfights. You know, where Chang’e belongs because she’s a support and stuff.

      Personally, I would’ve nerfed her 1 instead of something else, considering that it oneshots waves and takes about 25% of tanks’ health at literally any stage of the game, but I guess HiRez knows the game better than I.
      Without having played the changes personally (because I was enjoying a lovely first of August holiday) they definitely do look like they’ll reduce her solo staying power. She’ll have to rely more on her partners instead. Which is fine because supports be supportin’.

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  4. Late game with high mp5 and max cdr makes her a sexy monster. Her passive lets her gracefully prance about in teamfights, causing annoyance and confusion towards enemies. And she chases, too! We were in a late game skirmish when my teammates died and I was left with Poseidon and Apollo. Conveniently they were standing close to each other, a perfect setting for a 4-1. They tried to run afterwards but I managed to keep up with them and got a double kill just before apollo entered their base in arena. It’s also hilarious to see five ults wasted just to kill a lady.

    So graceful, yet so deadly. Definitely my favourite god in the game.

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