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The entries have been finalized, the pairings have been made, so it’s finally time for T3’s first Magic 2014 tournament. And whether you’re participating or not, you can see the oh-so-glorious pairings here.

I broke my initial promise and extended the tournament to 128 players, allowing everyone to play round 1 with no byes. This way, almost everyone who signed up gets to compete, and even yours truly has a (mainly) spectating spot in the tournament. With 2^7 players, we’re sure to see some wicked competition!

Players will have until August 6th to complete their first round matches, though they’re certainly free to get through any other rounds ahead of schedule. Full tournament rules can be found on the Challonge bracket page, but certainly feel free to reach out to me with any other questions, either on Challonge or T3.

While I’m a little disappointed in the deck breakdown, I can’t say I’m surprised. Certain piles simply don’t have much going for them when it comes to competitive play. Want some proof? Tournament entrant Ancestral Visions is maintaining a deck matchup document that shows which picks kick more ass.

Regardless of the win percentages, here’s how decks turned out by registration volume:

  • Avacyn’s Glory: 29 entries
  • Chant of Mul Daya: 16 entries
  • Deadwalkers: 19 entries
  • Enter the Dracomancer: 3 entries
  • Firewave: 11 entries
  • Guardians of Light: 8 entries
  • Masks of the Dimir: 12 entries
  • Mind Maze: 20 entries
  • Sliver Hive: 6 entries

No matter what deck you picked, I certainly wish you all the best of luck. But, even moreso than that, I wish you the best of get your goddamn games played and report them without starting a friggin’ incident.



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    • Your comment reminded me of a dos equis commercial in tone.

      I don’t always play DOTP 2014 but when I do I prefer Masks of Dimir

      • Stay Tir-tree (Tier 3) my friends.

        People with ovaries the size of small galaxies win tournaments with Dragons. Of course, such people are also unavailable for half of August, so there’s that.

  1. Hey what happens if you can’t get hold of your opponent by the due date?

    I’ve send a friend request on Steam a few times, and posted in the TTT Steam group…I don’t want to get DQd coz he’s AFK!

  2. I went 2-3 against Mad-Mat’s Avacyns with Firewave, great games, and had to mull to 4 last game which sealed it for me a little gutted to win 2 games and lose 3 after each other but well played and best of luck to him! God damn the power of O-ring!

  3. Just played my matches against Kralzen who was playing Hunter’s Strength against my Chant of Mul Daya. Great games! I won 3-1, but just barely. Each game was a real nail biter, except the one where I mull’d to 4.

    • They are great games. I pick up Hunter’s Strenght both to play with something to avoid mirror’s match and because I thought I could stomp the winnie rush and slower decks if i play it aggressively.

      I haven’t played much the 2014 so maybe it was a bad judgement.

      Any good luck.

  4. Daisho playing MM beat me playing CH 3-1. He played great and was just too fast for me to gain control of the board.

  5. Hey guys,

    I used the promo codes to unclock the cards.

    Where can i check which cards are those, so i’m able to remove them and play “clean” on this tourney?

    E.g. On Dead walkers, i think nightmare its one promo card but it was already available before enter the codes. How does it work for this cases?

    Sorry for bad english,

  6. I can’t access the tourney, and I want to still participate. I’m waiting on 2 things:

    1) An invitation in my gmail at leshsteven@gmail.com

    2) For triffid_, who hasn’t been online in 5 days, to respond to my friend request.

    • My challonge invite was in my junkmail filters, so check there.

      I have the same problem with my opponent (4 days not online) though :(

    • The reason you didn’t get an invite is because you originally registered with lesh_steven, which is where we sent your invite. If you have both accounts, check there. If you typoed it, there isn’t much we can do, sorry!

  7. I lost 3-2 with my Chant of the Mul Daya versus Rainbow Sunshine’s Mind Maze. They were ridiculously intense matches.

    GGs and good luck, Rainbow.

  8. I lost 3-0 to Daisho. I went in knowing that they would probably be fast matches either way, because I figured that he’d be going pretty aggressive to deal with an already aggressive deck. He managed quicker set-ups and with some aptly timed FoW pretty much sealed the deal.

    Still, I enjoyed the match very much, and I wish Daisho the best of luck with the rest of the tournament!

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