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Well, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the official opening of the first Top Tier Tactics Magic 2014 tournament!

This month’s tournament will be for Steam/PC players using preconstructed decks. We floated the option of a Sealed Deck tournament, but recent developments in booster pack hacking have steered us away from this course of action.

Instead, players will be squaring off with one of Magic 2014’s ten existing decks. At the end of the day, we’ll find out which piles (and players) truly deserve to be known as Top Tier.

Best of all, this month’s winners will receive a mix of both Magic 2014 and E3-exclusive prizes. Some of this stuff simply can’t be bought in stores – our oh-so-skilled victors will have their pick of the loot. But hey, not everyone can win… we’re looking forward to seeing some fierce competition from everyone!

Read the rules (no seriously, read them or you will be disqualified) below and sign up. Brackets will be assigned after next week. May all your topdecks be miracles!

PC Tournament Registration

In order to register for our August Magic 2014 DOTP tournament, you must do the following by August 2, 2014:

  • Comment below with your unique Steam username and the deck you will use
  • We will be contacting you via e-mail, so comment with a valid, actvie address
  • Join the Top Tier Tactics Steam Community Group

Do not comment on this article for purposes other than tournament entry. If you are not available to play Magic 2014 in August, do not register for this tournament.

The T3 Steam Group will allow us to more easily pair players and get in touch with everyone faster. Tournament registration will be limited to 96 players. Participation will be decided on a first-come-first-served basis.

This is a single elimination tournament. Each time you are assigned to your opponent, you must complete a first-to-three-wins series (best of five) within 72 hours of bracket assignments. For each bracket, one player must report a loss; if neither does, both players are disqualified (feel free to record/screenshot/photo your win). If a series ends in a tie, tie-breaker matches must be played until a winner is decided.

You may only play with the deck named in your entry comment. Sideboarding within a series is permitted.

Tournament Prizes

First Prize

  • E3 prize pack, 1st choice  (1 of 3 packs)
  • E3 Penny Arcade Chandra Nalaar pin
  • E3 Magic 2014 USB drive

Second Prize

  • E3 prize pack, 2nd choice (1 of 3 packs)
  • E3 Magic 2014 USB drive

Third Prize

  • Magic 2014 Core Set Intro Pack


Void where prohibited. Must be of local legal age to claim prizes. T3 reserves the right to disqualify any participant for blatant or suspected cheating, collusion, or other malicious action/intent. Winners must comply with all local and federal laws. Due to international shipping restrictions, T3 may offer a substitute prize package of approximate equal value for winners whose countries’ import laws prohibit or restrict prize delivery.


161 replies to this post
  1. Deck: Mind Maze
    Steam: Raikao

    What about promotional unlocks though? Are they all allowed, or just the ones that where given out officially?

  2. Yo, WiNGS, sign me up!

    Steam ID: multeyemeteor
    Deck: Masks of the Dimir, because fuck the tier one tyranny!

  3. when will the tournament start?
    I will be on vacation from August 1 to August 10.
    Is there a chance for me to participate?

  4. id: purupururin
    deck : Deadwalkers

    Or we could make an silent agreement that only Avacyn and Jace are allowed as it seems #shotsfired

    • Balance, Stainless style.
      Step 1: Make eight battlecruiser decks which do fuck-all before their bombs drop turn 8 maybe.
      Step 2: Make two dedicated aggro decks which would be viable in tournaments and which consistently score turn 4 kills.
      Step 3: Release
      Step 4: Money!

      Also @jann1k23: Maybe you’re just not using it right. By pure coincidence, if you need a guide for it, we have a full discussion deck guide for it here on Top Tier Tactics.
      Christ, I’m starting to sound like Wing.

      • The Guide on Chants of MulDaya here was my starting point, i switched some cards though. Personally it is by far my most favorite deck in Duels 2014, but I just don’t see it as one of the strong ones. Youre basically required to drop an All is Dust at some point (which you only have 2 of) or you curve out perfectly and have a Titan on the board on turn 4 , which (hopefully) does not get removed by any shenanigans.

      • Untrue since promos Toraka.
        Chant is tier 1 viable now if u build it tight, and deadwalkers is a powerful midrange that can hold its own there too. Garruk and Dmir can steal a heap of games with their unlocks too.

        However these are most represented decks and I don’t want ten best of 7 mirror matches so I’m gonna prolly go AG since almost no one is playing it :D

        Big decision, will register after mulling it over dinner and probably miss my slot <3

        Can I just suggest that please pretty please revise the deck rule?

        Part of the fun of this format is the ability to mind-game your opponent by switching decks in between games, and switching deck is way way less time consuming and annoying than actual sideboarding. When I'm playing seriously my decks ARE my sideboard – eg I will have walkers tuned to beat humans, I'll have garruk tuned to kill Jace, etc while I open with Slivers or something.

        Forcing a best of 7 mirror match many times is gonna be pretty boring!

        I reckon state your opening deck and let people do whatever from there, with no sideboarding.

        Just my 2c, thanks for hosting an event like this T3!

  5. Well, I guess I won’t choose MM or AG even though those are the only two I have fully unlocked.


  6. okay i know this is for steam and i saw that on the promo codes there was a comment by WiNG that there will be an xbox tournament as well and was wondering when that one will be

  7. Daisho using MM? oh my.

    Steam ID: Hunkfish
    Deck: Chant of the Mul Daya
    Timmy up or dies to all these Spikeys

  8. Sure, I think I can make it. As long as I don’t have to play on August 1st. After that it should be good. If that’s a dealbreaker then please consider my entry null and void.

    Steam ID: GrahfGames
    Deck: Deadwalkers

    Good luck to everyone.

  9. Steam: saranjivac
    E-mail: saranjivac@gmail.com
    Deck: Avacin Glory

    But I have couple of questions:

    Can the all the promo cards be played?
    What to you mean by sidedecking? Play first round as the deck applied than switch between rounds or what?

    • I believe you can change cards in your deck between rounds, as long as you play with same deck you chose here.

  10. Bugger it. If there’s still slots:

    Steam: Daemonlaud
    User: DaemonX
    Deck: Jace’s MindMaze

    I’m hoping I can make the control variant of this deck T1 viable before the tourney, if not it’s obviously not a bad contender beatdown! (unless you wanna let us change decks between games so it hint hint :)

    Good luck all, T3 rocks.

  11. Steam username: naiyanhcl
    Player name: Erwin_NCL
    Deck: Avacyn’s Glory

    Chant of Mul Daya is by far the most fun to play, but I don’t have the guts ^^

  12. Steam id: Natshirley
    Steam nickname: natnat (with weird japenese prefix)
    I’ll be fighting with Guardians of Light.

  13. Did anyone get a mail / answer for this already? I registered rather early and havent gotten / seen anything yet.

  14. Absolutely furious. Basically didn’t even get to play in my match, as the game saw fit to fail at shuffling 3 games in a row.
    Averaged 3 land and 3 spells per match. Absolutely ridiculous.

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