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  1. Fumiko the Lowblood
  2. Call to Glory
  3. Tenza, Godo’s Maul
  4. Konda’s Hatamoto
  5. Isamaru, Hound of Konda
  6. Lightning Helix
  7. Iizuka the Ruthless
  8. Konda’s Hatamoto
  9. Glory of Warfare
  10. Godo, Bandit Warlord
  11. Tatsumasa, the Drago’s Fang
  12. Konda, Lord of Eiganjo
  13. Konda’s Hatamoto
  14. Steelshaper’s Gift
  15. Konda’s Banner
  16. Warstorm Surge
  17. Show of Valor
  18. Masako the Humorless
  19. Konda’s Hatamoto
  20. Stonehewer Giant
  21. Balefire Liege
  22. Mana Tithe
  23. Steelshaper’s Gift
  24. Path to Exile
  25. Hand of Honor
  26. Zealous Conscripts
  27. Warstorm Surge
  28. Intimidation Bolt
  29. Gift of Estates
  30. Avatar of Slaughter


  1. Sword of Fire and Ice
  2. Sword of War and Peace
  3. Stonehewer Giant
  4. Glory of Warfare
  5. Avatar of Slaughter
  6. Myojin of Cleansing Fire
  7. Myojin of Infinite Rage
  8. Heartless Hidetsugu
  9. Lightning Helix
  10. Umezawa’s Jitte
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  1. Generating articles: WingspanTT style.

    Ah, no hard feelings. We know it is the right thing. Either way, I’m unsure what this deck really wants to accomplish. It looks like a half-decent aggro/midrange deck with tons of buffs (R/W in a nutshell) yet it has the Kamigawa syndrome of being filled with overcosted cards.

  2. I just wish the deck got some 1 mana removal like Magma Spray or shock. obviously lightning bolt would be ideal

  3. Am I right to be afraid of this deck? I was so happy to see Izzet and a mono black control to squash AG and company. Try as I might Firewave just can’t consistently compete, even when I get 3 for 1 trades. But this decks bombs are freaking terrifying.

      • Would it really be that great? I mean, sure it’s incredibly powerful, but you first need to get something to deal damage, and even when you do have enough counters to pwn the opposition, what stops your opponent from gangblocking (card disadvantage, I know, but also kills your creature and drains the Jitte’s power) or just using one of the bazillion of removal spells that non-Tier C or lower decks get by default?

      • Toraka, have you played against a Jitte deck before? This card basically dominated the meta for the whole time it existed.

        1. The counters happen whenever combat damage happens, including first and double strike.
        2. The counters stay on the Jitte, not the creature. If they want to stop Jitte they have to prevent all your creatures from ever doing any damage.
        3. Because of #2, you can throw away the equipped creature in an attack or block, then use counters to kill more stuff or gain huge life.

    • Not putting jitte would have been a bigger mistake.
      This equipment deck suffers from the same faults and has the same benefits as all the previous equipment decks. Really crappy creatures. To offset this they always put in a few good equipments and a way to search for them. If they did make a mistake it was including 2 steelshaper’s gifts instead of the usual 1 stoneforge mystic they usually put in the game all though I feel the trade off is close to even.

    • Open gatherer, use advanced search, type in Bushido. Uh, I mean, I just have that gift.
      Ugh, and I’ll have to build that pile from tomorrow onwards… yeah, *I* will. Like that’s going to happen, tee hee.

  4. I love this deck against all the old decks, and the mirror is one of the best if not the best.
    I haven’t had to many jitte wars or legendary rule matches tho, maybe those would be very annoying.

    • I’m playing on PC and I have the same issue. I pulled the full list plus all the cards I unlocked via wins, and was left with the 10 promo cards. Instead of Heartless Hidetsugu, there was an additional Glory of Warfare.

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