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  1. Finest Hour
  2. Rhox War Monk
  3. Jhessian Infiltrator
  4. Dauntless Escort
  5. Behemoth Sledge
  6. Leonin Armorguard
  7. Pariah
  8. Wargate
  9. Qasali Ambusher
  10. Empyrial Archangel
  11. Bant Charm
  12. Restoration Angel
  13. Jenara, Asura of War
  14. Rhox War Monk
  15. Jhessian Infiltrator
  16. Knotvine Paladin
  17. Pariah
  18. Devout Invocation
  19. Novablast Wurm
  20. Rafiq of the Many
  21. Battleflight Eagle
  22. Privileged Position
  23. Iridescent Angel
  24. Ivory Mask
  25. Rhox War Monk
  26. Knight of New Alara
  27. Mirror-Sigil Sergeant
  28. Faith’s Reward
  29. Battleflight Eagle
  30. Sublime Archangel


  1. Martial Coup
  2. Dauntless Escort
  3. Behemoth Sledge
  4. Rhox War Monk
  5. Finest Hour
  6. Phantom Nishoba
  7. Battlegrace Angel
  8. Iridescent Angel
  9. Sublime Archangel
  10. Tolsimir Wolfblood
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  1. Two Sublime Archangels is pretty frightening. Follow that up with a Rafiq of the Many and you’ve got yourself one hell of a swing.

    • I think in the end I’ll probably just not play this deck period unless I need it for an achievement/title/persona.

  2. Playing as this deck right now… I actually quite like it… So far, until I unlock the rest and is it just me or are the encounters much harder.

    One more good point Exalted stacks so you don’t have to wait an hour for it to resolve! Woo.

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